Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 943

Chapter 943 I Will Treat Her Well Without You Saying It.

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"I will treat her well without you saying it." Ji Zimings lips curled up as he smiled slightly at Mu Heng.

"Want a drink?" The latter raised his drink toward him.

"Okay. A drink."

The former also raised his glass.

"Aiya! I say, you two should stop drinking in the corner! There are many interesting things happening over there, so lets go join them!"

Liao Gaofei, who had been kicked away, saw the two drinking in the corner silently. Finding it to be a tad too boring, he pulled the two over to the crowded part of the room.

The crowd-lover and fun-loving Mu Heng immediately went off with him when he said that.

Ji Ziming, on the other hand, shook his head, not wanting to join them.

This was despite this being his bachelors party.

"Okay, okay, okay. We wont force you. You can continue drinking silently here! How boring!"

With that, his two friends abandoned him and joined the crowd.

The man sat at his spot alone and drank silently, finding this place to be boring.

He looked at the group of people happily playing and could not help but think of Fu Mingxuan who had not attended this event.

He suddenly had this thought that if Fu Mingxuan had come, he would likely not feel this bored.

After finishing another glass, he got up off the sofa and made his way to the door.

As the men in this room were busy partying, none of them noticed that the main host had left.

"Young master, why are you out here?"

He had just stepped out of the room and reached the corridor when he saw Sister Yun in a black uniform appear out of nowhere.

He rubbed the center of his forehead to wake himself up a little.

As he felt that he had drunk a little too much, he ordered the middle-aged servant in a slightly tipsy voice.

"Give me a cup of tea to sober up."

"Yes, young master; wait here a moment, and I will be back soon."

Answering him meekly, Sister Yuns eyes flashed with affection.

However, at a point where he could not see, her dazed eyes flashed with a queer light.

Standing in the corridor, the man felt more awake when the cold wind blew at him.

He reckoned that he would sober up after drinking some tea.

I wonder what that stupid woman is doing. Did she drink? How much did she drink? She wont drink so much that she cant even remember anything like last time, right?

Just as he was in deep thought, he heard a gentle and sweet voice.


He frowned slightly at this voice.

Under the moonlight, a woman wearing a white, short dress appeared before him.

Her figure, which was perfectly accentuated by her attractive features, appeared ethereal and capable of bewitching ones heart under the moonlight.

However, this was only effective against men easily enticed by beauty. As for those like Ji Ziming who only had one woman in their hearts, they were unaffected by this allure.

In fact, the womans seductive only made him feel repulsed.

"Who are you? This isnt where you should be." With a cold voice, he sharply told off this beauty who had suddenly appeared.

"Ji Ziming, I like you! Ive liked you since a long time ago!"

This woman seemed to have noted the disdain in his eyes as she discarded her embarrassment to pounce on him with closed eyes.

If it were as per usual, the man would be able to dodge her easily.

However, as he drank quite a lot, his reaction was a little slow. Hence, on this rare occasion, this mighty CEO was successfully pounced on by a woman.

"Ji Ziming, I really like you a lot. I know that you dont like me and may not even remember me, but I still want to let you know of my existence and how much I love you"

The womans deep and heartfelt confession could easily make one feel touched and heartache for her.

Alas, this feeling did not reach the man.

He coldly and heartlessly pushed the woman away, clearly not one to show tenderness on the fairer sex.

"Scram!" His cold and low voice was filled to the brim with repulsiveness and detest.

Tears immediately sprang in the eyes of the woman, who was already on the floor from being pushed.

"Wu wu wu"

Under his detest-filled gaze, the woman got up from the floor and ran away while sobbing.

When the woman left, his expression returned to normal.

"Young master, this is your tea for sobering up."

After a while, Sister Yun appeared before him with a cup of tea.

With an ugly expression, he received the teacup from her.

"Young master, did something happen? You dont look very good right now." The woman was concerned when she saw his expression.

"Its nothing." He took a sip of the tea and frowned slightly.

Somehow, he caught a whiff of that womans perfume earlier.

His mood plummeted the moment this fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

After downing the cup of tea, he quickly strode away from this place where other women existed.

Seeing the man leave and not return to the party, a gentle and affectionate expression blossomed on Sister Yuns face.

"My young master, after today, everything will return to its normal path. That woman who doesnt match you will also return to her rightful place."

Her smile was so affectionate that it seemed queer, making one feel a little scared when faced with it.

When his figure disappeared from view, she then picked up the teacup he had discarded and left the corridor.

When she reached a secluded corner, she took out the phone she carried everywhere with her.

"Hello, Miss Qiao? Everything has gone according to plans."

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