Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 423 2

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 423 Daphne's Ploy Part 2

"Your grace, your august majesty, we do not dare have such treasonous thoughts! Please have mercy!"


All proclaimed like a desperate choir and kowtowed toward Konrad whose lips had now curled into a smile. Naturally, he could see through Daphne's ploy. The meaning behind her words was obvious, and with the crime of contempt toward the emperor hanging above their heads, all fell to surrendered to desperation.

"When did I mention treasonous thoughts? I made a simple remark and you abjure the sin of treason? Could it be an instance of revealing truth out of fear? Interesting."

Daphne countered, causing cold sweat to erupt from all those officials, lords and merchants' foreheads. Instantaneously, all wondered what they possibly did to offend this heartless woman! But again, the more astute saw the scheme where it lay, and while still prostrating on the ground, asked:

"Your grace, we were momentarily muddled and failed to showcase our devotion to our lord. How can we possibly make up for it? What you ask, we will offer, for nothing is too much to profess our love for his august majesty!"

One slick-tongued man exclaimed, and immediately, all followed him to repeat the words. Seeing this, Daphne nodded in approval.

"Good. Very good. I'm willing to accept this as a momentary lapse of judgment. Of course, you need to show enough sincerity. As Semi-Saints and Saints, you all possess and came with lovely wives. Surely, they're the tribute best representing your devotion to his majesty. Your devotion to the Profane Prince.

And by letting your wives enjoy his graces across 666 nights, you ensure the success and prosperity of your houses across eons to come. What a glory!"

Daphne candidly replied, causing the tens of thousands of men to gawk in disbelief while Konrad and his consorts suppressed bursts of laughter.

"Daphne, Daphne, I have not raised you in vain."

Konrad inwardly chortled while sweeping the kowtowing guests with his icy gaze.


Many asked in disbelief. Was the Divine Consort truly asking them to offer their wives for success and salvation? How could that be? And thinking that their ears betrayed them, all sought confirmation in one another's eyes, but were startled to see the same consternation stretching within all gazes.

Their hearing had no issue! In a flash, silence dropped on the scene, and all lowered their eyes onto the ground, not daring to speak up, but not daring to refuse, either!

Daphne's smile broadened.

"What? You think this is beneath your dignity? That your wives are too good for his majesty to enjoy? Very well, feel free to leave. We will not stop you."

Daphne stated and turned. But none found comfort in those words! With a harem of more than five thousand women all enjoying his rod, the Profane Prince's lasciviousness was known throughout the globe. But this was a small matter.

Whether this idea stemmed from the emperor or not, whoever stood up and left was slapping his face, and challenging his might! They didn't have enough lives to try the consequences. But while legions of husbands trembled in fright and doubt, the majority of the women yearned for prompt abandon!

Joke! This was an opportunity! The once in a lifetime opportunity to lie with the Profane Prince, to lie with God and enjoy his boons! Even if it only were for one night, the benefits were immeasurable! Afterward, they could join the priesthood and rank among the most honored existences of the world!

"Husband, I understand your difficulties and will not blame you. You have no other choice."

"Husband, you must think of the children's safety."

"Husband, father and mother-in-law are counting on you."

"Husband, I can't bear to see you harmed because of me. Although it breaks my heart, we have to comply…"


The legions of wives whispered to their trembling husbands, causing their veins to erratically beat and their organs to spiral out of control!

However, in the emperor's presence, none dared spurt blood! A wealthy merchant first stood up and bowed toward Konrad.

"Your majesty, it is my glory to offer you my wife! Thank you for blessing her with your graces!"

He exclaimed with tears of joy and a tone laced with sincerity.

"A man that knows the times. Admirable, admirable."

Konrad silently praised, while others rose to follow in that merchant's footsteps.

"Your majesty, thank you for receiving my wife and blessing her with your graces!"

Thousands of men rose to surrender their wives and thank Konrad for cuckolding them. Daphne waved her hand, and all men that offered their consorts saw green hats dropped the sky to cover their head, thereby separating them from the rest!

"Holy shit! Green, green everywhere! Who took your wives?"

A startled Krann exclaimed while landing beside Konrad in an icy-blue haze. Hearing this, the majority of those men could no longer restrain themselves and directly spurted blood!


But other, more resilient to abuse, endured the blow, merely teetering on their feet. Still, more men rose to surrender their wives and receive their green hat. It took Konrad the entirety of his mental fortitude to not burst into laughter.

But at that time, a man rose to break the gaiety, and shatter Konrad's relish.

"Despicable Harlot, Self-Indulgent Tyrant! How dare you request such a thing from us? Even if today I perish, never will I offer you my wives! What are you taking us for? If you want to kill, kill!"

An olive-skinned man that clearly hailed from the barbarian continent proclaimed. And indeed, that man was a clan lord of one of the Barbarian Continent's mightiest secular clans. Although like the rest he surrendered to Zamira's Borxan tribes and the Northern Khanate, then pledged eternal allegiance to the Profane Prince, switching faith was one thing. Suffering indignity, another.

But hearing this, Konrad let a mild chuckle escape his lips.

"Oh? Very good. What's your name?"

Konrad asked in an amused tone.


"I don't care."

He cut before the man could finish his introduction.

"You call me a Self-Indulgent Tyrant? Indeed, I am. But if not for me, This Tyrant, you would now be feeding to worms of the Barbarian Continent. Who are you? What are you? To say nothing of your wives, if I want you to offer all the lives of your family, you must.

As for your women, boy, having them receive my seed is the brightest thing you can do in all lifetimes. Who knows? Perhaps they'll get lucky and give birth to my bloodline. What glory would you then enjoy? But instead of thanking me for cucking you, you have the gals to speak in outrage, and curse me and my beloved consort with treasonous remarks? Good, very good.

Then let your wives decide your fate."

Konrad proclaimed and waved his hand, causing that man's two wives to vanish and reappear on his thighs. And as soon as they did, a mind-boggling aroma able to put even goddesses on their knees erupted to ensnare them both.

"Ladies, I will let you choose. In whose arms do you wish to spend the night?"

Konrad straightforwardly asked while wrapping his arms around the ladies' waists. But instead of recoiling, they leaned against him with flirtatious glances.

"In…your majesties' arms."

They candidly replied, causing the barbarian clan lord to stagger and drop on his rear.

"I-impossible! You bewitched them!"

He snarled while aiming his wobbling finger at Konrad.

But hearing this, the Profane Prince burst into laughter.

"Bewitch? Are they qualified for me to bewitch? Allow me to be blunt. My scent is enough for them to forget any affection they might have held for you. My presence is the only spell they need.

As for you…"

He countered and switched his attention back onto the ladies who now openly rubbed against him.

"…what should we do with him?"


Konrad asked them both.

"He can't distinguish right from wrong, repays benevolence with malice, and dared make treasonous remarks toward your majesty. Such a man deserves to be hacked in ten thousand pieces."

They replied in tandem following a brief mental exchange that naturally didn't escape Konrad.

As the words echoed, the rebelling barbarian's accusing hand went limp and dropped beside him while his eyes expanded at his wives' cruel betrayal.

"Well said, ladies. But if he wants to die, I will never kill him. Cripple his cultivation, castrate and give him work as All-Purpose Stress Reliever. All are free to use him for whatever needs they might have. As for his clan, enslave the men and promote the women. Make sure they know to whom they owe their fortune."

Konrad ordered, and instantaneously, two guards appeared to drag the man to his unexpected fate. Worse, an Immortality Seal appeared on his forehead to ensure an eternity of damnation!

"Tyrant! Tyrant! Heaven and Earth will not spare you!"

He snarled, and before such a curse Konrad merely replied:

"Unfortunately, I am the Heavens, I am the Earth, and I command you to tear out your tongue, every day at this precise time, for the rest of eternity."

Konrad ordered, and driven by an irresistible force, the barbarian rammed his hand down his throat, and in a grotesque eruption of blood, ripped his tongue off!

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