Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 467

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 467 Southern Hell Rebellion

Feeling the new lineage strength settling within his hide, Chandra couldn't help but lower his head in dismay. Factoring strength, this lineage was only equal to the average Noble Deva Blood. Although for some reason he couldn't grasp, it prevented his cultivation base's collapse, with that level of bloodline strength, let's not even mention the Cardinal Lords. If he wasn't careful, perhaps even a Divine Lord could meet him as an equal!

What a sorrowful fate!

Alas, little did he know that a mighty curse...or boon...depending on standpoints, lay concealed within that blood. Indeed, as the name implied, Chandra would get stronger for everytime he got cucked! Every single one of his ladies he witnessed on Konrad's rod would allow his cultivation base to rise proportionally to the their value within his heart until he finally broke through his previous limits and reached the peak of the Legendary God Rank!

Of course, Konrad wouldn't let him learn of this so soon. When the time came, would he swell with joy or contort in crushing shame? A matter for another day. Meanwhile, it was time to set out!

"Ahh...cheap old man, if you don't make rapid progress, I'm afraid that by the time we meet, you won't even be enough to fill the gaps of my teeth."

Konrad sighed, naturally referring to Talroth. Unlike the other primogens, he could see the true depth of Talroth's cultivation, which wasn't as simple as what he portrayed. Alas, regardless of how he struggled, as long as he remained the Incubus Primogen, unless Hell's Will changed its rules, he was doomed to stay in the Legendary God Rank.

"Little Dra, follow me. It's time you meet your new boss."

Konrad ordered, then spun to lead the way toward the outside. Having no choice in the matter, Chandra followed his new lord back to a dazzling world of shame.

Meanwhile, within the Infernal Realm, chaotic waves swept the world.


Following their return to the Infernal Realm, the Demon Kings and Archdukes requested audience with the Overlord to transmit the events they'd borne witness to.


Ignoring his Infernal Brothers and Sisters, Talroth directly returned to his Southern Domain, startling his two Primogen vassals, Bastet and Stolas, who initially followed their fellows toward the Overlord's palace. Though Stolas held a profound hatred for Talroth, openly contradicting his liege was undoubtedly unwise. As for Bastet, her profound yearning for the Incubus Primogen eased her choice.

And seeing Bastet follow Talroth back to the Infernal Realm, a begrudging Stolas followed the two back to the Southern Domain, returned to his archduchy, and started making plans to overthrow his liege.

Rumor was that 241 years ago, Talroth suffered a grievous wound as a punishment from Hell's Will from intervening in some young demon's trials. At first, Stolas didn't believe the rumor. But when during the previous gathering, he felt Talroth's display of force, he no longer had any doubt! Although that late-stage Legendary God Force still stood with irresistible might, the attentive could see the waves of weakness slithering within!

Talroth was injured! This was an opportunity the Stolas Primogen would never miss!

"Anzu, Sekhmet, Karates. The time has come to rescue Asmodeus, and execute the vile Talroth!"

Stolas proclaimed in a mental message aimed at three other Demon Archdukes. If there was one thing the four held in common, it was their eternal adoration of Asmodeus. In the past, faced with her sudden fall and Talroth's abrupt, irresistible rise, they could only refrain. But now that the opportunity had come, they couldn't hesitate!

Even if such a move unleashed war onto the Infernal Realm, they wouldn't retreat! Even if Hell ended up drastically weakened, they wouldn't retreat! As long as they could free their goddess, all sacrifices were worth it!

But little did the four know that as they set in motion, within his infernal palace, an amused Talroth sat on his massive dark-purple throne, crafted in an infernal stone found only in Hell.

This time, no succubus surrounded him, and as he lay alone in that humongous throne room, boundless purple demonic force of godly proportions billowed from his form in crackling lighting, dazzling light and flames of the very same purple shade. With his elbows resting on his throne's arms, and his tilted head supported by his right fist, none could imagine that in such a nonchalant posture, the Southern King of Hell was breaking through to the peak of the Legendary God Rank!

As for the previous weakness? It was but a ploy to lure in his enemies. As long as he broke through, all the wounds would vanish!

At that time, a strikingly handsome youth with the short black hairs and shimmering purple eyes iconic of his race lurched in, dressed in the royal purple robes of his house, he stood tall at 1.9 meters with crushing drunkenness written all over his face.

With a succession of unsteady steps, that youth reeled toward the throne, and by the time he reached its base, Talroth had completed his breakthrough. Still, as if unaware of the youth's presence, the Southern Infernal King's eyes remained closed.

"Royal father, *hic* *hic* congratulations on breaking through to the peak of the Legendary God *hic* Rank. Henceforth, throughout the Infernal Realm, only the Overlord can threaten you."

Malkam, the eldest prince of the Southern Domain, said with his arms swaying in wild gestures that threatened to crush the wine jug in his right hand. If not bowing upon meeting the king was an impolite move that would have caused anyone else to lose their head, lurching drunk into the throne room was undoubtedly worse. However, for Malkalm, Talroth always made an exception. The "why" had nothing to do with fatherly love or preferential treatment.

Malkam amused him. The way he struggled to fake the flaws of a fatuous prince inflated by his mighty blood was one of the few, irreplaceable pleasures of Talroth's life. How could he bear disposing of such prime buffon material.

Having been by his father's side for one million years, Malkam naturally understood those thoughts. Still, he didn't care. The play wasn't for Talroth alone.

"Congratulations back at you. Reaching the early-stage of the Legendary God Rank in one million years is no mean feat. Even for me, it took 500,000 years."

Talroth began, still without opening his eyes. In fact, he could have broken through to the peak of the Legendary God Rank a long time ago. However, to avoid drawing too many eyes, he kept it suppressed, awaiting times of chaos and opportunities.

Those times had come.

Before his father's "praise," Malkam only drank more. But when Talroth's following words echoed, he couldn't disguise the frown that flashed across his face.

"What a pity that in this life, it will also be your limit. Even if your cultivation talent outpaces that of many other primogens, never will you be able to catch up to them, to say nothing of me.

The tragedy of not being a Son of Hell."

Talroth added with his lips curved into a fiendish grin.

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