Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 485

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 485 Trampling All Primogens With Irresistible Might

"With this level of skills you dare demand my life? Tss, tss, tss, presumptuous ant."

Konrad chided, and his form blurred in a succession of afterimages as he barreled into Brihaspati with his right hand raised in a palm strike!


The blow struck Brihaspati right in his chest. It caved in, all breath left him, and he flew backward with a massive blood spurt. Worse, devil energies snuck into his internal organs and soul, taking control of his chaotic heart to turn him into a puppet of Konrad's will! Two black rings appeared at Konrad's back, releasing black mist that transported Brihaspati right next to him, the Cardinal Light Lord's bloodied eyes stared blankly at his former peers while the black mist filled his eyes and pores, emptying him of all he held, and feeding him to Konrad through the rings.

Feeling Konrad's horrible strength rising at breakneck speed, Daksha and Durga didn't hesitate.


They said in tandem. Daksha summoned thousands of magenta clouds that filled Heaven's sky while unleashing Dream Laws to assail Konrad's mind. A pity that Dream Laws ranked high on the list of things Konrad feared the least.

"My Devil Heart is not what you can shake."

Konrad dismissed the move and punched, unleashing squalls of multicolor winds that shredded Daksha's Laws and lacerated his body! As he backpedaled within the air, Primogen blood gushed from his bloodied form, further helping the Essence Nurturing Forest's transformation.

"Face my spears!"

Durga bellowed and wielding her four spears, swirled as she hurtled toward Konrad, becoming a black whirlwind of pure Darkness Laws. At the same time, she anchored the space around him, preventing all retreat.

"Biting off more than you can chew. Your trivial Space Laws bear no weight on a Truth Embodiment such as I."

Konrad chided as Durga flew at him with her spears. The first grazed his cheek, the second his neck, the third, his waist, and the fourth his crotch. But effortlessly, Konrad avoided them all, bending and whirlwind without leaving his original spot. Durga moved past him, but returned by slamming the backend of her spears toward Konrad's chest.


Konrad met the blow with a single palm strike that sent Durga reeling in the sky. Somersaulting, she regained her stance, and flew right back at him with a flurry of spear strikes! In the blink of an eye, each of Durga's arms unleashed millions of spear strikes, thrusting and slashing at Konrad, but only meeting the air!

Worse, he remained in that same spot, avoiding all the blows without stepping away from it!


Durga roared, humiliated by the ease with which Konrad evaded her blows. Rolling backward, she joined the tip of her four spears while the full might of her Dark Laws erupted from her form. Dozens of dark vortexes appeared behind Durga, each releasing hundreds of dark spears, swords, axes, daggers, and all kinds of armaments aiming at Konrad!

"Dao Law: Dark Blade Rain!"

At Durga's command, the deluge of armaments turned into dark meteors, all shooting toward Konrad. Meanwhile, though still wounded, Daksha had regained his strength, and flung three magenta chakrams into the air. The chakrams stopped at Konrad's right, left, and above his head, forming a magenta triangle that released a dazzling beam of celestial energies onto him.

"Avoiding your blows is giving face to your beauty. Do you really think it's a necessity? Foolhardy."

Konrad scoffed and stretched out his arms while opening his mouth wide!

"Innate Skill: Devouring!"

Konrad's Devouring Skill merged with his Might Reversal Physique to swallow and magnify his foes' blows ten-thousand fold, then return it to them both! Durga faced Daksha's celestial beam, while Dalsha faced her blades!

Unable to resist a level of might that put peak-stage Legendary Gods in awe, the two made a hasty retreat. Alas, their speed failed to back them up, and they bore the brunt of the counterattack!


Blasted by the celestial beam, Durga flew backward, with several parts of her previously unblemished skin charred by the blow which moved past her outer shell to slam her soul!

Daksha had it worse. The blades tore him to shreds, turning him into a floating trunk that fled for succor!

"Innate Skill: Extinction!"

Konrad stretched out his left hand, releasing a icy-blue light blaze that assailed his recoiling foes. Extinction targeted Life Essence and physical matter. Although it couldn't slay deities, with Konrad's current bloodline strength, incapacitating them was simplicity incarnate.

Durga and Daksha felt all strength leave their divine bodies, making them feel the helplessness of mortals before deities! Turning into two black beams, Konrad slammed into Daksha's face with his right knee while slamming Durga into the sky with an upward kick!


Daksha and Durga groaned in tandem while blood gushed from their broken forms. Two Konrads now stood on the scene, and the two held the surviving Cardinal Lords' necks within their right palms.

Brihaspati's siphoning had come to an end, and of the previously mighty Fate Wielding Lord of Light, only a skeletal shell remained!

"With such...strength...and the...power of a Realm...why wait till now...why lurk...in the shadows!"

Daksha stammered, unable to comprehend why the mighty Chthonian Primogen chose to hide within the shadows of the Celestial Realm instead of trampling all with his absolute strength. Based on his strength alone, he could hold his own with the Warden! Once he unleashed the might of his Realm, who could resist him?

But before Daksha's indignation-laced inquiry, Konrad sneered.

"Do you think my moves take you Primogens' strength into consideration? Laughable. My enemies are not of this world. Be it demons or devas, you are merely food meant to fuel my growth, and lay the foundation for the true battle!"

The two Konrads replied before hurling both Daksha and Durga toward the ground! In a deafening explosion of flying dust and debris, they cratered! But Konrad didn't stop there. Clenching his fists, he unleashed the full-might of his Devil Rings, making them expand respectively to one and three kilometers. Black lightning stretched from the rings' corners toward their center, coalescing into orbs of massive devil energies ready to end the Cardinal Lords' struggle!

But at that time, the darkened sky brightened under the appearance of celestial light that illuminated all throughout Heaven! The clouds gathered, swirling around one orb of blinding light from which all throughout Heaven could feel peace and serenity. It was as if hope manifested into a superior entity; as if the Highest God had appeared to save all from damnation!

"What a bold and dreadful junior. Why not do us all a favor...and vanish from this world?"

Heaven's Herald, The Warden "inquired" while descending before Konrad.

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