Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 470

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 470 Silent Blade Pavilion

As the Sea Dream disciples landed, the presence of three other groups greeted them. The Primal Sun Sect, the Eternal Void Sect, and the Radiant Light Mountain. Each appeared with 250 disciples between early-stage High God and peak-stage Cosmic God Ranks. One half-step Legendary God great elder led the groups.

While aesthetic similarities lay in the clothing, color quickly differentiated the disciples of the various forces. The Sea Dream Temple's disciples wore magenta, the Primal Sun Sect, gold, the Radiant Light Mountain, yellow, and the Eternal Void Sect a mixture of black and white.

As for their leaders, even without introduction, all could identify them. 

Surya's second brother, Mahava, led the Ravmalahks while the Radiant Light Mountain's Great Elder, Anura led the Rishi, and Durga's strongest retainer, a former human blessed following the First God of War's era, Ravana, led the Rakshasas. As Durga didn't have children, the Rakshasas all descended from her blessed human retainers.

The four elders wasted no time in small talks. And though he was her in-law, Rati spared Mahava no glance. Likewise, he didn't seek her gaze.

"We will now inspect you all to ensure no one smuggled in additional forces. Rati will inspect the Rishis, Ravana, the Ravmalahks, Anura the Maras, and I the Rakshasas. Afterward, we can dive in."

Mahava began before the three leaders vanished to reappear in front of their targets. Starting with the Void God Ranks, deities could build a world-sized internal space and no longer needed space treasures. With such an ability, smuggling additional troops was simplicity itself. For the sake of fairness, verification was a must.

In tandem, the 1000 disciples stretched out their hands, releasing their Internal Void Space for the elders to inspect. A High God's Internal Void Space was the Size of 100 Earths. A Cosmic God's Internal Void Space, the size of the solar system.

Ancestral Gods could contain a galaxy, and Legendary Gods a universe. Internal Void Spaces' size was a perfect representation of the gap between cultivation ranks. A gap that only became more outrageous with each Rank. For that reason, most Primogens believed Realm Wills to be of the Overgod level.

A slightly inaccurate thought valid only in the Three Realms.

The four great elders unleashed their God-Senses and perused the Internal Void Spaces before turning back to inspect one another. When his God-Sense swept Konrad's Void Space, Anura failed to find anything noteworthy and moved on.

Unlike the Higher Realms' deities, with his Infiniteness cultivation approaching the Profound level, Konrad could create an outrageous amount of Internal Void Spaces on top of his unique Infinite Void Space. To see through his tricks required eyesight and cultivation those four couldn't get in ten thousand lifetimes.

"All is in order. We shall set out from four different entrances. Keep several things in mind; your gains are your own, just like your losses are. You have no friends, and blades have no eyes. If you perish, you can only blame your ineptitude."

Mahava declared to the devas' surprise. None of the sub-Ancestors expected him to use such a candid language. He might as well say that they were free to slaughter partners and opposing forces for the sake of resources.

Of course, even if he didn't say it, when faced with the opportunity to change their fate, how could those devas and devis consider friendships?

"Here, you can't fly. The Nature Spirits will fight tooth and nail to protect the forest from our plunder. None of them are lower than the High God Rank, and dozens of Cosmic Gods lie in wait. I wouldn't be surprised if a few hidden Ancestors also hid in the shadows. What you do with them is your matter, but to avoid tragedies, quick slaughter is best.

Do recall that the Essence Nurturing Trees are by themselves thorny dangers.

Once we go in, a cloaking formation will prevent any of us from escaping. We have one month to clean the forest. Not more, not less. Past that, whoever fails to return to the exit might as well settle down. All has been said, stick with your elders if you seek safety. Now, disperse!"

Mahava proclaimed, then in tandem, all elders led their disciples to the assigned entrances and dived in!

The four deva battalions vanished between the groves. But though at first, all remained in their elder's vicinity, many of the Cosmic Gods soon vanished from the ranks to pursue their own luck. While sticking with the elder undoubtedly was a wise move, it also ensured they could only get what their elders allowed them to. Their gains were doomed to be minimal. All understood that truth, and soon, none of the Cosmic Gods remained, leaving behind the High Gods whose leading members broke into smaller groups to seek chances.

But as Rati sought Konrad with her God-Sense, she was startled to see that he was nowhere to be seen!

"How did he vanish without me sensing it?"

She wondered with frowning eyes. Instantly, she activated her third layer Seer's Vision and spread her vision across several millions of square kilometers to locate Konrad. However, all attempts proved fruitless!

"What did we let in? A wolf, or a lion?"

As those thoughts trailed within her mind, Rati turned into a magenta light beam and left the remaining disciples behind to chase Konrad's trail. Still, she kept them within her sight, ready to appear should they face too great a threat.


Meanwhile, Konrad stood within the sky, one hundred meters above the essence nurturing forest with a white, floating eyeball hovering above him. This was his Truth Dao Armament, the Eye of Truth. Within the Essence Nurturing Forest, others may not be able to fly, but how could that apply to the Profane Prince?

Still in his Mara disguise, he took the entirety of the forest within his vision, pinpointing all its chances and dangers with a single glance, and locating all the lifeforms it contained. The Nature Spirit tribe's location and experts stood in plain view, and seeing the strength they held, Konrad curved his lips into a fiendish grin.

"Well? Even if I don't meddle, it appears none of those little devas will escape this place with their lives. Tss, tss, tss. What a miscalculation."

Konrad chortled and waved his right hand, causing Verena, Valkyrie, Selene, and Heide to appear beside him. But they weren't the only ones. In a whirlwind of black light, 120 legionaries clad in light, pitch-black armors appeared at their back. The third secret force of the Jade Dynasty: The Silent Blade Pavilion. 

Of the twelve secret forces, the Silent Blade Pavilion was the most secretive. All cultivated a unique method crafted by Konrad and excelled in only one task:


Although as peak-stage Heart Devils their cultivation only equaled that of mid-stage Nihility Gods, once they unleashed their blades, arts, and formations, to say nothing of High Gods, even Cosmic Gods could not preserve their necks! 

"1000 devas, 350 Nature Spirits, and a Life Embodiment's territory. Almost a fair fight. 

The four of you will each take 30 Silent Blades and dive in to seek opportunities. This is an excellent chance to test your mettle. 68 Royal Blood Trees, 3252 Greater Blood Trees, and thousands to tens of thousands of Noble and Pureblood Tress lie within this forest.

Moreover, a massive concentration of forces is gathering in three different places.

Remember, the males are resources, the females are captives. In the end, no deva must remain standing within the forest. Do not let immortality get over your head. You get what you snatch. Go, and make me proud."

Konrad ordered, and instantly, the four bowed alongside their troops before vanishing in dark-purple winds.

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