Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 448

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 448 Sea Dream City

With no more birth for the Higher Realms, the children of two centuries ago were the last of their kind. Two hundred years later, all were adults. In a world without youth, no matter how dazzling, a certain sterility existed. The progression of thoughts ushered by new generations died alongside the end of birth, and within the eyes of the feeble, gloom lingered.

Among the weak, all knew that their lines ended with them, and that their future contained no hope. As a result, they desperately cultivated, attempting the extend their mark on this world. Alas, it was no simple matter. In the past, even among the devas, not everyone could reach godhood. Half-bloods had a tiny chance, purebloods a genuine shot, but only noble blooded individuals and above could go far on the God-Road.

At least, that's how it used to be. Now, the tables had changed. The world abounded with surging opportunities. Fruits, trees, plants, resources, law inheritance grounds, appeared all across Heaven to give this generation new hope. But ironically, only humans could make a perfect use of those. For the devas, it only meant the ability to reach their bloodline-decided limits.

Battles for resources now broke out left and right, with sects of all caliber and wandering cultivators competing no ends. Some sought profit from strife and opened grand auction halls to sell rare resources in bidding wars. And as a result of all this strife, humans faced more suppression than ever before. Even more sought blessings and contracts to leave humanity behind.

Now, as they crossed the Sea Dream Capital's streets under the guise of Maras and Ravmalakh, in Selene's case, Konrad's party could see that behind the veil of idyllic peace, the most average of pedestrians walked with vigilance. These were chaotic times!

"The Sea Dream Capital is home to more than six-hundred sects, all pledging allegiance to the Sea Dream Temple. Of course, when compared to our Sea Dream Temple, most of them are rabble. Here, Void Gods lead low-level sects. Nihility Gods control mid-level sects, and High Gods command high-level sects.  

Minor and True Gods rule the Lower, Middle and Higher Heaven Layers. Of course, to avoid behind the bottom of the barrel, some Void Gods with low vision go lord over the Higher Heaven Layer's worlds."

Nehal explained while the six stepped toward the capital's marketplace. Though Konrad's primary goal in the Celestial Realm was the God Executing Immortal Sword, how could he let go of the opportunity to harvest a plethora of divine beauties? Even in these streets, a simple glance allowed him to see that the Celestial Realm's standards were still a cut above that of the Chthonian Realm.

And as the principal seat of the Maras and Dream Spirits, the Sea Dream Temple stood as the number one seat of beauty across the Celestial Realm. Conquering it was a cultural duty. But more importantly, to avoid exposing his strongest cards too soon, Konrad didn't plan to enter the Warden's Heaven Warding Temple before increasing his cultivation and base strength by a few levels.

But as Heide's curious eyes swept the perimeter, she was startled to see that regardless of race, the great majority of men and women in the Sea Dream Capital's streets wore nothing above the waist. In fact, most appeared in variations of genie pants, or wrapped skirts similar to dhotis, and walked either barefooted or in sandals. Some wore scarves, veils and assortments of large beaded necklaces, but only a minority donned vests or tight shirts.

If there was one thing that could become dull with time, it was that the temperature in Heaven basically remained the same. Fluctuating only slightly between day and night. Not that it mattered for the denizens, who could endure any mortal temperature without a hitch.

Their revealing clothing mostly stemmed from their culture, pursuit of freedom and indulgence in nature's touch.

To fit in, Konrad's party naturally changed appearance and clothing to reflect the scenery.

Now, Selene aside, all possessed the white hairs and magenta eyes of pureblooded Mara. Theoretically, Selene should not have any issue getting by with the Ravmalakh's typical golden hairs. And since Ravmalakhs and Maras possessed intimate relationships, their party wouldn't grab much attention. However, unlike them, she couldn't fake and adjust her bloodline level. Therefore, Konrad didn't plan to reveal her presence anytime soon. 

And while within the Sea Dream Capital, sighting of pureblooded devas was nothing exceptional. For the sake of his first plan, Konrad kept them all concealed.

"I don't sense anyone at the Cosmic God level or above. Where are they all located?"

The Valkyrie inquired following a brief examination, but Nehal shook her head.

"Only in the Sea Dream Temple can one see such existences. But the Temple's headquarters lie on top of the northern mountain ranges. Naturally, you will not see any here. Even many of the high-level sects are just branches meant to handle some external matters. Decent sects don't establish their headquarters in such bluster."

Nehal replied. But her words only caused more confusion within the Valkyrie who shifted her gaze toward Konrad.

"Then why are we here? Don't tell me you plan to sightsee."

The Valkyrie pursued. But instead of replying, Konrad curved his lips into a smile.

"The Sea Dream Temple knows that Nehal is alive, just like the Primal Sun Sect knows that Aakash still breathes. But to see one return safe and sound would undoubtedly raise suspicions and harden our infiltration. To make them buy it. We need to setup a play - then create opportunities to murder our way up the ladder."

Verena chimed in, replying in lieu of Konrad who just nodded in approval.

"Indeed, and as it turns out, this is the Sea Dream Temple's centennial recruitment day. A perfect occasion for some cheating."

Konrad followed, validating Verena's words. And Nehal who'd already been briefed with the plan clasped her hands in a bow.

"Master, I'm ready. We can start at any time"

She stated, and Konrad nodded in approval before stretching his hand toward her. A black, palm-sized cube engraved with eldritch markings and teeming with chthonian energies appeared, then floated toward Nehal. Grabbing it within her luminous hands, she injected her cultivation base into it, and vanishing within!


Konrad called, and in a twister of black light, Wolfgang appeared. Still, none of the surrounding pedestrians or the occasional flying God could witness this sight.

"At your service, boss."

"Get into the cube, and begin the play."

Konrad ordered, and just like Nehal before him, Wolfgang took hold of the cube and after injecting his devil force, vanished within.

The cube then soared into the sky, and to the Sea Dream city's denizens' shock, released massive chthonian energies that ripped the peaceful air asunder, and opened an interdimensional gate to the Chthonian Realm!

From that gate, a battered, desperate Nehal emerged in a magenta light beam, running at the greatest speed she could muster! At her Nihility Goddess speed, not many within the city could catch a glimpse of her appearance.

But from the vortex of black energies, a hoarse, booming voice - thundered:


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