Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 455

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 455 Moon Lord Or Moon Pawn?

Surya was, undoubtedly, one of the Cardinal Lords with the most connections. Although Konrad had expected a following probe from him, he couldn't tell with certainty who Surya would come with. The partner determined the stance. And since he dared show up with Chandra, it didn't take a genius to realize Surya's purpose.

They came for a diplomatic robbing.

Since Surya already was on his list of Primogens to ruin, Konrad's plans for him didn't change much. For Chandra, however, that was another matter. The fool was piling up offenses, and there was no scenario where he survived with his balls.

But little did he expect that before he could make a move, another would bare fangs.

Chandra's words raised the alarm bell within Daksha's heart and without hesitation, he stood up.

"Moon Lord, this is my domain, restrain yourself! Amrit, please take Nehal, Rudra and his ladies into Core Zone quarters, and ensure they're fully prepared for the examination!"

Daksha snarled, causing Amrit to respond with a hurried bow before motioning for the five to follow him at the fastest pace. Just for that, Konrad inwardly pledged to only take Daksha's daughters and spare him the fate of imperial eunuch.

But how could Chandra allow his coveted prizes to slip through his hands. This time, he flicked his tongue with gross slurping sounds before hurtling toward Daksha. Dazzling, moonlight erupted from his rotund form while his curly blue hairs erratically fluttered.


Chandra slammed his open palm onto the table and glowered right into Daksha's eyes, not giving him any face.

"Dream Lord, are you going to ruin the pristine relationship of our three factions for mere juniors? Outsiders at that? The Sun Lord and I won't stand for it!"

Chandra proclaimed with formidable momentum, while his Moon Laws unfurled in dazzling light that dazzled everything within the room. Alongside Chandra's erupting cultivation, the Laws locked Amrit where he stood, preventing him from taking another step forward.

Never did Surya expect that old lecher would be so shameless as to use his name and force him into these turbid waters! How could a billions of years old Deva God have such little consideration for face?!

Alas, none knew that the root of Chandra's mad lust stemmed from one of the Warden's trials. Or more accurately the consequences of that trial. As a young and unbridled Primogen, aware that the Warden couldn't play tricks during trials, he recklessly offended Heaven's proxy ruler, and following the trial, suffered an eternal curse for it.

Now, his situation was no better than that of a rutting satyr. But little did he know that with every word that left his lips, he offended another Realm Ruler, inarguably a much more troubling one than the Warden!

"All Maras are This Eminence's children. Chandra, do you think that just because Surya supports you, you can run amok before This Eminence? Very well. Then This Eminence shall announce to the world that henceforth, our alliance no longer exists!

All Ravmalakhs and Nagas in-laws within our sect will be expelled and our frontiers closed to your kind! Within twenty-four hours, whoever fails to obey the decree will be slaughtered without exception!"


Daksha snapped and in an eruption of terrible God-Force, met Chandra's force with his!

Dream Laws may be inferior to Moon Laws in terms of pure destructive power, but they won elsewhere. The type Daksha feared the least were individuals like Chandra too lost in their hearts' desires to maintain a straight mind. As for Surya, although he'd inherited most of his father's strength, the boy was a born schemer weighting ten-thousand variables before making a decision.

Never would he follow Chandra in his madness.

And indeed, he didn't.

"Apologies, Dream Lord for this discourtesy. Please restrain your ire, I will now take my leave. However, allow me to give you one remainder. If Heaven falls, it will start from within your house. Clean it before it's too late and don't leave room for chances!"

Surya exclaimed with his hands clasped in a polite bow, then turned into a golden light flame beam to return whence he came, leaving a stunned Chandra behind. The speed at which Surya made this call impressed even Konrad, and inwardly, he nodded in approval.

"Not bad for a treacherous worm."

The concealed Selene spat with glaring hatred. Malkalm and Surya were the roots of her misfortune. If not for their betrayal and schemes, her parents would have never suffered the fate they did, and neither she, nor her brother would turn into guinea pigs for Demon and Deva saws.

That debt, she would repay!

"Relax, with I here, his fate can only be miserable."

Konrad assured, before shifting toward Chandra who floundered in exasperation. Even without the power of the Chthonian Realm, a man like Chandra with a Dao Heart as solid as a straw posed Konrad no threat. And while his face showcased apprehension, his Devil Heart kicked into gear, and unbeknown to all gathered, he stuck into the many flaws of Chandra's Dao Heart, inflating his ego, and letting his rage blossom in a brutal move!

"Preposterous! How dare you threaten This Eminence?! Do you really think This Eminence can't handle you?!"

Chandra snarled in outrage and bolted toward poor Amrit! Before Amrit could bat an eyelid or understand what was going on, Chandra smashed his head into his neck with a downward, chopping fist!


To Daksha's shock, Amrit burst into blood and gore, destroyed in body and soul! Never in Daksha's wildest dreams could he imagine Chandra would actually lay hands on his son-in-law of all people! His eyes went bloodshot, magenta light burst from his slender frame, and while Chandra still wondered why he lost himself in such a fanatical outburst, Daksha bellowed:


The full-might of Daksha's cultivation erupted alongside hundreds of chanting citadels that covered the towering temple in thousands of magenta clouds! The citadels' gates opened, unleashing millions of armored, radiant cavalrymen mounted on winged horses that barrelled into Chandra with bared arms!

Alarmed, Chandra attempted to gather his strength and meet the blow, but again, Konrad played tricks, and attacked from both inside and outside, Chandra was startled to see himself fall into a peaceful, idyllic land where no defenses were necessary!


The millions of celestial soldiers hacked and trampled the Cardinal Moon Lord as they pummeled him beyond the Sea Dream Temple! But unsatisfied, Daksha pursued, and as he chased the bloodied Chandra across the Sea Dream Domain's sky, his booming voice thundered throughout Heaven:

"On this day, the Sea Dream Temple declares war on the Moon Refining Palace!"

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