Ps I'm Not Over You Chapter 180

Rion lead the children back to the manor after hours of looking after them as they play in the garden. Mika had already fallen asleep earlier while Jiro played with Skyler after their painting session. He could feel a wetness on his shoulder as Mika continued to sleep in his arms while the two boys were following behind him. "Mommy said she will pick me up today but she broke her promise again." Jiro's usual grin on his face was replaced with a deep frown in his face.Skyler only absentmindedly nodded in response. He was also worried about his mommy Ririna. He hasn't talked to her ever since he threw a fit the last time.Why did he end up being a babysitter today? Rion wondered while he adjusted the little girl. From the distance, he saw Eli talking on his phone while another man was waiting and looking around. Jiro stopped his babblings when he saw his uncle waiting for him. Skyler pulled the side of Rion's coat, his eyes staring at his father. Rion was able to tell that the little boy still doubts and afraid that he will lose his place on both of his parents. "Sky?" Rion called but Skyler didn't even move on his side. "You should go and apologize to your father. Don't forget our deal?" If Sara was here with him, Rion was sure that she will make fun of him. He wasn't good with children unlike her. Ah, maybe he should learn how to get used of it if ever he and Sara decided to have children soon.An hour later, Eli and Skyler were left standing on the front door of the manor. They were looking at each other in silence. The little boy looked at his father as if Eli had taken his favorite person in the world well Eli's expression remained icy. He couldn't let his own son beat him this time. If Skyler could win an argument and get whatever he wishes from Ririna, the boy was gravely mistaken if he thought he could use the same charm to his father. Eli was determined to put his own son in place if he has to."Come. We have something to talk." ----She rolled on her right and wondered why it was dark outside only to realize that she fell asleep that afternoon while Skyler was busy talking with Rion. Ririna rubbed her eyes groggily and pushed the blanket above her and sat on the edge of the bed slowly. Her gaze landed on her left sleeve with a smudge of red liquid on it. Her eyes blinked and she lifted her arm to see it properly. Blood. She couldn't be wrong this time because she had seen enough blood on her lifetime to know what it looks like. But why was there a trace of blood on her sleeve? Could it be.Not wasting another minute, Ririna abruptly stood up and ran towards the bathroom. There, she looked at herself in the mirror and knew then that indeed it was her own blood. There was a trail of dried blood on one side of her face that started from her nose. What could it possibly mean? She was pregnant and if she got an illness, her baby might be in danger too. What was the word to describe this feeling she had at the moment? A warning? Was there something wrong with her pregnancy? Ririna shivered at the thought. There weren't many words to describe what she was feeling except for fear and the only thing she could think was to ask Ginny's help. Several thoughts flitted on her mind. Her fingers lightly brushed the trail of blood from her face. When she heard a knock on the door, she snapped out from it and quickly washed her face, deciding to make a call to Ginny later. She stripped down to her undergarments and threw off her used clothes, not wanting Eli to see it. When she opened the door, she was startled to find Ei standing on the other side of it. Their eyes both widened at the same time, both for different reasons. Ririna was startled because she was afraid that Eli had found out about the blood on her clothes earlier, while Eli was surprised to see his wife only on her undergarments. "I forgot my clothes," Ririna said before she walked back to their bedroom, still in a slightly nervous state she was in. It turned out that deciding not to panic was enough to make her mind clear. She wouldn't have to worry unless there's something wrong with her health. There were still problems she and Eli have to talk about. Ririna went to her closet, grabbed a loose tank top and slipped it over her head. She then took her favorite sweatpants from one of the drawers. "Where's Skyler?" Ririna moved past of Eli after dressing herself and hopped on their bed to get a hair tie that she left beneath her pillow. She sat up and put her hair up into a bun to keep it out of her face. "Downstairs. He's waiting for us for dinner." "Oh? Did Rion left already?" She stood from the bed and came to stand in front of her husband with a worried look in her eyes. Skyler hasn't talked to Eli and she was worried for both of them."He did. He said Sara is waiting for him at home." His arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head with a sigh. Ririna smiled. It seemed that she doesn't need to worry about her friend anymore. Rion informed her earlier that he and Sara were planning to get married within two months as per Lawrence request. She was surprised that Rion was able to get Lawrence approval in only a week while Evan had spent years. Sara started moving at Rion's place that morning and they will be busy for the following weeks for their nuptials. "Are you alright?" Eli murmured into her hair, breathing her scent deeply as he did. Ririna hummed and nodded against his chest, her arms around him. Her head lifted up to look at him and then she was kissing him, having thrown her own body to him like a predator hunting its prey. She used both of hands to run through his hair before dragging his head down to hers, bringing him closer to her as she could manage. She was breathing heavily when they parted. Eli reached out, his hand caressing her cheek and she reveled in his gentle touch. "Tomorrow after Skyler's birthday party, we will meet someone." Eli dragged her body to his and held her close. His hand rubbing her back in small circles and his chin resting on the crown of her head. "Alright. Now, let's go. Our little boy is waiting for us."With that, Eli nodded, took her hand in his and lead her outside their room. Skyler was peeking outside the window of their living room, watching the staff stacking the decorations for his birthday party tomorrow at the back of a van. His Mama Yuna insisted that she will host his party which both of her parents reluctantly agreed. "Sky? What are you doing there? You might catch a cold." Skyler turned around and saw his mommy walking down the stairs followed by his daddy. He hesitated but when he remembered what his Uncle Rion told him. His big grey eyes landed to his father as if waiting for his approval. Seeing that his father doesn't have anything to say, Skyler ran towards his mother surprising her. "Hi, mommy."Skyler looked so adorable that Ririna couldn't help but to pinch his chubby cheeks that she always love. She took his smaller hand and lead him to the dining table. Placing him next to her seat, Ririna started scooping Skyler's favorite pasta on his plate."Did my little prince enjoy his time with Uncle Rion?"Skyler grinned and nodded. He was like a lost puppy who finally found his owner. The little guy was listening intently to his mother. Ririna placed his plate in front of him and ran her fingers on his thick dark locks. Ah, Skyler was growing up so fast, she was starting to miss her baby that she nursed years ago. ---She knew this would come but Yelan still didn't know if she still got a face after what she had done to her children. This reunion was inevitable. She shut her eyes and the grip she had on the wheelchair tightened. Yuna told her that Eli was planning to bring her daughter to meet her after several years of separation. "What's wrong? Don't wanna see Ririna?" Yuna's voice distracted Yelan from her thoughts. She turned her head and saw her friend striding towards her direction with a tray on her hands. Yuna and Eli had saved her life this time and she was grateful that after all these years her relationship with her friend didn't change that much. "I miss her dearly, Yuna." Yelan sighed before turning her wheelchair to face her visitor. The sudden movement made her hiss in an excruciating pain she felt from her back. "Ah, you really shouldn't force yourself. They will be here soon." Yuna helped her friend and pushed the wheelchair near the window. She could still see the darkening of the bruises on Yelan's neck which she probably got from the strangulation of one of those men that kidnapped her. Somehow, she felt guilty for not able to help Yelan. If it wasn't for her selfish request Yelan and Ririna wouldn't have to suffer this kind of long separation. In her despair to help her ex-husband, she sought Yelan's help. Now, looking at her friend that she hadn't seen for decades, Yuna decided that she will try her best to make up for the lost chances to help Yelan. Seeing Yelan like this, Yuna thought her friend was like a wildflower being battered by the heavy rain.Yelan let Yuna helped her lay back on her bed. She hissed in pain when she accidentally bumped her broken rib with her arm. Today, she will meet her daughter she abandoned years ago. Truth to be told, she was afraid of what will be her daughter's reaction."Skyler is turning five today. Ah, who would have thought our children will end up being together." Yuna stifled a laugh while Yelan groaned. The reality that they were both related to each other now was still surprising for Yelan. "I guess Ririna and I were lucky to be saved by you." Yelan took the medicine pills from Yuna's hand and drank it at once. "That's not true." Yuna lowered her head in shame. "I haven't really done anything to help you and Ririna. If it wasn't for me" "Don't say that." Yelan cut her off. "Don't blame yourself. We both know that there wasn't another choice during those times. You saved me, don't you remember?"Yuna stared at Yelan's face for a long time before it dawned to her what she meant. The horror in her face was undeniable that she ended up leaning against Yelan. This was the first time Yelan had cause to question Yuna's courage. She was so different from her ex-husband and son that has an impassive expression on their face making it hard for others to know what they were thinking. But she didn't say anything, remembering that earlier on in her life, Yuna was the only one who took courage to save her from Samuel's insanity.
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