Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 435

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 435 Daddys Girl

Having watched the four grow from Konrad's shadows, Selene understood the situation better than most. Of the four, only Heide, Konrad's daughter, received favoritism. Spoiled and sheltered no end, she didn't know the meaning of difficulty and none dared offend her. The rest were raised like swords. But of the three, only the eldest, Helmut, was suitable for such a lifestyle.

Helmut was a blade, he lived for cultivation and battle; that was it. Alas, he could not die. Or more accurately, the only ones able to kill him would never pose him threat. Soon, he'd grown weary of the pointless battles and spent most of his time in secluded cultivation.

Elia, the youngest, and the house's dandy, ran off the day before his twelfth birthday because he could no longer handle it.

As for Ube, though he never showed dissatisfaction, though most of his time was spent in ardent cultivation, the rest he dedicated to weaving schemes. Strengthening his position in his father's court always remained his primary objective.

Konrad once described him as "the worst within Regretless and Adelar but with neither the strength of the former, nor the maturity of the latter." The house's elders were not dupe to his true character, but at Konrad's command, ignored it.

This wasn't the type of disposition flaw a bit of scolding could erase. And thinking of how Konrad was baiting him into his own demise, Selene couldn't help but sigh.

"Konrad, I don't care about you using me for cover, but even if things go according to your plan, can you really do this to Verena? With a harem of thousands, and regular plowing of tens of thousands, even a wanton cum-dumper like you only got one accidental pregnancy in more than two centuries.

Who knows how long it will take before the next? I think it's safe to assume you can't have one without contracts. But we both know you're not giving another any time soon so…"

Selene went on, but as her words trailed, no ripple flashed within Konrad's eyes. But while from his eyes alone, Selene couldn't see a sliver of mercy, having been by his side for centuries, she didn't believe him that cold-blooded. Callousness to strangers and enemies posed no difficulty. Harming close relatives and loved ones without a heartbeat…

Now that, was true cruelty. Did he possess that edge?

But as the two moved chess pieces and stopped for the occasional wine gulping, in icy-blue haze, a veiled figure with snow-white skin, icy-blue eyes and hip-length black hairs appeared. Though the dark-blue veil covered half her face and head, it failed to mask the spellbinding scent and aura rippling from her form.

In contrast, the dark-blue belly-dancer outfit left very little to the imagination, exposing both the slender waist, thighs and modest cleavage fitting a C cup.

And while Konrad's chamber remained closed to the outside world, within the imperial palace, this teenaged lass was one of the few able to barge in unannounced. In silence, she tiptoed toward Konrad's exposed back, and folded her slender hands on his eyes.

"Guess who!"

The girl exclaimed, revealing a voice as vibrant as it was mellifluous, rippling with playfulness and the vigor of youth. Of course, both Konrad and the girl knew that closing his eyes did nothing to alter his vision.

Without a turn, Konrad threw his right hand at his back, grabbed the girl by the arm, and with an outwardly casual, but perfectly measured move, lifted her in the air to throw her on his lap.

Landing without a sound, and as if used to such moves, she nestled on his lap while pouting in false discontentment.

"If not you, who dares?"

Konrad asked in a relaxed tone while lowering his gaze onto the girl. Her pouting intensified, and she cupped his straight face within her hands to give his cheeks a few good pinches.

"Dad, the game is no fun if you don't play. Now I have to come up with a new way to show my filial piety."

Heide sulked while batting her eyelashes. Seeing this, Konrad shook his head and with a yank, removed her veil to reveal the flawless oval face, smooth jawline, long eyelashes, and cherry-red lips outlining her riveting looks.

"Incorrigible lass, what am I ever going to do with you? Weren't you supposed to meet with your dancing friends?"

Konrad asked while lowering his jug on the table and rubbing his hand within Heide's hairs. But at the mention of those "friends," her face contorted in a grimace of disgust.

"Bah, damnable sluts. They only want to use me as a stepping stone to sneak into your pants. As if I didn't have enough aunt-mothers already. Who got time for them? Having the universe's handsomest man as father really isn't easy."

Heide puked while shifting on Konrad's lap.

"Just universe?"

Konrad inquired with one arched eyebrow and a hint of disapproval.

"Omniverse, omniverse."

Heide clarified with a coaxing tone, pulling an approving nod from Konrad. and before this scene, Selene rolled her eyes.

"You father and daughter are truly unredeemable. Konrad, instead of correcting her flaws and misdeeds, you keep indulging her! As for you Heide, you're already seventeen, don't you think it's time to stop dropping on your father's lap?

What are the less knowledgeable supposed to think?"

Selene scolded with a resounding slam of wine jug on the mahogany table. But hearing this, Heide rose with a radiant smile and took her rightful seat on her father's lap with the back of her head leaning against his chest.

"Yo, Dad's closet bimbo, you're getting increasingly bolder.

I'm daddy's girl. What can you do? Dissatisfied? No problem, fight me if you dare. I will take you on at any time and shove you back into the closet where you belong."

Heidi retorted, ripping out all words from Selene's throat. Indeed, within the imperial harem, not many knew who Selene was and where she hailed from. It was as if she appeared one day out of Konrad's pockets and never left his chambers. For that reason, many dubbed her as the Closet-Consort.

But Heide thought it inappropriate, and considering Selene's outrageous curves, gave her a brand-new title!

And as the golden-haired bimbo gawked in a stupor, Konrad again nodded in approval.

"That's my girl."

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