Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 436

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 436 The Dandy Is Back

But before Heide could relish in her father's praises, a clatter of hurried steps approaching the door to Konrad's chambers broke the peace. And before the eunuchs properly landed, their monarch inquired:

"What's the matter?"

"Y-your majesty, thirteen million young masters from the subordinate worlds have swarmed the Jade Capital to profess their love for her highness and fight for her hand!"

The leading eunuch stammered with his head bowed toward the gilded door. And as soon as the words echoed, Heide's face contorted in frustration while Selene's beamed with a broad grin.


She sighed with slumping shoulders and rolling eyes. Since she stealthily appeared for the awards of the last Blood War a year ago, legions of "outstanding" young masters, mostly children of World Governors, periodically invaded the Jade Capital for marriage requests. In normal times, none would be crazed enough to request the hand of the tyrannical sovereign's only daughter. However, those lads were smitten not just by her empyrean beauty, but by the scent from her Myriad World Immortal bloodline.

After the absorption of so legions of demons and devas' noble blood, Konrad's already dreadful bloodline strength rose to new heights. His scent could stretch across thousands of miles and wreak unthinkable havoc. But naturally, he kept it under control.

But for Heide who spent most of her time in the imperial harem, it was another story.

Unaware of the damage it could cause to the feeble minded, and unused to suppressing it, she failed to restrain it and thereby brought this calamity upon herself. The initial waves were in the tens of millions, all pummeled back into their worlds by a wave of Konrad's sleeve and kept under close custody. Alas, some managed to sneak out and rush back to destruction.

"I'd almost forgotten. Kill them."

Konrad ordered, undisturbed by the news. But at that time, Wolfgang's voice echoed within Konrad's mind.

"Boss, I have a better idea. How about having them pay a fee to compete in a tournament. The rules are simple, none can leave the ring if the opponent is still breathing, and only one man will remain at the end. That man will obtain the right to meet her highness for ten minutes.

But as for the result, hehe. If they're crazed enough to accept, we can make money on their bones while promoting World Animosity. Refining the negativity released will undoubtedly help many brothers and sisters breakthrough."

Wolfgang offered. Devils didn't cultivate the natural energies within heaven and earth, but the negative forces lying within. As for cultivation resources, Konrad was forced to invent new ones suitable for his legions. Devil Jade, Devil Fruits, Devil Pills, Devil Elixirs and even Devil Artifacts.

Although Nascent Infiniteness insight gave him a broad range of abilities, without transformation mediums, even for him, there was a limit in how much he could produce. Without relying on existing resources to transform and pervert, there was no way Konrad could handle his faction's cultivation demands.

And recalling all the Devil Artifacts in that sassy lass' hands, Selene couldn't help but huff in annoyance. Although her cultivation had just broken through to the mid-stage Heart Devil Realm, she could pound most of the Jade Dynasty's upper level to death based on her treasures alone!

"Oh? A satisfactory alternative. Feel free to handle it."

Konrad acquiesced while his gaze remained on Heide's head. Without further ado, Wolfgang left to handle the task.

But at that time, though the Day Lotus still brightened the world, dark clouds filled the sky, painting it with an ashen hue while thunder brewed and lightning crackled. At the same time, the Jade Capital's earth quivered, overtaken by sudden tremors.

Alarmed by such a sudden change, throughout the Jade Capital, all wondered if someone had angered the emperor! But Konrad knew very well that this had nothing to do with him. And as the capital shivered, his face contorted into a rare frown.

"The good days are over."

Konrad stated, and hearing this, both Heide and Selene's eyes widened in disbelief and shifted their gazes to face his annoyed glare.

"He's back?"

They asked in tandem, and the grimacing Konrad nodded in approval.

Meanwhile, a teenaged boy around the age of fourteen reached the Jade Capital. Dressed in a bright, purple-gold silk robe with a fan in his right hand and gold rings adorning his left, he dragged his eyes up the Jade Capital's walls, peering into the city with his icy-blue eyes while his white, long braided hairs fluttered at his back.

With a deft move, he unfolded his fan, releasing waves of icy-blue force that billowed into the sky, and with his cherry-red lips curling into a playful smile, he proclaimed:


The words thundered throughout the Jade Capital, echoing in all citizens' ears, regardless of status and cultivation. And as if to accentuate them, fireworks rose out of nowhere to illuminate the sky with loud fizzing sounds!

And in tandem, the hundreds of million of Jade Capital Citizens rose, without exception, alarmed by the reverberation. Only now did they realize that the earth wasn't quaking. No, it danced! Moving in a rhythmic sonata to announce the return of the country's number two tyrant and number one dandy:

Prince Elia!


Elia howled with glee and stepped forward! At first, the city guards' eyes widened in disbelief, but disbelief was soon replaced by a startling surge of joy!

"The third prince is back! Third prince, welcome back!"

They all bowed with genuine delight and sidestepped to welcome Elia! As he reached them, a rhythmic rock sound emanated from his body, and he shook his head from left to right, following the driving tune.

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*

Wherever guards stood, Elia appeared to tap their armored shoulders with his fan, filling their bodies with surges of icy-blue light that strengthened their fleshly bodies and enhanced their cultivation! At the same time, euphoria filled them all!

"Long time no see brothers. But now that This Prince is back, the party resumes! Owooh!"

Elia replied before stepping into the capital! And he'd barely crossed the city gates, that legions of men and women swarmed the gates to surround him from all sides!

"Third prince, welcome back!"

"Third prince, welcome back!"

"Third prince, third prince!"

Legions of citizens, gathered and howled regardless of gender like overexcited fangirls!

And faced with their warm welcome, Elia broke into a dance, with his fan swirling and bathing the capital with icy-blue light, music and bringing all into the same spontaneous dance!

At the same time, rose petals dropped from the sky to land in the ladies' hands. But while even the married among them swooned, their men didn't find this improper, floating on the vibes unleashed by Elia!

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'd play with you all day; alas, my old man is waiting for my glorious entrance. But fret for since I'm back…"

Elia began, and swept his fans with his unfolded fan.


They finished the words like a perfect choir! The dancing party then followed on Elia's jerking footsteps, as he led the way toward the imperial palace. And wherever they went, more joined until an army of millions surrounded the third prince!

"Sing the creed!"

"Our steps bring the clatter of music,

the drumming of rhythm

And the rumble of party!

We are dandies!

Sparkle on all stages,

Dazzle the night sky

Breathe life into black hearts,

Such is our creed! OWOOOOH!"

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