Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 459

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 459 The Fulfulling Devil R 18

"Who...who are you?"

A trembling Tara stuttered before the magnificent Konrad, struggling to maintain her composure under his air of divine malevolence. There weren't many individuals a half-step Legendary Goddess such as her couldn't see through, and she knew them all. Konrad, however, she couldn't appraise. Worse, if he could sneak into her cave without raising alarm, then even her husband might not be able to handle him.

Although Tara didn't care for Heaven's affairs, there was only one name she could think of, able to match such prowesses:

The Chthonian Primogen.

But as her thoughts reached this stage, and fright rippled within her eyes, Konrad's voice echoed.

"Chthonian Primogen? Horrid but accurate. Though, I prefer Profane Prince."

Konrad replied to both the spoken and the unspoken, causing Tara's trembling eyes to stretch to their limit. This time, she took twelve large steps backward, recoiling until she hit the gate leading toward her inner chambers. But feeling the gilded door's handle press her naked back, Tara stopped and considered her options.

Fight or surrender.

Clearly, that person didn't just come to take her life, otherwise, he wouldn't be standing there, leering at her with those dissolute but oh so captivating icy eyes. Wait, captivating?

With a muster of willpower, Tara shook her head, dispelling the treasonous thought to return to her aggressor. However, she was startled to see that he no longer stood where he previously did!

"Your heart overflows with way too many questions."

Konrad's voice echoed from Tara's left as she now felt his cool breath graze her cheek.


Like an alarmed rabbit, Tara leaped in fright, spinning high in the air before landing on the other side of the cultivation cave. But again, Konrad was nowhere to be seen.

"I am a devil. I exist in every ripple of your chest. The tiniest fluctuation of your emotions breathes life into me. I am the shadow of your every move, the depravity you hide underneath."

This time, the voice came from the back. And even before Tara could turn, muscular arms wrapped her narrow waist. The left arm held her tight while the right's fingers glided across her arm to seize her hand from underneath. But even as she felt her back pressing his chest, and his larger hand closing on hers, Tara couldn't feel the need to fight back. On the contrary, boundless warmth enveloped her while desire bloomed within her heart.

Her inhibition shrank, and she found herself longing for his touch, if only for a moment.

"Wait, no, not right."

Tara snapped. As the devas closest to earth and nature, Yakshas and yakshis were born with a powerful soul and a keen sense of the ethereal. Seeing herself surrender to the newcomer's touch without much of a fight, Tara awoke from her reverie. She may not gain the year's prize for bashfulness, but she definitely wasn't such an easy slut!

"You're...a Lust Embodiment? No...there's something more…a lot...more."

Tara panted while teetering within Konrad's arms.

"Does it matter? You crave satisfaction, you want someone to hold you by the waist, hoist you up against the wall and plow you till your cunt teems with warm spunk. You want someone to tease your tits, bite your earlobes, and give that juicy ass of yours a good squeeze.

Someone to unleash all you keep suppressed because of your husband. I am that someone. I will fulfill all of your heart's wildest desires...and then some."

Konrad whispered while nibbling on Tara's earlobes. As he spoke, his voice seemed laced in an imperceptible force that snuck into the yakshi's soul and made her nipples erect. Panting, Tara heaved her chest, letting her cantaloupe-sized breasts bounce up and down while her legs spread on their own accord. Before she realized it, she was rubbing Konrad's hand against her crotch while twerking on his cock from beneath the fabrics.

With every move, her temperature shot up, causing her olive skin to glow in a reddish hue. Konrad's smile grew broader.

"Now this is a woman that knows what she wants. I like."

Konrad whispered while nibbling on Tara's earlobe. As his hand stroked her moistening crotch faster, Konrad pulled his lips from Tara's ear to trail his tongue on the underside and across her neck.


She panted, letting his hand leave her damp but covered crotch to sneak into her pants and tease her cunt at the source. Feeling the electrifying hickeys Konrad planted on her neck, Tara tilted her head to the right, thereby giving him better access. Overwhelmed by the dual assault, Tara stopped her twerking moves, surrendering to the tongue and fingers that alone brought her more pleasure than her husband ever did.

*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*


The mild squelching sound of Tara's cunt contracting and expanding under the ministrations of Konrad's fingers echoed within the cultivation cave - alongside her increasingly faster moans. As Konrad's speed shot up, so did the rhythm of Tara's moans. And soon, she was speaking words she shouldn't have.

"Ooh yes...yess...yeeeesss!!!"

Tara groaned while Konrad's burning fingers unleashed vibration waves within her conquered tunnels. The waves climbed her voluptuous body, filling her with the blossoming call of an impending, gushing orgasm!


Tara squealed in unrestrained delight while the strongest orgasm of her life overpowered her!

Flooded by her cunt, her pants had now turned into a waterfall that drenched even the ground below!

Tara's knees weakened, and were it not for the arm holding her waist, she would have undoubtedly collapsed on the ground.

Pulling out his fingers, Konrad yanked down Tara's pants, revealing her bountiful, bouncing rear in its full glory.

"For the next course, we must make sure your husband gets a good show. Are you willing?"

Konrad inquired Tara who still planed in the aftermath of her mind-boggling orgasm.

"...as you wish."

She replied with lust-glazed eyes. Without further ado, Konrad gave her ass a good squeeze, freed his ravenous rod, and lifted her from the ground to align her with the profane shaft. 

With one direct thrust, the profane rod spread open Tara's pussy lips sliding into her starved cunt till every inch of her insides teemed with Konrad's meat-lance.


Tara groaned. Her lips curved into an "O" shape while her lust-glazed eyes shone with bliss. Konrad activated his Law Revolution Creed, and the pounding then began.

Meanwhile, Konrad's Devil Bodies kicked into gear. One snuck into Chandra's Moon Refining Palace to trigger and control one of his infamous lust frenzies while the other whispered ominous feelings into Brihaspati's heart, thereby pulling him out of meditation to shift his attention toward his wife.

However, he couldn't see anything!

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