Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 428

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 428 Unrivaled Meal R 18

By the time Konrad was done with her, Nessriane lay on her side with her back against the cross, and her body stuck in a puddle mixing Konrad's cum and her love juices. Her lolling tongue wagged, her eyes rolled back, and she panted ceaselessly.

"Nessriane, of the House of Slivaz, welcome to my household. And with your surrender, the Resurgence of the Zenith Ants officially ends."

Konrad chortled before turning heels and lowering his glance on the ongoing party. Across more than two weeks, the thousands of poor ladies trapped on crosses and in floor pillories endured the full impact of Daphne's aphrodisiac- smoke without any means to relieve themselves. Naturally, their minds collapsed, and from their previous selves, only crazed lust beasts remained.

All lived and yearned solely for euphoria, cock and all manners of debauchery. In that sense, they were quite similar to the Southern Infernal Domain's Lust Fiends, the Satyrs and the Maenads in their Bacchanalia mode. Meanwhile, Konrad's harem danced and sang stark-naked and indulged in all manners of drugs and beverages concocted by the corrupt duo named Daphne-Gulistan.


"What a delight to the eyes, you should go join them."

Konrad "advised" before lobbing Nessriane into the carnal pool with a wave of his hand.


By the time she regained enough composure and breath to roar, she was already slamming into the pool. In a deafening sound, a wine geyser soared into the air. But spiraling in dream induced narcotics, none of the ladies appeared startled. When the wine dived past her lips and pores to invade her body, Nessriane sank to another level of depravity.

Fishing her out, Daphne pushed a magenta pill into her mouth, and soon, just like the others, Nessriane was dancing and singing tunes she couldn't even begin to comprehend, spiraling in idyllic worlds alongside other harem members.

With a chuckle, Konrad stepped forward, vanished and reappeared within his seat to enjoy this marvelous sight with wine of the highest caliber. Moreover, according to Daphne, the twentieth day hid a few surprises.

As it reached its end, she clapped, causing hundreds of maids to carry in massive golden plates on top of which unknown beauties lay covered by sumptuous dishes. Although fifty liters of the strongest cultivation wines fluttered within his veins Konrad's vision remained as sharp as a sword, and he immediately identified those ladies.

All were young virgins of the highest standards collected across the Ancient Crystal World under Daphne's orders for the celebration. At first, when the Saint-messengers descended from the sky to collect them, they trembled in fright, but when they realized the destination, all dropped resistance.

But unlike the rest, all those ladies were young mortals without an ounce of cultivation. If not for Daphne's cooks feeding them elixirs to counter the narcotics, they would have undoubtedly gone mad upon stepping in. Of course, when the maids lowered the plates on Konrad's table, those closest to his scent succumbed spontaneously.

"Your majesty, please enjoy the finest dishes the Ancient Crystal World has to offer."

The maids, all equipped for soberness invited with radiant smiles. The sight of all those ripe, food-draped young beauties lying on golden plates before him-unaware of the sweet meshing of their scents-teased Konrad's relentless rod.

And with no need for further encouragement, he rose to indulge in the first meal.

His hands plucked the meat whose mere aroma could have kindled provincial revolts. As they did, and he consumed the dishes covering his first target, she trembled in a mixture of shame and anticipation while her eyes glazed under the pressure of his scent. Still, as instructions required, she didn't make a move and lay still while Konrad ate over her bare, alluring body.

Between the girl's legs, one Life Fruit stood, dripping in the juice trickling from her cunt. Bringing it to his lips, Konrad flicked his tongue across its surface, appraising the taste before taking a bite in a slow-paced crunch.

In the meantime, his free, left hand lowered on the girl's chest, pinching her nipples before taking and feeding her the grapes lying in her cleavage. With each grape she crunched, the girl's body heated up, and unbeknown to her, she spread her legs to allow her sovereign access.

"A natural, I like."

Konrad approved before gobbling the last bits of his fruit and stepping on top of the table to lie above the girl who now panted in a licentious breath. With her legs already spread wide, Konrad freely aligned his shaft with her lower lips and sealed her panting lips within his.

Although no further words left his lips, his eyes and tongue held in his thrall, and all else vanished from her mind. With a measured push, Konrad broke the girl's hymen, filling her close-fitting cunt with his large member.



Both grunted in one another lips as Konrad let this unexplored field mold into his cock's shape. At the same time, his golden and blue light erupted to shoo pain away from the girl's body and welcome her in worlds of unending fleshly pleasure.

The pounding then began.


*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Although instructions stated that food didn't talk, as Konrad's cock rammed and plowed her insides, the girl couldn't help but moan in delight. But on account for the gripping squelching of her snatch, Konrad forgave her. And after her twentieth orgasm, he baptized her with his spunk, then moved on to the next target.

In that fashion, Konrad explored the 666 golden plates and the dishes they contained. Each brought a unique flavor he wouldn't forget any time soon. Stepping down from the imperial table, Konrad assumed a miniature version of his True Form, morphing into a ten meters tall icy-blue giant from which one-hundred arms sprouted. On top of his, two pairs of horns, one ram-shaped, one dragon-shaped stood, while from his back, twelve pairs of wings emerged.

His teeth became sharp fangs, his nails, claws, and as he walked with his new pair of clawed feet, the earth beneath him quaked. But if that weren't monstrous enough, from his crotch, a multitude of massive rods emerged, ready to plow as many fields as the debauched revelry could offer!

In that form, Konrad cast a sidelong glance toward the thousands of shackled "lust beasts," his now black sclera and slit, golden pupils shimmered in chthonian light, and their shackles broke!

Instantaneously, the thousands of crazed, cock-starved women hurled themselves at Konrad and his multitude of cocks that stood ready to pound sanity back into their broken minds. Which he did.





Unending waves of ladies groaned on Konrad's gargantuan shafts while he enjoyed the sight of and singing of his dancing harem members. As the most experienced dancer, even in that state of ebriety Yvonne led them all, turning their erratic moves into a coordinated ballet fit for world stages.

But this was but a drop in the bucket when compared to the things that went on in the following days. And across more than six-hundred days of debauchery, Konrad's harem sank into the lowest forms of depravity both imaginable and unimaginable. But without exception, all those women found themselves on Konrad's rod, and the worthy became early-stage Heart Devils.

Meanwhile, worlds burned.


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