Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 427

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 427 Moooo R 18

"Damnable…it must be that damnable smoke. Bloody hell, how do I escape this tribulation?"


Nessriane wondered. But as Konrad rose from his throne and locked his devilish eyes upon her form, she realized the only salvation she could get was…his rod! With her memories recovered, how could she surrender herself to him? Glancing left and right, she sought escape means. Alas, none stood in sight, and Konrad stepped forward.

With one step, he appeared before the stairs, then started the paced crossing toward the bound Nessriane. The closer he got, the more fright and moisture filled her legs. And by the time he stood halfway to her "seat," Nessriane felt squalls of desire set her body ablaze!

Clearly, there was trickery at play! But what did it matter? The knowledge would not change the inevitable. Konrad's undeviating stair crossing carried on without a hitch, and soon, he left the final step to land before Nessriane. At the bottom, his harem members drowned in wine and smoke while swimming within the blood pool in strappy outfits as the melody of the mermaids billowed.

"Never, in my existence, have I seen or heard of such a depraved house. I'm afraid that before your lot, even Talroth must concede."

Nessriane stated in a tone that showed no praise while struggling to close her legs. Of course, the cross didn't allow her.

"I take that as a compliment. You truly know how to curry favors. Promising."

Konrad straightforwardly replied before grabbing Nessriane's dripping cunt within his right palm. Though she knew what was to come, such a brazen, unexpected move, still took her by surprise, and her eyes widened in disbelief.

But as Konrad pressed his hand against her crotch, and released vibration waves through her snatch and onto her clit, Nessriane's bit her lower lip and trembled in suppress delight.


She moaned through her teeth, unable to restrain herself.

"Oh? Ant Goddess, have you been exposed to our corrupted air for so long that you can't even handle this bit of pressure? Disappointing. If you're already moaning, how are you going to handle this?"

Konrad teased while rubbing his hand across Nessriane's lower lips and clit, exploring it all before inserting his middle finger past her walls to finger her and uncover all her pleasure spots. When none remained, Konrad unleashed more vibration waves, causing Nessriane's legs to quiver in gushing juice, as she subconsciously moved her hips against Konrad's finger.


"Or this?"

As the finger-fucking carried on, Konrad used his free hand's index to press and tease Nessriane's erect clit. Her self-hampered whimpering blossomed into fully-fledged moans and her mouth opened wide.


"Well, I guess you can't take this."

Konrad followed by flicking his tongue across Nessriane's breasts and seizing both of her protruding nipples within his lips, playing and tugging on them above while his unruly fingers tamed her from below.


Nessriane groaned, lolling out her tongue in a numbing orgasm. As the former Ant Goddess' juices surged Konrad pulled out his fingers, let go of her breasts which bounced before coming to rest, and waved the juice-soaked fingers before the panting Nessriane.

"All you. What a mess."

He sighed, causing Nessriane to fly into a rage.


She began, but before she could finish her words, Konrad used her opening mouth to shove the fingers past her lips and give her a direct taste of her own love juices. Again, Nessriane's eyes widened in disbelief, but before she could muster any resistance, Konrad released a formless force that relaxed her body, and let her indulge in her own taste.


She gobbled, pulling an approving nod from the devilish monarch.

"Tasty, right?"

He jested, and hearing this, Nessriane snapped out of her torpor, and bit his fingers! Alas, the full might of her jaw could never put a dent on Konrad's transcendent body. And the pointless gnawing only gave her the looks of a tantrum-throwing pet.

"Easy. They're not going anywhere."

Konrad assured while passing his hand free hand through her curly hairs. Realizing the absurdity of her move, and that she was once again being made a fool of, Nessriane let go of Konrad's fingers in an abrupt move. But how could he allow her to come and go as she pleased? Before Nessriane could pull her head back, Konrad trapped her tongue between his index and middle finger, forcing her to stick it out.

"Bepawed basstawd, I won't spawe you!"

Nessriane struggled to say. But with her tongue hanging out, she could only speak incoherently, releasing comical noises that failed to showcase any seriousness. And as the echo of her own words reverberated within her ears, Nessriane felt her cheeks redden with shame.

"Cute. Don't worry, I won't spare you, either."

Konrad replied, making her blush grow brighter before sucking her tongue within his lips.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

Before the former leader could raise any protest, the profane tyrant pressed his scalding, erect shaft against her lower abdomen, enlightening her with the realization of impeding plowing, before aligning his meat-rod with her cunt.


Nessriane mooed while Konrad's cock spread open her lower lips and penetrated her gripping snatch in one direct thrust!

With his hands pushed against the cross' arms, and his lips pressed against Nessriane's Konrad drove his cock in a succession of upward thrusts, slamming it against Nessriane's cervix and filling her to the brim with more meat than she could swallow.

The pounding then began.





And while Konrad rocked his hips against hers, hammering her cunt against the cross while keeping her tongue trapped within his lips, Nessriane mooed in shameful delight! But if at first, she still knew shame, when the vibration waves, golden and icy-blue lights kicked into gear, all measures of shame flew past the windows, and she abandoned her cunt to this mind-boggling cock.


In a succession of thundering moos, Nessriane orgasmed, but still, the relentless oppressor plowed her insides, not stopping until his copious spunk burst into her! Only then did he release Nessriane's tongue. And as his cum trickled onto the ground, Konrad declared:

"What Zenith Ant? That is supremely inaccurate. From now on, you will be a Zenith Cow."

And to back his words, from his Unalome Lotus tattoo and rod, Konrad released emerald light rays that changed the very nature of Nessriane's demonic blood, making her go from Zenith Ant demon to a brand-new Zenith Cow Spirit!

Nessriane's hairs went from dark-green to white, with only a light green luster remaining while cow horns sprouted from either side of her head! But dazed by the pounding she could not make sense of the change and attributed the tingling in her abdomen to Konrad's hammering.

With a wave of his hand, Nessriane's chains broke, and while her body settled in the new change, he lifted her by her legs, holding her in suspension against the cross to plow her mid-air in a succession of perverse positions, across innumerable hours.

As usual, no hole went unfilled, and this time, even without Konrad's tricks, Nessriane mooed no end, orgasming without restraint while he filled her with unending gushes of spunk!

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