Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 419

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 419 Life And Death Revolution Creed

"What a sorrowful existence. My harem is full of unredeemable women. The higher they rank, the more debauched they are. Perhaps only Else and Nils still stand on the righteous path. Aah, has the world ever seen more sorrowful emperor?"

Konrad sobbed while Yvonne rolled her eyes. What a joke, thousands of devoted beauties at his beck and call, a universe beneath his knees, trillions of lives within his grasp, and his rule without challenge!

Had the world ever seen more blissful emperor? Konrad's shamelessness never ceased to amaze! But knowing him, speaking such words would only make him feel more complacent; therefore, Yvonne refrained.

Without warnings, Konrad closed his eyes and fell into seemingly profound meditation. But that meditation only lasted for an instant after which his eyes sprang open, shining with a crushing mixture of black and emerald light.

With Yvonne still on his thighs, Konrad stood up, and before she could process his thoughts, hauled her on his shoulder.

"What are you doing?"

She asked in a puzzlement-laced tone.

"I just created a new cultivation method. Or Devil Art as we will call them. The Life and Death Revolution Creed. You and I will inaugurate and perfect it for the celebration my poor Daphne is holding in your stead.


Konrad replied with a fiendish grin, causing a new sense of foreboding to swell within Yvonne's chest. With a step, he vanished, and reappeared within his imperial chambers whose massive, single-purpose bed stood ready to welcome a scene of debauchery.

And before poor Yvonne could protest, the mnemonics of Konrad's new cultivation method flew into her mind.

"You really created a new cultivation method in less than three seconds?"

She couldn't help but mumble while the Life and Death Revolution Creed's intricacies settled within her mind.

"You would be surprised by what one can accomplish with Infiniteness Insight."

Konrad replied before tossing Yvonne onto the velvet sheets. In a soundless fall, she landed on the soft fabric and spun to face Konrad with her lengthy, disheveled hairs obstructing her vision.

"Such a profound method indeed requires countless experiments. Alright, I'm willing to contribute myself to science."

A voice popped up from Konrad's right, before he could pounce onto Yvonne. And even without turning, he knew full well its owner.

"Gulistan? Aren't you supposed to be helping Daphne?"

Yvonne asked with her emerald eyes expanding at Gulistan's sudden appearance.

"I am. But I reckoned an avatar can handle all that. I was promised a new cultivation method and am here to obtain it."

Gulistan replied with unwavering determination, causing Yvonne to shake her head while Konrad nodded in approval.

"Indeed, an emperor can never go back on his words, and a son must show filial piety. As a model of truthfulness, love, and sincerity, I will not shirk from my duties. Empress dowager, you shall have your dues!"

Konrad affirmed and beckoned, causing an irresistible force to pull Gulistan into his grasp while the mnemonics of the Life and Death Revolution Creed appeared within her mind. By the time Gulistan registered the mnemonics, Konrad's dissolute hands already covered her. The left fondled her ample backside, while the right cupped her breasts.

With his sublime understanding of Dual cultivation, Konrad created the Life and Death Revolution Creed on the back of his Death and Life Laws and used this Infiniteness Insight to make up for the weaknesses in his Life Laws. In terms of might and profundity, this method could rank among the top seven Ancient Secrets. And in the future, it will grow to greater heights.

But for those same reasons, understanding it was no mean feat. Right now, only the first layer stood within the ladies' mind, but without their superb comprehension skills and bloodlines, never would they have been able to grasp the mysteries.

Konrad's Devil Seeds followed, merging with their hearts to usher their entrance on the Devil Bridge.

"Now, now, let's cultivate."

Konrad uttered, and the sound of tearing clothes followed.


Meanwhile, within the omniverse's mightiest and most honorable world, the Firmament, a white-robbed youth sat crossed-legged with reddened cheeks, a sweat-drenched face, and veins pulsing on his temple.

Grimaces twisted his otherwise flawless face as his head erratically shook, contorting in feral feats of violence. By his side, the slender figure of a blood-haired woman cladded in a vermillion armor stood. And if not for the bellicose air rippling from her crimson gaze, she could have, undoubtedly triggered ravenous desires within any man's heart.

And as she stared at the youth's struggling form, clenching her fists to blood, hatred swelled within her chthonian heart. Naturally, Regretless was the "youth," and this woman, his wife, Blood Nether.

In a twister of crimson light, Moon appeared by her side, but spoke no words, silently staring at Regretless.

"Did you bring back his head?"

Blood Nether directly asked. And by him, she naturally meant Konrad. As the former princess of the Immortal Blood Domain, and the Undying Blood Monarch's only child, saying that a sea of enmity stood between Blood Nether and Dragon Warden was…the euphemism of an era. Her hatred for him didn't lose out to Regretless'. And how could it not?

As Celestial Slaughter's Crown Prince and number one general, the quantity of Nether Realm experts slain by Dragon Warden only lost to his emperor. Worse, Blood Nether's father, the Undying Blood Monarch, stood within the lot. To this day, the sight of her father's immortality broken under the God Executing Immortal Sword, and his bloodied corpse and soul collapsing within the Nether Realm's sky, still haunted Blood Nether's nights.

Moon knew it well enough.

"I'm afraid that's not eldest brother's will. Moreover, he's already turned that world into an impregnable fortress. Only Supremes can break it. And even without that, I'm not Supreme. How can I kill a Transcendent expert?"

Moon replied without shifting her gaze from the spasming Regretless. But hearing this, Blood Nether spun with her rage exploding like a nuclear bomb.

"Regretless is muddled, confused by eons of unchallenged dominion! That man must die! Even if we can't take his life, suppressing him in body and soul is a must. If you won't do it, I shall!"

Blood Nether snarled and turned heels, ready to set out. Unwilling to argue, Moon made no further comment. Both Blood Nether and she were Quasi-Supremes. What she couldn't do, Blood Nether naturally couldn't. This was nothing but a fool's errand.

But before she could set out, Regretless' trembling voice echoed.

"Mother…don't leave…don't leave me…your son is unfilial…couldn't protect you…let you endure…mother…where are you? Come back…I beg you…"

And hearing this, Blood Nether softened. But right afterward…

"Peerless…I'm sorry…I was blind and muddled. Come back…why won't you? Wait…what are you doing? Noooo!"

…unsurprisingly, Blood Nether's softening heart reverted to a ball of flames.

"Fine. When he steps into the Higher Realms, I shall use all means to hunt him down, slaughter his relatives, and let him experience the taste of eternal damnation."

She pledged, then vanished in blood flames. Moon ignored the words, focusing on Regretless who remained trapped by his demons. There were two reasons why Regretless could reach his current level:

A) Unparalleled thirst for Revenge.

B) Unparalleled talent.

But for the same reasons, he could never take the final step and reach the true limit of his potential. Now, all the roots of his hatred became sharp blades ushering him into cultivation deviation. Even for him, that was a fatal disaster.

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