Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 416

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 416 Putting Down The Mortal Realm

Alas, within Konrad's ears, the echo of such words could only produce a burst of laughter.

"Hahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha!"

A frenzied peal thundered within the Law Enforcer's mind. Since space didn't allow sound, they could only communicate in mental messages. Of course, Konrad's lips perfectly matched his laughter.

"An ultimatum? To me? Good, very good."

Konrad began, and with the given context, if anyone well acquainted with him heard the words "Good, very good," they would have undoubtedly shivered in fright. Such words always heralded disasters for those that stood against him.

"A False Overgod, nothing more. Just because the Mortal Realm Will created and sent you, you think yourself capable of commanding me? Hilarious, really."

Konrad replied and opened his right palm, causing a formless, forever expanding force to erupt from his body. And feeling that rising power that seemed to know no limits, the Law Enforcer's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Could this be…no…it can't be…"

The Law Enforcer mumbled with its face twisting into a frown.

"It can be. The power of Infiniteness lies in my hands. Although I merely stand at Nascent Insight, that is more than enough to obliterate a False Overgod such as you. Of course, with my Nascent Insight, channeling Infiniteness for offensive purposes is no different from courting destruction. I won't fatally injure myself just for the sake of smacking a bitch.

So let's do this instead."

Konrad chortled, and without warning, stretched out his hands, causing the Principle of Infiniteness to permeate the Ancient Crystal World. At the same time, boundless chthonian forces erupted from him, and before the Law Enforcer realized the ploy, the Underworld that now occupied the Ancient Crystal World expanded, gushing with irresistible momentum to conquer the universe!

From the Ancient Crystal World, irresistible darkness rose, spreading alongside boundless yellow rivers and zillions of souls to the entirety of the galaxy and beyond! The Mortal Realm Will thrashed, struggling against the invasion, but before the suffocating power of The Underworld, it held no sway, and collapsed in record time!

All suns and moons vanished, galaxies succumbed, and across all inhabited worlds, all sentient beings were alarmed to see the darkness engulf their sight while the torrential rivers and souls barreled into their lands!

The Law Enforcer flew into a rage!

"You're forcing the Underworld's merge with the Mortal Realm? Insane! You're completely and utterly insane!"

The Law Enforcer snarled and flew at Konrad with his fist raised in a punch carrying the full might of his cultivation! But before the blow could crash on Konrad's face, dark hands emerged from the darkness to wrap and bind the Law Enforcer where he stood. As they did, he was shocked to feel his strength dwindling in record times, and his cultivation reducing to nothingness!

"What…is the meaning of this?!"

He snarled while thrashing against the dark hands. And before this vain struggle, Konrad could only laugh harder.

"Asinine creature. The Underworld is a realm of its own. The one realm containing the afterlife of the other three. Its potential is naturally endless. When guided by the proper hands, overwhelming The Mortal Realm's Will is simplicity itself.

Since you dare give me an ultimatum. I have no choice but to strike back in the most absolute of manners and replace the Mortal Realm with the Underworld! Here, I am the Will, I am The Sovereign, and unlike you, I can afford to rule undeath."

Konrad declared in a tone laced with lunacy. The Law Enforcer could smell the barbaric malevolence coating his every word and for the first time since its appearance, it shivered in fright and regretted its lack of diplomacy.

"For billions of years, regardless of all wars, an unbreakable balance has existed within the Three Realms! By doing this, you're shattering it! Stop this folly! We can compromise, we can…"

The Law Enforcer's final plead began but would never see the end for Konrad grabbed his cheeks within his snow-white palm, cutting him, mid-talk.

"Request denied."


With one squeeze, Konrad squashed the Law Enforcer's tiny head within his hands, smashing it into a feast of blood and gore.

"Even if I must plunge the world in eternal darkness, never will I allow anyone to step on my head. The Mortal Realm Will is henceforth…unnecessary!"

Konrad proclaimed and merged with the Underworld to swallow the struggling Realm Will! Knowing that destruction arrived, with a last-ditch effort, the Realm Will forced the Titan Domain into the Celestial Realm!

This was its last deed before the Konrad-led Underworld swallowed and refined it to become the sole Will of the new Realm! Alarmed, Heaven and Hell's Will united their strength to strengthen the Inter-Realm barriers and prevent the Underworld from overwhelming them too!

"Tss, tss, tss. Never did I expect the almighty Realm Wills to join hands against me. Ahh, waves of gratifications well up within my chest.

Legionaries, gather."

Konrad sighed then ordered in a mental message that resounded within all his troops. Led by the Hidden Moon Pavilion, Blood Shadow Pavilion, and Wolfgang, the nearly twenty-thousand legionaries appeared within space and bowed toward Konrad who'd reassumed human shape.

"Here, your majesty!"

They proclaimed in tandem. Konrad waved his right sleeve, causing massive energies to erupt and merge with them all, and causing their strength to skyrocket while Devil Seeds appeared within their hearts.

"Receive my blessings, and follow my coordinates to invade all worlds across our Realm, cultivation or not, and assert my dominion. Due to my beloved consorts, a scant few will not resist, but the rest will provide challenges. We don't have time for conversion.

You have free license to exterminate all lives and enforce my worship with rivers of blood."

Konrad ordered in a casual tone.

"Oh and, when you reach a world called Earth, take the women and enslave the men. They will build me statues and pyramids. Once you complete the task, I can more effectively alter the new Realm and create a new balance.

I will be watching your prowess from within the Imperial Palace."

Konrad added and vanished to return to the Ancient Crystal World. Although he now possessed unrivaled dominance over the Mort-…no, the Chthonian Realm, ownership of all its faith power was the only way to guarantee supreme control of all the new Realm's aspects.

Those that didn't worship him were liabilities. And with the new Realm's current disastrous state, there was no time to waste on conversion. The universe was too vast. Even for Konrad, converting it all in the proper manner would take far too long.

The best way was to destroy all those that didn't answer to his profane name, then build the universe anew with brand-new lives.

"As you command, your majesty!"

The legions proclaimed even in his absence, and led by their generals, invaded all Barren and Cultivation Worlds to enforce the sole worship of the Profane Prince of Domination!

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