Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 422 1

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 422 Daphne's Ploy Part 1

At first, many saw this ostentatious display as a glaring spectacle of hedonistic excess. The barbarian officials, in particular, didn't see the gargantuan wine pool in a pleasant light. But when the scent reached their nostrils, and they felt their cultivation bases striving toward the next level, their eyes widened in disbelief!

A treasure! This pool was a genuine treasure trove! Even if they disapproved, never would they be so stupid as to condemn a shortcut to cultivation breakthroughs. Right now, all without exception hoped to fill their cups with that pool's liquid. If the scent alone already brought such marvelous effects, what would a cup do?

Of course, dreams and reality were two different topics. None had the gals to show a covetous glance toward the August Jade Emperor's property. Before such a brazen deed, death would be salvation! Without delay, the tens of thousands of seated guests closed their eyes and digested the blissful scent from afar.

But that merely was the beginning!

*Splash* *Splash* *Splash*

In a succession of splashing sounds, hundreds of dazzling mermaid beauties emerged from the pool, and in tandem, livened up the solemn scene with mesmerizing melodies that instantaneously ensnared the hearts of the gathered men. Dazzling rays followed, surging from the three hundred acres of land to surround the scene with blooming flowers.

The guests' eyes wandered left, right, front and back, but all failed to determine the source of that magic. It was almost as if the palace was animated with a will of its own. But the echo of the mermaids' delightful voices soon put down all consternation, and all fell into peaceful relish.

At that time, a husky voice shattered the tranquility:

"Sirs and ladies from the Holy and Barbarian Continents, rise to pay your respect to their August Majesties and the imperial family!"

The voice thundered, and instantaneously, all rose like perfectly trained soldiers and stood straight like arrows to welcome The Ancient Crystal World's Ruler. In a clatter of steps, a group of more than five-thousand sauntered in. However, it was on the leading fifteen that eyes lingered. At the helm, one man, the only man of the procession stood dressed in a dazzling golden dragon robe with an imperial jade crown adorning his head.

Konrad, of course. Yvonne stood at his right, Gulistan at his left. Verena and Else at his back, and the remaining eleven right after them. And as they crossed the carpet to reach their seats high seats, the guests were startled by the presence of the woman at the emperor's left. To say nothing of the barbarians, even the Jade Dynasty's officials couldn't understand how a new consort held the right to stand beside the emperor.

But when the more astute paid attention to Gulistan's imperial gown and crown, they saw the problem where it lay. Only scant differences stood between Gulistan and Yvonne's crowns. However, the gowns showed a critical difference! Although they both showcased the nine-headed jade serpent, instead of a golden gown, Gulistan wore black!

In fact, among the fifteen ladies, only she wore such a color. And upon paying closer attention to the faces, it didn't take long for the astute to see the similarities within the looks.

"Could she be…the Empress Dowager?"

Some wondered.

Black was the color of mourning. On official occasions, only dowagers could wear such dresses. As a mortal incarnation, the August Jade Emperor having a mother was no startling news. But before today, none had seen her face. Where did she hail from? Waves of questions filled the puzzled guests. But none dared disturb silence with open questions.

And in synch, all bowed toward the imperial family.

"All hail your august majesties! All hail your graces! An eternity of splendor to the Jade Dynasty!"

The tens of thousands of bowing guests sang like a choir. Ignoring them, Konrad led his consorts across the stairs to take their respective places in their assigned seats. Only then did he turn toward the guests.

"Dispense of ceremony. We're gathered here not for official duties, but to celebrate two matters:

First, the end of this world's one million years of division. Second, the destruction of false idols and the acceptance of the true faith. As the key officials and pillars of the new world order, you've all been gathered to enjoy the festivities alongside the imperial family.

Please sit."

Konrad replied with a sweep of his sleeve, causing a formless force to push the tens of thousands of guests back into their seats. That awe-inspiring move produced no alarm. The emperor's transcendent might was known to all. A foot to trample all celestials and demonic forces. A slap to execute their leaders. Before him, all were ants. There was nothing to feel surprised about.

*Clap* *Clap*

Daphne, the night's master of ceremony clapped, causing thousands of ravishing maids scantily dressed in floral bras and skirts to flood the celebration grounds, bringing alongside them tables of divine cultivation plates and wines whose mere aroma caused breakthroughs.

This scene combined with the singing mermaids caused many of the gathered men to feel their shafts hardening within their pants. Their wives' wide-open eyes remaining glued on their ruler, did nothing to switch their attention.

As if guilty of larceny, and fearful of exposure, all cast furtive glances left and right. Alas, Daphne was only getting started. Rising from her seat, she stepped forward, vanished, and reappeared below the stairs to face the guests.

All eyes fell on her. And while her beauty eclipsed that of any of the scantily clad maids, none dared show the tiniest bit of desire. Before the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent emperor, who dared?

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is your honor to stand today in his majesty's presence and enjoy his blessings. Congratulations."

Daphne began without a hint of modesty, and though devoid of diplomacy, none found her words improper. Those were facts.

"The dishes and drinks you see here have carefully prepared with the Jade Dynasty's finest resources. A random bite or sip will let your cultivation rise by several levels. By the time the celebration ends, have no doubt that the weakest among you will leave Star Taming Stage experts, and the strongest will directly become Sages. And this is a conservative estimate."

Daphne declared, causing the legions of men and women's eyes to widen in disbelief. Whispers broke in an echo of confusion. And who could blame them? The weakest among them were low-level Semi-Saints while the strongest stood at the Tribulation Stage. To make them all jump so many ranks in one celebration was unbelievable, to say the least.

But when they glanced back at the thousands of maids, the weakest of whom stood at the True Origin Saint Rank, they didn't dare question the truth of those words. Thousands of Saint-level maids. Only the Jade Dynasty could showcase such opulence.

And seeing her words settle, Daphne carried on.

"However, before you enjoy these boons, there is one thing we must clarify. One, the celebration will go one for 666 days and nights. Once it officially starts, none is allowed to depart before the end. If you can't accept this, feel free to leave now. We won't stop you."

Daphne explained. But none made the slightest remark or showed reluctance to stay. Joke, to say nothing of two years. Even if it were one-hundred, they would never back off! And seeing this, Daphne's lips curled into a fiendish smile. A smile that piqued Konrad's interest.

"Very well. You're willing to revel and partake in his majesty's boons for nearly two years. But what have you done to deserve it? I have perused your gifts and am forced to say that you made no effort whatsoever.

Are those the kinds of tributes loyal servants should present to their divine master? Is this perhaps all his majesty is worth in your hearts?"

Daphne inquired in a calm but threat-laced tone that made those legions of men and women shiver in fright!


A resounding thud followed as all dropped onto their knees with trembling eyes and clattering teeth!

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