Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 406

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 406 Shifting Wind

One of the things Konrad didn't forget to do before going into seclusion was to bestow Death Negation Seals upon his consorts. All of those in contact with him before his departure received the gift, thereby making them unkillable for non-Embodiment experts. If Nessriane achieved Life Embodiment, then she could indeed override the seals.

But with her current Law level, it was unfeasible. The realization that her best efforts could never end her foes lives struck Nessriane hard, and her blood gushed forth. But in a flash, she recomposed herself, and wiped off her dripping blood to return her eyes onto the three.

"It's fine…killing is not the only way…I merely have to get creative."

Nessriane muttered as her body still trembled from the internal damage. A callous glint brightened her dark-green eyes and a vicious smile curved her lips. The Life Flames at her back flapped in a flickering emerald that magnified all her attributes with profound Life Laws. With a step, Nessriane turned into a radiant emerald beam to shoot toward the trio!

"Awakening War Legions!!"

Yvonne exclaimed with her hands outstretched. The fourth layer of the Absolute War Sense kicked into gear, releasing its most dreadful ability that turned the living and unliving into embodiments of war and tools of destruction!


The trees, the earth, the faraway ponds, roots, wind, dust, everything that could be altered rose to turn into legions of War Golems, one-hundred meters tall giants of various shapes that filled the Hidden Forest with their soaring war intent!

Even Else and Verena didn't go unaffected, and in the instant the War Legion rose, they felt the innumerable principles of War Laws fill and turn them into perfect tools of warfare! From zero understanding, they reached the Advanced War Law level, and stood infinitely close to Wielding.

This was the ability that made Dolgron, the Northern Infernal King famous, and cemented his seat as the mightiest Infernal King!

Yvonne's War Legions barreled into Nessriane, sending her flying backward while the Jade Trio surrounded her from all sides!

"Valkyrie Judgement!"

They roared in tandem, and at the tip of their swords, dazzling orbs formed with crackling lightning, all carrying the full might of their armors' force! And before the tumbling Nessriane could reach the ground, the orbs released golden and jade beams of massive destruction that threatened to blast her into smithereens!

"Blood Burning!"

Nessriane snarled, using her Life Laws to achieve the same thing as Konrad or Ashara:

Endless Blood Burning!

As one of the last two zenith ants with greater demon blood, Nessriane's Blood Burning didn't lose out to the Serkar's back when they were limited to their golden blood. Her strength skyrocketed, her lineage weapon appeared in her hand, and with a 360 degrees spin, she smashed all three beams into oblivion!

At that time, the inconceivable occurred. Within the Jade Dynasty, Konrad's World Gate vanished!

Within the Hidden Forest, Calisto and Vylsea were startled to see the Harem Gate erased from their sight!

And before the World Tree, Yvonne, Else and Verena, all saw their Valkyrie Armors vanish in a light haze!

Their eyes widened in disbelief, and even Nessriane stood dumbfounded!

"A ploy…it has to be a ploy…right?"

She wondered in full skepticism. And who could blame her? Having been duped by the miscreants for so long, there was no way she would believe in such a convenient turn of events!

Favorable. This was far too favorable! Alas, even as Nessriane floundered, the trio worked to prove her right! No move followed, and for an instant, the three stood there dazed, with wide-open eyes. But right afterward, their lips simultaneously curved into forced smiles.

"Well, this is why you don't rely on external forces."

Yvonne sighed, realizing that something had gone wrong on Konrad's end. Or perhaps, the armors were just defective?

She emphatically hoped so!

And without waiting for Nessriane to take advantage of their weakened condition, Yvonne summoned and aimed her Black Crystal Ring at her!


Massive dark-purple demonic energies erupted in a wild explosion that sent Nessriane cratering! Alas, that was as far as damage went. Her body bore no dent and remained wholly unharmed!

"Hahahahaha! Justice. Finally, justice!"

Nessriane exclaimed with pealing laughter. In slow-paced motion, she rose from the ground to stand before the three and their War Legions.

"The wind of luck has run out. Today, no one can save you. I will have you know that not being able to die…isn't necessary a good th-"


Before Nessriane could finish her words, massive waves of chthonian energies slammed her from behind, and she again dropped onto the ground, cratering harder than ever before! This time, she neither screamed nor raised her head.

She didn't even want to know where that force came from! Only one need appeared and filled her body:


Warm tears filled Nessriane's eyes and trickled down her cheeks! Too far. They were going too far! No sentient being should endure this amount of bullying! What did she do to ever deserve such a fate? Why couldn't she even enjoy that tiny moment of delight?! This was excessive!

And as Nessriane silently sobbed, the dumbfounded Yvonne and Verena stared at the new entrant.


They asked in tandem while Else heaved a sigh of relief. Naturally, when the situation started going south, she'd use the avatar she left within the Infernal Cult to alert Gulistan and request reinforcement.

But instead of a prompt appearance, the devilish woman was nowhere to be seen, making Else wonder if perhaps…she wasn't waiting for them to suffer intolerable abuse before landing her hand!

And coming from Gulistan, that wouldn't be surprising. Fortunately, she didn't push the vice too far.

"Me. Of course it's me. Daughters-in-law, long time no see."

Gulistan greeted with her arms folded beneath her large, perky breasts, and her new, icy-blue eyes sweeping Verena, Yvonne and Else. And hearing her voice, Nessriane knew who to blame, and unable to trust her ears, she somersaulted to face the enemy.

Alas, the truth remained unchanged. And again, Nessriane found herself dumbstruck.   

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