Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 417

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 417 Using The Right People For The Right Tasks

Across the Mortal Realm's hundreds of billions of galaxies only about three thousand Cultivation Worlds and ten thousand Barren Worlds existed. But while the vast majority of galaxies wouldn't even see one world of sentient beings, countless mysteries and lifeforms replaced them.  

Not that it mattered. Konrad's legions didn't waste time on the universe's beauties, and relying on the coordinates imprinted within their minds, crossed the stars to land before their intended targets. Even at True God level speed, crossing galaxies wasn't a matter of seconds. Five hours passed before the Wolfgang-led legions landed before the first target, whose denizens quivered under the vanishing light, and engulfing darkness.

Naturally, Konrad's armies cared not.

"Helpless barbarians rejoice, you've been graced with the infinite honor of joining the banner of the One True God, your new lord, the Profane Prince! Though you may not serve him in life, in Death, your loyalty shall stretch across eternity!"

Wolfgang proclaimed while the legions filled the darkened world's Sky and illuminated it with flaring, fiendish energies. If before, this world's five billion creatures already were trembling in a crushing mixture of incomprehension and fright, when those legions of hell appeared, they succumbed to blind chaos!

Not for long. With a wave of his hand, Wolfgang suppressed all the creatures within this Barren World, dark-green light waves erupted, and those five billion creatures perished with all internal organs shattered!

Without delay, the legions moved on to the next world to slaughter all that lay within, and the more they killed, the mightier Konrad became! At the end of the first day, six worlds had fallen! And their disproportionate lives added up to two-hundred billion floating corpses!

And so the carnage went on. Only besides Earth and the four Worlds prepared by Konrad's consorts, all worlds visited by the Chthonian Legions saw their sentient lives harvested before they could even process what was going on!

Worse, while the Cultivation Worlds could endure the absence of light, the same couldn't be said for Barren Worlds. Even without Konrad's legions, in the following days of the Underworld's descent, all human lives within the Barren Worlds crumbled! Of course, other lifeforms survived. But for Konrad's purposes, those needn't be paid attention to.

With their targets reduced to three thousand, the legions' workload drastically reduced, and Wolfgang hypothesized that in less than two years, he would be back home!

Meanwhile, within the Ancient Crystal World, an entirely different scenery stood!

With a wave of Konrad's hand, a dark-purple vortex appeared at the frontier of the Holy and Barbarian Continents to become the container of the new errant souls! That vortex would soon become known as the Reincarnation Sea.

Konrad absorbed and refined all the yellow rivers while combining all the Chthonian Forces crushing the Ancient Crystal World's lives into miniature cultivation worlds for the Chthonian Race!

With another wave of his hand, he shattered the useless sun and moons, replacing them by two gargantuan lotuses, the Day and Night Lotus able to provide their functions even within the Underworld. Hence, the Ancient Crystal World's crisis ended. And unaware that this disaster was nothing more than another "gift" of their Profane Master, the billions of devotees praised his endless might and unparalleled abilities!

But right now, Konrad cared very little for that.

"Ladies, time to celebrate our grand success."

Konrad proclaimed before cleaving space open and leading them all back to the Imperial Jade Palace to celebrate the inauguration of the Chthonian Realm with 666 nights of wanton debauchery. And even with the trillions of existences perishing while they set up the feast of an era, no one found this inappropriate.

"Yvonne, since you proposed, you will have to organize. Carefully select your staff, you only have twenty-four hours to prepare the number one hedonistic celebration of all times. I expect marvels."

Konrad proclaimed while falling into his long-vacant throne. And without delay, Yvonne turned toward Daphne.

"Daphne, congratulations. You're tasked with managing all aspects of the celebration, I'm counting on you."

Yvonne followed to Daphne's surprise.

"Me? Wait, of course, me! Don't worry, I will ensure this will be remembered as the most depraved event of all times!"

Daphne proclaimed with her right hand pressed against her chest and the left raised in a solemn pledge.

"Knowing how to employ the right person at the right position. Promising, promising."

Konrad stated while rubbing his beardless chin with the stance of a wizened elder appraising his juniors. Eye rolls followed left and right.  

"Hum, hum. Daphne, although your skills in the hedonism department only loses to mine, this is quite a challenge. Are you sure you don't want help? You can choose anyone as your assistant."

Konrad pursued, causing Daphne to sweep the gathered ladies with her emerald eyes. Alas, she was startled to see no support lying there! All turned avoided her gaze and glued their eyes on the ceiling! Iliana was no exception!

"So much for sisterhood. This is a lesson to remember. The Supreme Rod aside, I can only rely on myself."

Daphne spat with flaring disappointment as she shook her head from left to right. And hearing the words "Supreme Rod," Konrad couldn't suppress a surge of coughs.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Aware of his plight, Iliana brought a water glass to his lips while Jasmine rubbed his back.

At that time, Gulistan chimed in.

"Alright, I will help you. I dare not compete with your Konrad-Approved Skills, but as far as decadence is concerned, I'm not too shabby."

She offered while taking leisurely steps toward Daphne. And once those words echoed, the demoness beamed with joy.

"But of course! What better assistant than the one spreading her legs for her son? How could I not think of you? Former Mother-In-Law, Harem Sister, or whatever I should call you, come, come, let's strategize."

Daphne approved with surging glee, making Gulistan trip, and Konrad spit all the water right on the floor.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Seeing Konrad's worsening condition, Verena supported Iliana in rubbing his back.

"Hum, hum. As usual, good job equals abundant rewards. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an Ant Goddess to resurrect and plow. We will have ample time to explore one another across the next 666 days of re-"

Konrad began, but before he could finish his words, Daphne's voice boomed.


And again, all eyes fell on her.


"I just had a wonderful idea. Revive but keep her suppressed and give her to me. You will inaugurate her during the revelry! I promise, you won't regret this!"

Daphne pledged with clapping hands and hopping feet.

Though intrigued, Konrad didn't question her judgment, and with a wave of his right hand, summoned Nessriane's corpse. A surge of chthonian forces dived into her body, and her lifeless eyes sprang open!

Her soul reformed, and she returned to life! Alas, the entirety of her cultivation remained suppressed by Konrad's will.


A confused Nessriane began, trying to understand her current situation while waves of memories flooded her mind. But before she could probe further.


Daphne knocked her out with a wooden stick, hauled her onto her shoulder and vanished in an emerald light beam!

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