Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 430

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 430 White Dragon Heart

Thus, with two years of macabre warfare, the last remains of the Mortal Realm collapsed, replaced by a Realm where the undead and immortal devils would reign without challenge: The Chthonian Realm.

And as the legionaries put down the last world, Konrad's revelry was coming to a joyous end. In his Hybrid True Form, he lay on the ground with Yvonne, Else, Verena, Gulistan, Daphne and all his consort piling up on top of his massive frame. In the wine pools, and various corners of the platform, maids and offered ladies lay in the thousands.

Some died from excessive partying and cultivation drug abuse. But thanks to Gulistan having shrouded the scene in a Resurrection Formation, the concerned all returned to life, and carried on in uninhibited recklessness until their bodies finally provided neither energy nor support.

Now, only Konrad still retained his awareness, and as he swept the scene with his senses, he was forced to admit they'd gone above and beyond what even Debauchery could tolerate. This…was pure madness!

But what blissful madness it was?! Such decadence and reckless abandonment in the most sinful of deeds indeed was one of the perks he pursued. With a chortle, Konrad set the unconscious ladies aside and stood up, returning to his human form while lowering his glance to the floor below.

There, the bestial orgy between men and beasts had long since reached its end, with the still standing men tied on wooden horses and peering into the recordings of their wives on Konrad's rod.

Konrad's glance didn't linger for more than a second. Yet, in that second, he saw foul things able to imprint nightmares in the most battle-hardened of men across eternity. But with a shrug of his shoulders, all those horrifying images turned into a good joke.

Thanks to the food, beverages, pill drugs and smoke, even those on the Male Floor had received massive benefits, with Semi-Saints becoming Star Taming Stage experts, and Saints rising to the Divine Rank. For those men, perhaps those gains were worth all the unspeakable madness they endured and indulged in. But as far as Konrad was concerned, it wasn't worth mentioning.

But on his floor, all his consorts rose to early-stage Heart Devils, with the top twenty rising to mid-stage Heart Devils. As for Konrad himself, although he'd not broken through, he stood infinitely close to the mid-stage Boundless Sea Devil Realm. It wouldn't be long before he broke through.

Naturally, having only six Realms, each with massive strength leaps, Konrad didn't doubt his future cultivation road would stretch across a considerable amount of time. Not that it mattered. As long as the world remained corrupt, and such debaucheries carried on, his strength would grow unceasingly.

With a step, Konrad vanished and reappeared on the August Jade Palace's roof. But now he no longer stood bare, instead donning a black robe embroidered with a nine-headed icy-blue dragon.   

Alone, he sat on top of the roof, with his eyes staring at the Night Lotus brightening the dark sky in lieu of the moon. But while an uncanny beauty lay in this creation of his, his eyes looked past it, sweeping through a recollection of events, delegated memories of his first life he didn't dare dwell on.

In all those memories, even within the Night Lotus' reflection, the image of a single woman appeared. But unlike what others might have anticipated, it wasn't that riveting Immortal Blood Spirit that captured the better part of his life. It wasn't Moon.

Instead, the figure of a silver-haired woman with matching, silver slit-eyes appeared. Standing tall at 1.8 meters, that woman breathed intimidating elegance and refinement, with the distant aura emanating from her painting the image of an inapproachable fairy.

To others, within her slit, silver eyes, the only thing discernable was aimless indifference. But when she glanced at him, those listless eyes brimmed with gleeful warmth, and her lips always curled into a smile.

"Cousin, being the Empyrean Crown Prince, you must put in more effort than others to avoid getting berated by those worthless peons eager for gossips. Come, let's spar. Even if you beg all your ancestors, I won't let you off!"

"Cousin, I know you dislike the bluster of your birthdays, so just this once, let's sneak out! I already set up everything and will shoulder all responsibility."

"Cousin, one day I will be invincible, and with one sword put all experts on their knees. On that day, you must make me your empress!"

"Cousin, affection cannot be forced. I know you can't let go of that woman, but me loving you is my choice. I don't ask for you to reciprocate, I only wish to stand and fight by your side until death does us apart. If you respect my feelings, please allow this."

"Cousin, my beloved Dragon Warden, dying by your side, I only have one regret. You're far too pedantic. If a next life you have, I hope you won't be so harebrained. Surround yourself with beauties and live to the fullest!"

Those were White Dragon Heart's final words before Regretless' crimson arrow erased all lives within the Empyrean World. And though Konrad could bring even destroyed souls back to life, those erased by Infiniteness or devoured by Nothingness stood beyond his scope. White Dragon Heart…he couldn't bring back.

At least not for now, and it annoyed him. With the level of his heart, there weren't many things able to cause ripples within Konrad's chest. But as the memories of that Silver Empyrean Dragoness unfurled, he couldn't restrain the occasional heart drumming. His heart thumped within his chest, and her slender picture replaced the Night Lotus, becoming the only thing present within his eyes.

With a wave of his hand, Konrad produced a liquor jug, containing his most potent beverage yet, and brought it to his lips for one gulp. Somewhere within his heart, Konrad hoped that just like him, White Dragon Heart obtained a chance at reincarnation.

But who would give it to her?

In their time, following their Imperial Uncle's death, Celestial Slaughter was the only Primordial left. Even Dragon Warden only was Half a Step into that Realm. Could the unfeeling, kinslaying Celestial Slaughter sacrifice a Primordial Seed for his niece? Doubtful.

And if he did, it could never be without second thoughts. As far as Celestial Slaughter was concerned, Konrad didn't believe in a moment of paternal love and firmly believed his reincarnation carried a second agenda. Perhaps, the mighty Celestial Slaughter foresaw their end and started prepping for the next war.

Of course, now, it mattered not. Dragon Warden was gone, and the era was different. Regardless of purpose, Konrad dared swallow all their gifts, and turn them into sharp swords to hack at their necks!

With alcohol trickling down his lips, Konrad lowered his jug, and at that time, Yvonne and Else appeared, lightly-dressed and standing beside him. In silence, they lowered themselves onto the ground, sitting by their beloved husband's right and left while raising their eyes to stare at the new "Moon."

"Let me tell you a story. The story of the Six Realms."

Konrad straightforwardly began and took another gulp of his beverage before enlightening the two on all the events of his first life and the very root of his existence. Although they stood prepared for some earthshaking tales, at more than one occasion, their eyes widened in disbelief.

"That's about it."

Konrad stated, marking the end of the tale. Now, with a clear picture of the enemies and their strength, both consorts couldn't help but feel that time was in short supply.

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