Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 483

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 483 Forbidden Locks

Konrad's soothing, yet chilling voice echoed within the ears of the seven Divine Lords, making them all wonder what kind of formidable existence stood before them. But then, his cultivation base erupted, and though they couldn't feel God-Force, the pressure only matched that of a mid-stage Ancestral God. Instantly, a shroud of confusion invaded the Divine Lords' eyes. How could the man opposing them all possibly stand at such a low level?

"Is he using some kind of secret art to mask his true cultivation?"

Bhumi wondered. But the Seer's Vision users within the lot soon rendered a different verdict.

"258 years old. Although the origin of his cultivation is a mystery, it is indeed comparable to a mid-stage Ancestral God. Although such aptitude makes even Talroth look like a waste, he's nothing to be afraid of. Now the question is...who is his backer?"

Garuda, the Divine Wind Lord appraised through his Seer's Vision. Seer's Vision users could determine the precise age of any expert - unless of course said expert prevented the probe with mightier Truth Laws. Since Konrad didn't bother doing so, Garuda and the other Seer's Vision users could effortlessly see through his actual age.

But matching the result with the cultivation he displayed didn't provide them with any relief. On the scene, who didn't take hundreds of thousands of years to become an Ancestor? Now someone the age of their youngest descendants appeared with that kind of cultivation, as if intent on shaming their achievements.

"He must be related to that Chthonian Primogen. Most likely one of his juniors. Only an existence of that level could possibly produce such a descendant."

Varuna, the Divine Sea Lord hypothesized as he recalled Nehal's startling cultivation growth. And soon, all were of the same thought. But now, none of that mattered. Time was of the essence. If they didn't snatch the Primogen Fruits and secure the inheritance before the Cardinal Lords arrived, best case scenario they returned empty handed. Worst case scenario, they surrendered their lives.

Primogens dying from internal clashes was nothing new. At the beginning of times, there were fifteen of them. Why did only eleven remain? They could waste no more time!

"We must act with haste, destroy the Primogen Fruits and secure the Life Embodiment Inheritance. If one of us can obtain it, then in the future, our Divine Alliance needs not fear the Cardinal Lords."

Agni, the Divine Flame Lord declared and stepped forward. With every one of his steps, the Essence Nurturing Forest's temperature rose to absurd heights. His mane of flaming hair erratically blew, gleaming alongside his eyes in a reddish glow.

"Boy, This Eminence doesn't care about where you hail from. Since you choose to stand in This Eminence's way, surrender your life!"

Agni bellowed while the world-shaking might of a mid-stage Legendary God erupted from his form alongside his Fire Embodiment laws. Red flames surged from Agni's pores to soar into the sky, turning him into a gigantic ball of flames that discolored the clouds and charred all the trees in the distance, searing the heaven and searing the earth.

Fortunately, the Nature Spirits had already been collected. Otherwise, they'd have turned into ashes and dust. Of course, in the center of the inheritance ground, the situation was different.

"Ancestral Glory: Searing World!"

Agni stretched out his hands, holding nothing back has he combined the full might of his laws with his Ancestral Glory. Vanishing within the vast expanse of flames, Agni unfurled his flame tsunami on Konrad, leaving him absolutely no room to escape as from above, below, left and right, flames whose tiniest sparks could end worlds shot toward him!

But before this move that made so many demons shiver in fright, Konrad remained undisturbed. Better, his lips curved into a smile. Even when the flaming sea swallowed him whole, that smile remained unchanged!

Set ablaze by Agni's flames, the inheritance ground burned. But none doubted that a force breeding a Life Embodiment would survive the blow. The boy, however, that was another story.

Or so they thought.

"Hahahaha! Hahahaha!"

A guffaw erupted from within the flames, startling all Divine Lords who couldn't comprehend the meaning of this sorcery. Agni, more than them, stared slack-jawed at the center of his flames. Flames that shrunk in a breath of time to become a tiny fireball laying in the hand of that dissolute but wholly unharmed youth.

With a casual toss, Konrad threw the fireball at Varuna, the Divine Sea Lord, and by the time he snapped out of his topror, the fireball had expanded into a sea of flames with a thousand times the might of Agni's blow!

Alarmed, Varuna attempted to resist, but was shocked to find himself unable to move an inch of his body. The magnified Searing World swallowed him whole, quite literally trapping the Divine Sea Lord in a living hell.


Varuna howled as he burned into nothingness, and by the time the flame dispersed, only his heart remained. All he was, all he had, his strength and blood origin, flew toward Konrad to merge with his Chthonian Heart.

"When I embarked on the road of cultivation, my country worshipped a deity known as the Divine Flame Lord. I always thought that if one day we met, it would be an epic battle worth writing songs about. What a letdown."

Konrad chortled before stretching his hand toward Agni. Vast suction force trapped the Divine Flame Lord, and unable to resist, he flew into Konrad's grasp. Clutching his neck, Konrad hoisted him up, siphoning his Primogen Blood and strength while sweeping the remaining five with his icy-blue gaze.

"This Eminence? What a joke. Before I, the Profane Prince, who dares adopt such a condescending tone? You deserve to die."

Konrad chided as his siphoning of Agni's soul, blood and strength came to an end.


With a casual move, Konrad wrenched Agni's neck, then tossed him toward the ground. But this merely was the beginning. His form blurred, becoming five identical versions that crossed the void to land before the five Divine Lords.

Alarmed, the Divine Lords all released their strongest elemental attacks, but before they collided with the five Konrad, they were startled to see ten black locks appear around his form, rippling with energies that made their ancient hearts panic!

"Forbidden Locks! Those are the legendary Forbidden Locks! Run away!"

Garuda howled before turning into a gigantic gold and green eagle to fly toward safety! Alas, he'd just completed his transformation that Konrad's hand rammed into his chest to gouge his heart and rupture his soul!

The other Divine Lords didn't have it better, all seeing their attacks swallowed by the locks before returning to their peers with a thousand times the might.


Blasted in the sky, the Divine Lords attempted to use the momentum to escape their foe. A futile attempt. The Konrads blocked their path, giving them no way out.

The Divine Lightning Lord had turned into a thunderbolt to escape this tribulation, but was startled to see a figure land on his shoulders and suppress him mid-air.

"Absolutely no class."

Konrad chided while seizing the Lightning Lord's head in his hands...and yanking it off his neck!

The Divine Blade Lord turned into a sword and shot toward the ground for succor, but a kick from Konrad shattered blade, true body and soul, destroying him in one move. The Divine Wood Lord suffered a similar fate with Konrad grabbing him by the shoulder before tearing him in two grotesque halves!

Now, of the original seven Divine Lords, only Bhumi, the Divine Earth Lady remained.

Konrad's afterimages vanished, leaving behind the True Body who now stood before Bhumi, holding her suppressed in the air as he seized her chin.

"Beautiful, Tara is waiting for you"

Konrad began, then stabbed Bhumi's forehead with his right index.

"...but I must kill you first. No hard feelings. I swear I will make it up to you."

Bhumi's eyes widened in disbelief, life left her body, but before she dropped onto the ground, Konrad sent her body into his Infinite Void Space.

At that time, Daksha and Durga crossed Heaven's sky to land before this scene of gore. Brihaspati arrived not long afterward.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the dinner party. With the appetizer out of the way, Let the revelry...begin!"

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