Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Ziming Where Are You? I Am Here To Look For You.

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Ziming, whats wrong? You

Although her voice sounded concerned, her striking features were in fact smiling smugly due to her scheme being successful.

However, before she could get her other foot into the room, someone pulled her back.

She turned around, only to find a person who was not supposed to be here.


She glowered at the man who had stopped her from moving.

The mans handsome and refined appearance shone with apathy and gloominess under the moonlight.

Your plan is something this despicable, huh? Use your body to tie Ji Ziming down? He coldly stared at her as he said this with disdain and mockery.

This has nothing to do with you! Get lost!

With her plan getting interrupted by an unwanted person, she only felt extremely frustrated.

Nothing to do with me? Hur hur! The person lying inside is my brother! I think I have more relation to him than you do! Feeling amused from extreme anger, he sharply pointed this out.

You treat him as your brother, but does he treat you as one? Dont forget; who messed up your plan to confess to Pei Ge? Moreover, that person did it on purpose! she berated him harshly, coldly swinging her hand away thereafter.

He paused momentarily at this.

He already doesnt treat you as a brother, so stop yapping hypocritically about brotherly love! ridiculed the woman coldly.

No matter if he treats me as a brother and what he does, it still wronged him first. Its tit for tat, and we are even now. He suddenly smiled at the woman icily. Thats why I cant just let your despicable scheme succeeds!

With that, he did not care whether she was willing or not and dragged her away by the hand.

Fu Mingxuan, you a*shole! Let go of me! Let go!

She furiously shrieked as she saw the guest room where Ji Ziming was getting further away.

However, her shrieks and struggle were nothing to Fu Mingxuan.

Moreover, as there were two parties in play right now, they did not meet a soul along the way.

Hence, just like that, she was dragged further and further away by the man until they completely disappeared.

Within the dim room, colored lights kept blinking. On the sofa, chairs, and floor, women in disheveled clothes lay everywhere.

No matter how one looked at it, this scene gave off a feeling of debauchery and degeneration.

Drink! Continue drinking! We agreed to down the glass for our close relationship!

Among these drunk-as-skunk women was Pei Ge, who was still drinking while sitting at the bar table.

Ge Ge no more, no more I cant drink anymore Lily waved his hand in surrender as he muttered this incoherently.

Tsk! What lousy alcohol tolerance! How boorish!

She scoured the women lying around. She hugged the bottle of red wine and jumped down from the chair with a pout, stumbling her way toward the door.

On her way out, she mumbled, You guys cant even drink much. Ill go look for my Ziming to drink!

Hugging the wine bottle, the drunk her stumbled her way along the corridor toward the front.

She continued muttering the mans name while walking.

Although she was drunk and her mind was a little fuzzy, she luckily met a maid of the Ji family.

Miss Pei, are you alright? asked concernedly by a passing maid upon seeing her very drunk.

Im fine! Im fine! What can be wrong with me?

The moment she said this, she almost fell from getting tripped by a rock.

Seeing how drunk she was, the maid helplessly blinked while thinking inside,Even if the Ji familys villa is very safe, I still cant leave our future mistress outside without doing anything.

Hence, the maid decided to bring her to the guest room to sober up there a little.

W-Where are you bringing me?!

She blinked and looked at the maid who was leading her by the arm.

Mistress Pei, Im bringing you to the guest room to rest.

The maid smiled at her gently.

No! I dont want to sleep! I want to find Ziming!

Saying this, she started to struggle.

With how strongly she was struggling, the maid could only helplessly lie.

Ah, Mistress Pei, Ill bring you to young master now. You should just follow me.

Really? Then, lets hurry and go!

She excitedly followed the maid toward the nearest guest room.

Along the way, the drunk her incessantly chattered.

Soon, the maid had led her to the guest room.

Mistress Pei, rest here first; you can just press the bell if you need anything.

Where is Ziming?

After being helped into the bed, she blinked and looked for the man.

Mistress Pei, young master will be here soon; please wait here for a while.

The maid could not help but lie again. She did not expect that their young master was truly nearby, though!


She obediently nodded and lay in bed, seemingly having fallen asleep.

The maid heaved a sigh of relief when she closed her eyes and slept.

She tiptoed out of the guest room, but what she did not know was that the woman who had closed her eyes opened them again once she left the room and quickly got up from the bed.

Hng, hng, hng! Trying to lie to me? No way!

She happily jumped down from the bed, then stealthily left the guest room.

Ziming, where are you?

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