Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 425

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 425 Soaked Consort Selection

Alas, with a harem of more than five thousand peerless beauties, although some stood out more than others, none could truly grip Konrad's gaze.

"Oh well, let performance decide."

He opted while Daphne waved her sleeves. Instantaneously, the maids carried in thousands of barrels that they opened, releasing pink flames that flawlessly burned within the wood. From the flames, pink fog rose to permeate the atmosphere, and assault the senses of all the gathered folks.

While Konrad and his consorts didn't bat an eyelid before the hallucinogen, for the guests, it was another matter. Male or female, lust, desire, and the need to indulge in wanton partying welled up within their chests and drenched their bodies in sweat.

Regardless of initial skin shade, all now possessed a pink hue while delirium filled most individuals' eyes and some even wagged their tongues. Unable to restrain themselves, the victorious men ignored all consequences to turn toward their trapped ladies.

As for the defeated, they cast covetous glances at those they failed to snatch.

Alas, before they could make a move, chains burst from the ground to bind and trap them all in unsatisfied lust! As for the ladies, those bound to floor pillories and crosses didn't have much choice and could only contort with aching need as their exposed folds drenched their thighs and the ground underneath.

But for the 958 successful ladies, it was another story. If before they stood in deference and respect, trying to conceal the desire Konrad kindled within them, when the mist kicked into gear, they lost all restraints and stared at him with voracious hunger.

Naturally, with Konrad standing, other men fell into the background. Alas, even in this aphrodisiac-induced frenzy, none dared assault the Profane Prince. There were simpler ways to court damnation. But as the 958 trembled with soaring needs and flaring lust, from Konrad's left, Gulistan's voice echoed.

For indeed, this round was her nefarious idea.

"Round two: Mental Fortitude.

Each and every single one of you will receive a plate with a jug and glass of wine to offer his majesty. Bring it to his table, serve him and wait in silence as he drinks, then bring the plate away as you return to your initial position. If you can accomplish this, you pass. If you can't, just say the words, and his majesty will give you release.

But, of course, you fail."

Gulistan explained with a roguish grin. And hearing this, even Konrad was forced to arch an eyebrow. To say nothing of those women. Unless he suppressed his natural scent, even Sages couldn't stand straight in his presence. But all those ladies already suffered from the aphrodisiac mist. How could they succeed?

It would be great if they didn't try to chew his rod.

But if some could indeed power through, then without hesitation, Konrad would take them into the imperial harem, and bestow Devil Seeds upon them. Meanwhile, Gulistan's words ended, the implications making the ladies clench their fists, as they pulled in deep breaths to calm their erratic mental states.

The maids gave each one a golden plate on top of which a wine jug and empty glass stood. The women were then lined up from number one to 958th.


Gulistan ordered, marking the second round's start. Alas, of the 958 women, one hundred couldn't even take three steps before losing control. Another two hundred collapsed before the stairs leading to Konrad's table, and hurled themselves at him!

While Konrad's lips curved into a smile, Gulistan suppressed them all.  

658 remained. But as the first to make it reached Konrad's table, and smelled that mind-boggling floral scent, she immediately collapsed!

"Your…your majesty…please help me!"

She exclaimed, and Konrad shook his head before extending his hand toward the woman's crotch, his middle finger trailed her crotch, brushing her moist flower bud and clit while releasing a faint vibration force.

Instantaneously, the woman's eyes rolled back, and with a wagging tongue, she exploded in a massive orgasm that watered Konrad's table with sexual juice.


The lady groaned and tumbled onto the ground. Gulistan's right hand made a leftward sweep, and a formless force dragged the fallen woman to the defeated' spot.

Another, followed, then a third, a fourth, and so on, until two hundred all admitted defeat before Konrad's scent. However, as the 201st lowered the plate before him, Konrad was startled to see that though trembling, she managed to raise the jug, fill the glass and extend it toward him!

With unremarkable cultivation and inexistent physiques, such an achievement was no mean feat.


Konrad remarked while raising the glass toward his lips and emptying it in one go. The girl then retrieved the plate and successfully returned to her original position. Even Yvonne nodded in approval.

Another one hundred fell before a successful candidate again appeared, and by the second round's end, among the original 958, only seven succeeded, and still remained standing.

"Congratulations, you've obtained the right to personally attend to his majesty during the first night. In the future, the imperial harem will definitely have your place. As for those that could only reach the stairs, they will become imperial maids."

Gulistan proclaimed following a brief mental exchange with Konrad. And hearing this, those seven women felt themselves lifted by otherworldly forces! It was as if they'd gone from the lowest to the highest point of the universe!

And who could blame them? Across the Ancient Crystal World, all women's most coveted destination was…the imperial harem! As long as they obtained the God-Emperor's favor, they'd go from carp to dragons and stand above billions!

"Thank you, your majesty, for your graces!"

The seven bowed in tandem. Konrad made no formal reply, but waved his hand, causing seven dark-purple seeds to appear and dive into the women's hearts to initiate their Devil Conversion. Meanwhile, Gulistan stood up, while Daphne clapped, causing the Celebration Grounds to tremble.

Across a surface of 150 acres, a third of the celebration grounds, everything rose, lifted by rising earth in the middle of which thousands of stairs stood. Konrad, his house, present servants and guests all stood on this platform.

"Round 3 now begins. Apologies, there is no round 3. With the preliminaries over, the males will be escorted to the lower level where they will enjoy their own celebration for the next 666 days. There, depending on your performance here, punishment, food, wine, exotic Demonic Beasts and a profusion of drugs await.

Here, only his majesty and the ladies shall remain to orgy. But of course, we've equipped both floors with recording mirrors allowing you to enjoy the sight of your writhing ladies. Escort them."

Daphne clarified. Fortunately for them, the lust-crazed men had bigger fishes to fry. At this point, as long as they got holes to fill, they didn't care for who plowed their wives. Thus, once tossed onto the lower level by eunuch groups, and freed of their chains, they allowed the lust beasts within to take control, and the unthinkable to occur.

Meanwhile, Gulistan helped Konrad out of his imperial garbs, leading him toward the seven victorious candidates, with his massive rod rising before their captivated gazes. But this was merely the beginning. Again, Daphne clapped, and from within the wine pool, another platform rose, with stairs leading to an altar on top of which a 1.7 meters tall woman with wavy, dark-green hairs and eyes lay bound on a cross.

Laid bare, that woman's voluptuous body and hourglass figure stood in its full glory with luminous skin able to kindle the flames of lust in any man. Naturally, the woman was the former Ant Goddess, Nessriane.

And as Konrad's eyes fell on her, he only had one thing to say:

"Daphne, Gulistan, good job."

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