Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 456

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 456 Primogen Clash

In that single declaration, Heaven's hardly negotiated and fragile union crumbled. And when those words rumbled, Surya who'd just returned to his sect spun with stupor-riddled eyes and peered into Heaven's sky to spot the scene of Chandra getting endlessly battered by an incandescent Daksha.

"For heaven's sake, what is the meaning of this?"

Surya wondered in a stupor. Even if Chandra was harebrained and muddled by lust, without his support, there was no way he could act with impudence within Daksha's domain. After all, even at their best, the gap between the two was insignificant. And as a knowledgeable expert, Surya didn't doubt that if it came to blows, the unstable Chandra would get the short end of the stick.

But the scene rumbling Heaven's sky clearly said otherwise. With a step, Surya crossed tens of thousands of kilometers to reappear above the Sea Dream Temple, and use his Truth Wielding to repaint the picture of what occurred following his departure. The sight of Chandra squashing a Sea Dream Protector and Daksha's son-in-law into meat paste nailed him right where he stood, and his eyes widened in disbelief.

"Ended...millions of years of careful balance...my dominant alliance...ended. Damnable Naga halfwit!"

Surya spat while his body seethed with wrath! As one of Daksha's son-in-laws, Amrit was a talent with Ancestral God potential! How was that the type of man one could kill to make a point? If this wasn't stupidity, what was?!

But At that time, Chandra broke free of Konrad's heart trick, and unleashed his counter attack!

"Dark Moon Quintessence!"

The bloodied Chandra roared, causing the ethereal light within heaven's sky to vanish in a never before seen solar eclipse that shrounded the nine suns in darkness! From his 1.8 meters, rotund form, a darker shade of moonlight erupted, and at his back, nine great moons high of one hundred kilometers, each with coiling serpents and three orbiting lesser moons appeared. All rippled with horrendous, dark lunar energies.

Connected in an intricate net of dark rays, the thirty-six moons reinforced one another while empowering Chandra with the sum of their might! He raised his hand, releasing a cosmic explosion of dark lunar energies that slammed into Daksha's millions of angelic cavalrymen, and obliterated them all!

However, the hundreds of chanting Citadels stood without a scratch, absorbing the remainder of the force and preventing it from scratching Daksha.

Within the past Mortal Realm, that simple exchange would have ended galaxies. Fortunately, Heaven's structure-level was in a completely different dimension.

"Daksha, do you think This Eminence is afraid of you? So what if This Eminence butchered your son-in-law? To say nothing of one mid-stage Cosmic god, even if it were one of your Sea Dream Temple's elders, This Eminence would still dare squash them into meat paste!

You want war, good! The Moon Refining Palace accepts the challenge!"

Chandra bellowed while his face, disfigured by horse hooves and blade gashes, further distorted in fury. Although, in truth, he couldn't comprehend how he allowed himself to commit such a blunder, never would he show Daksha weakness!

Since they'd already reached this point, he might as well burn all bridges and fight to the end! In any case, the Moon Refining Palace ranked fourth among the thirteen hegemonic sects. In a war between the two, Surya didn't doubt his Moon Refining Palace wouldn't come out any worse than the foe!

As for sacrificing the lives of a few legions of disciples to reestablish his prestige and make the hateful Daksha writhe in pain? It was perfectly acceptable!


Daksha snarled then merged with his Citadel of Dreams. Chandra did the same, becoming one with the thirty-six dark moons and coiling serpents. In those forms, the two clashed within Heaven's sky, unleashing titanic might that made even the Celestial World tremble!

By the time Surya arrived, they'd already exchanged thousands of moves that rained unnatural disasters below!

"Enough! Enough! Heaven can't afford further loss of lives! If you want to fight, go to the Endless Sea!"

This voice didn't come from Surya, but from a pearl white light beam that tore the sky to land beside the warring parties.

The light dispersed, revealing Brihaspati, the Cardinal Light Lord and Rishi Primogen. Unlike the majority of Primogens, Brihaspati maintained the looks of a wrinkled old man. Around 1.75 meters tall with a bony, unremarkable frame, he would have appeared remarkably ordinary if not for the sparkling Rishi eyes, and the ancient air of wisdom and enlightenment swirling around his form.

But as he sat crossed-legged above a pink lotus with blinding Light Laws unfurling from his form, none could doubt the depth of his strength. The Rishis were the Devas of peace. If there was one race that one could say with certainty was born for good deeds, it was the rishis. Just like the Brahmas, they pursued spiritual enlightenment. However, they didn't hold the same zealotry or demonic bias, judging individuals based on deeds and not lineage.

Moreover, they didn't reject the necessity of sensual pleasures for existence and the understanding of life. Brihaspati was himself married to a stunning devi goddess that made him the envy of many:


With Brihaspati ready to mediate, Surya seized the bull by the horns and stretched out his hands. The formless might of his Truth Wielding erupted, suppressing both Chandra's Dark Moon Quintessence and Daksha's Citadel of Dreams to return them to their original form.

With that one move, he established his superiority, reminding the two that with his Truth Wielding, even their combined strength couldn't shake him.

"You want to fight? Good. If you're that determined to ruin our alliance, This Eminence can't stop you. However, instead of shedding yours or the blood of hundreds of thousands of disciples, why not take the Essence Nurturing Forest as the battlefield?

Dispatch your strongest forces beneath the Ancestral God Rank to occupy the forest and seize its resources.

Whoever holds more spot wins and shall receive compensation in the form of tremendous yearly tributes for the next 100,000 years. Let's raise the quota to 250 sub-Ancestor disciples led by one Ancestral-level elder of your choice.

However, my Primal Sun Sect will still dispatch disciples. If we win, you must bury the hatchet and not let a moment of folly ruin millions of years of good relationships!"

Surya pleaded with a polite bow, using softness after hardness, and garnering the support of the Cardinal Light Lord.

Seeing this, Konrad who'd not missed a single instant of the clash couldn't help but sigh.

"This Surya is...good. Very good."

Konrad appraised with a nod of approval.

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