Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 466

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 466 The Hog Primogen

The sight of the formidable Cardinal Moon Lord standing chained within ragged pants as he relentlessly thrashed against his unbreakable chains pulled a smirk from Konrad's devilish lips. And while the Devil stared at his new slave, Chandra, still unaware of the hopelessness of his new state, faced him with a defiant glower.

"Who are you?! What is this place?! What do you want from me?!"

*Clang* *Clang* *Clang*

Chandra snarled, while pulling against the chains, making them ring but nothing more. With his smile unchanged, Konrad crossed his arms behind his back, and bent his head leftward as his gaze went up and down the snarling captive.

"Muddled, slow-witted piece of garbage. Thank Heavens that you're a Primogen with a late-stage Legendary God cultivation base. Otherwise, how could I bother with fulfilling your wish?"

Konrad replied and straightened his head. Confusion surged within Chandra's eyes. But in a flash, the weight of the insults replaced it with rage, rage that blossomed at a rapid pace. Again, he thrashed, fighting against those unbreakable bounds that seemed anchored to his very soul, all to no avail.

The memories of his fall welled up within his mind, and his eyes widened in disbelief.

"Wait a second...I am supposed to be dead."

Chandra affirmed, causing all his disbelief to turn into fright. Although he wasn't the brightest of men, he wasn't a total moron either. Konrad's previous words matched with his final moments and heartfelt wish to paint a picture that enlightened him on his current condition.

"You...saved me."

The now trembling Chandra concluded. But his words carried no joy. For a God to truly perish, their soul had to be destroyed. And throughout the Three Realms, never had there been anyone able to return destroyed souls back to life. Chandra didn't doubt Brihaspati's blow ended him in body and soul.

If this white-haired, icy-eyed eyeshore of a man indeed was his savior, then he commanded powers even he, a Deva Primogen, couldn't imagine.

"I did. In exchange for the wretched soul which you so willingly offered, I saved you from destruction. Now I'm debating what to do with you."

Konrad acknowledged, to Chandra's great dismay. For some reason, though he faced him with a smile, within those icy-blue eyes of his savior's, crushing malevolence seemed to linger. Malevolence that put even the Demon Primogens to shame. And when Konrad's words again parted, Chandra realized how right he was.

"There is no scenario where you survive this with balls or rod. But what about the rest? Just making you an imperial eunuch is far from enough. How about a dwarf eunuch? A pig eunuch? A pig eunuch dwarf? Yes, that one sounds brilliant."

Konrad observed while stroking his beardless chin. But though the ridiculous words seemed impossible to validate, the seriousness within his gaze convinced Chandra that this...was no jest! Instantly, cold sweat broke out from his forehead, and he floundered within his chains!

"Wait, wait, wait! There is neither grievances nor enmity between us! For the love of Heaven, I don't even know you! Don't tell me you saved me just so that you could torture me?! I am a Primogen, the resources at my disposal are vast and unimaginable!

What do you want? Ancient Secrets? A late-stage Legendary God goon? Thousands of goddesses? I can give it all to you and much m-"

Chandra hastily began. But before he could finish his words, he realized that a man able to snatch him under the gaze of the other Primogens most likely didn't lack any of those things, and the words collapsed within his throat. But worse, if that existence could seamlessly save him...why couldn't it damn him?!

And as his thoughts reached this stage, enlightenment brightened his mind, and indignation surged within his dark-blue eyes!

"You...it was you! You framed both Surya and I! Otherwise, how could you so conveniently appear at the scene? Hateful! Truly, incomparably hateful! No grievances exist between us. Unless you're that Chthonian Primog-"

Again, Chandra choked on his words, unable to finish them, and indignation returned to pure dread. Konrad nodded in approval.

"You're not as dumb as I thought. Wood that can be carved. Impressive, impressive.

Indeed. I am the one your lot refers to as 'Chthonian Primogen.' The God-Sovereign of the Chthonian Realm, master of the Underworld, and nightmare of men, prince of beauties. You've effectively offered your soul in exchange for a life far, far worse than death.

But you misunderstand one thing. You're not here because of Realm conflicts. You're here for you had the nerve to cast covetous glances at my women. The gals. 

Craving my peerless beauties is only rational. I can forgive that. But having the nerve to flare that desire for the world to see dooms you to damnation unending. I hope you understand, I have a reputation to maintain."

Konrad declared with a psychotic grin before stretching out his hands toward Chandra's chubby face. Again, enlightenment flashed in his eyes as he reconstructed the whole ordeal.

"Surya was right. Nehal, no, Nehal that Rudra and his so-called wives and daughter, all are yours! Deceived...we've been deceived! The wolf struts among the clueless sheep! Heaven is doomed!"

Chandra bellowed as Konrad grabbed either side of his cheeks and lowered his grinning face toward his captive's.

"And you'll be able to enjoy it all. You'll watch as I purchase your enslaved women, and turn them into willing worshippers of my rod, watch as I debase goddesses, crush Primogens, enslave the Warden, absorb the Realm Will, and become the new master of Heaven.

Now I, the Profane Prince, command that your future, your fate, be altered. You shall extract your Blood Origin and turn into a new abomination, a gled, bipedal dwarf hog shunned by beauties across eternity."

The Fate Devil ordered, and Chandra's Fate Standard morphed. The chains binding him collapsed, but others, invisible ones, kept him tied. For a reason he could never grasp, he felt the burning necessity to remove his Blood Origin and offer it to his savior. And so he did. Chandra rammed his hand into his chest and in an eruption of blood and gore, gouged out his heart to offer it to his dark prince.

As a God, the move didn't harm his life. But when the dark-blue Blood Origin left his heart to fly toward Konrad's chest, Chandra could feel the cultivation of a lifetime threatening to collapse. But he wouldn't have to worry for long.

Without warning, his bones and flesh twisted, contorted as he experienced the transformation of a lifetime. From a 1.8 meters tall man, he shrunk to a pitiful 1.3 meters while his moonlight skin changed into a bright pink, and his face morphed, extended, and settled into that of a pig.

The sight of the huge, protruding snout seized Chandra with fright and he howled in grief!

"Oink! Oink, oink, oink!"

Alas, only oinks left his lips!

Meanwhile, Konrad's Myriad World Immortal Blood integrated Chandra's Naga Primogen Blood in its midst, causing Konrad's bloodline strength to skyrocket, and his battle-power to rise alongside it!

If before, as a mid-stage Grand Devil, his cultivation equaled that of mid-stage Ancestral God while his battle-power allowed him to crush mid-stage Legendary Gods such as the Divine Lords, then now, even late-stage Legendary Gods such as the Cardinal Lords were nothing but lamb for the slaughter!

In the current Celestial Realm, only the Warden was qualified to trade blows with him! Meanwhile, his Auspicious Clouds rose further.

Base and Higher Law Wielders were completely invalid. Primal Law Wielders lost sixty-five percent might, while Base Law Embodiments lost eighty percent, and Higher Law Embodiments lost thirty percent.

As for poor Chandra, his balls and stick imploded while his heart flew back into his chest, and a new bloodline took place within:

The Cuckold Pig Blood! 

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