Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 471

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 471 Zone Seperation

As the various deva teams crossed the Essence Nurturing Forest's groves, little did they know that from above, a certain Devil already sentenced them to extinction. Since the four remaining Cardinal Sects all deigned dispatch their most outstanding juniors, how could Konrad not seize the opportunity to put them to good use? Those were prime Devil Pill materials!

Meanwhile, aware that she could never find his tracks, Rati pursued the Royal Blood Trees instead. Those undoubtedly were the most sought after commodities of the Essence Nurturing Forest. Regardless of Konrad's concrete purpose, he wouldn't let go of them. Or so she reasoned.

Alas, she would never get the time to put her hypothesis to the test.

As she crossed the forest, keeping an alert mind and sweeping the perimeter with both her Seer's Vision and God-Sense, Rati never expected that the crackle of timber beneath her feet would herald seismic changes.


Instantaneously, the forest seemed willed into life with its trees heightening to impossible lengths, and turning their roots into feet to assail the invaders! Dozens of trees unleashed their elongated branches in spear-like thrusts all aiming at the Mara devi.

Green wind swept the scene, carrying with it legions of shimmering leaves while dazzling emerald flowers bloomed alongside soaring vines announcing the Essence Nurturing Forest's desire to fight!

Alarmed, Rati raised her hand, causing seven large magenta orbs to appear by her side. The seven orbs unleashed magenta-colored tidal waves that slammed right into all opposing forces, crushing them in resounding booms before moving on to the rising trees!


All burst into debris. But though her immediate crisis was averted, Rati felt no joy!

"The disciples are in danger."

She realized with widening eyes. But as she tried sweeping her God-Sense toward the disciples, she realized her God-Sense no longer functioned! Even her third layer Seer's Vision couldn't see through the clutter of trees!

Magenta light erupted from Rati's form and without delay, she turned into a radiant light beam to trace back her disciples. But at that time…


In a succession of rumbling sounds, the topography changed, and several emerald light domes appeared to separate the devas in five zones! Rati now stood in the Eastern Zone, while her disciples remained west.

"Ancestral Glory: Citadel of Dreams!"

Rati roared with her tone and contorted face screaming urgency. 90 chanting citadels appeared at her back, glittering in magenta light and swirling clouds of the same color. From their gates, celestial hosts emerged to barrel against the barriers! Alas, to no avail.


The full might of Rati's cultivation and strength failed to put a dent in the grand emerald barrier!

Meanwhile, within the Northern Zone, five, bare-chested figures clad in light green pants stood before a similarly clad but sitting old man. All possessed emerald hair and eyes with their every breath in harmony with nature.

"Across all those eons, we Nature Spirits never offended anyone, and despite all indignities, remained peaceful in the confines of our forest. However, at any given opportunity, those greedy, callous and self-serving devas bring bare arms to oppress and humiliate us."

One of the five standing old men spat with an incandescent gaze shared by all his peers.

"The truth is evident. He who endures will be trampled. Today, if we do not retaliate with our full strength, and slaughter them all to the last, Heaven's hegemonic sects will never let us breathe!"

Another followed, but hearing this, the sitting old man shook his head.

"Slaughtering them is simple, but it will only bring us destruction. We can't afford to offend the primogens, otherwise we might as well commit suicide. Is the delight gained from venting a single moment of indignation worth damning our tribe? Are their lives worth ours?

No, they are not. Therefore, we can't slaughter them."

The old man who clearly was the tribe's leader replied with his eyes shut close. And if the Deva elders were present, they would have been startled to see that of those six men, five stood half-step into the Legendary God Rank while their leader had already stepped into it, boasting an early-stage Legendary God cultivation!

Hearing his words, his elders sighed and lowered their heads as their clenched fists trembled in frustration. Their leader spoke true. To say nothing of the Cardinal Lords, even the Divine Lords could clean their nest. A short moment of bliss wasn't worth destruction.

"However, that doesn't mean we must take this lying down. Kill all High Gods, kill half the Cosmic Gods, and capture the rest. Especially those four elders. They shall become the shields of our freedom. The High God tribesmen and women can stand down. You shall lead the Great Guardians and Guardians to accomplish this task. Execution!"

"Yes, High Custodian!"

The leader ordered and the elders bowed in approval before vanishing in swirling winds and leaves. It didn't take them a minute to gather their forces, and break into four teams aimed at cleaning the forest of its invaders.

By the time Rati realized she could do nothing to break the barrier, dozens of arrows emerged from the trees' shadows, carried by formidable might to assail her from all sides! With a graceful spin, Rati evaded the first wave, then vanished in swirling magenta haze to avoid the rest. But even as she landed several steps away, nine God-Senses kept her locked, and from the intensity of their pressure, even before the foes showed up, Rati could tell their strength.

"Seven Ancestral Gods, two half-step Legendary Gods. How can this be?"

Her eyes narrowed as stupor settled within. That the Nature Spirit tribe could breed a few Ancestral Gods was already ludicrous. But with what resources did they produce half-step Legendary Gods?

What secrets did this forest hide?

But as the nine Nature Spirits emerged from the trees' shadows, Rati knew those thoughts inconsequential.

"Since you devas wish to drive us into damnation, we have no choice but to retaliate. Come with us and…"

One of the two elders began, but before he could finish his words, he found himself ensnared by the sight of the forest bursting into flames. Not only him, his partners also shared the same fate:

A mirage!

In the blink of an eye, he snapped out of it. But as his eyes landed back on reality, Rati was nowhere to be seen!

"She ran...just like that?"

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