Ps I'm Not Over You Chapter 181

Sara woke up too early that morning. It didn't help the fact that she went to bed late last night. She groaned and rolled on her right side as she felt the reason wrapped around her in a sweet embrace. Her eyes shot open only to see a shirt covered shirt that rises and fall in a slow and consistent rhythm.It was their first time sleeping and waking up on the same bed as a real couple. The first time when they both lost their innocence doesn't count.Sara looked up to see Rion's sleeping face. She reveled on his relaxed state that made her feel like spending the most of the day only to stare at his face like this. Rion seemed like at peace and vulnerable as he sleeps beside her. Too bad, she had to part with him for a while because mother nature was calling her. She tried her best to free herself from his arms and legs that were entangled with hers. After spending some time freeing herself, Sara successfully made it to the bathroom in a hurry. She had expected him to wake up but as she finished her business and went back to the bedroom, Rion was still asleep. Sara leaned against the doorframe and looked at her fiance. Very soon, she will become Mrs. Stahl and she still couldn't believe that they will tie the knots in a few more weeks. What's more, Rion had successfully made a deal with her nitpicking brother. Yesterday, she started moving her things on his place as they started to merge their lives together. Last night, Rion told her that he wanted to share the room with her as to let her get used of being with him on the same bed. Both of them agreed not to have s** and wait until their wedding night. So Sara was content as they spend the night just holding one another as if they were afraid that the other one will vanish in the middle of the night. She then moved to the living room to take one of her suitcases, grabbed some clothes that she decided to wear for that day and went back to the bathroom to take a shower. While Sara was in the shower, Rion started to stir from his deep slumber. He rolled onto his back and his eyes opened only to see the familiar ceiling of his bedroom. Then it came to him that he spent the night with his fiancee. He turned to the other side of the bed only to find that Sara wasn't there. Did she leave him? Did it finally dawn into her that she wasn't ready to commit her life with him?For a moment, Rion was about to panic but when the sound of the shower going, he calmed down. She was still there. Sara wouldn't leave him behind. Rion wondered if he could find the courage within himself to confess that he was afraid to be alone again. After Ava's death, he spent most of his time alone and only to distract himself with more work, refusing to associate himself with other people. If he didn't meet Ririna Han during that fateful night, he was sure that he will still be wasting his time until he burns out. And he would never meet this woman who accepted him in spite of their differences. He swung his legs off the bed and stretched both of his arms to relax his worn muscles. The previous days he spent as he closed Ririna's business and fixing his schedule to give himself enough time to prepare before he joins Yun Electronics worn him out. With Sara's moving in his place and the appointments they have for their wedding, he barely had time to take a rest. Shaking away the remnants of his sleepiness, Rion got up and decided to make breakfast for Sara. He barely eats breakfast and only satisfied to have a cup of coffee and a toast but Sara was different. She loved a hearty meal and no doubt she liked having breakfast that could give her more energy before she starts her day. He cooked her meal fast and just as he was done, Sara came out from the bathroom drying her hair with a towel. She smiled when she saw the meals on the table with him wearing an apron. "Good morning," she said as she walked towards him with a smile. "Morning, Sara. You woke up early." Rion said in return. He took the towel in her hand and pulled her close to him. Sara leaned up and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. Rion closed his eyes as her lips alone sent shivers down his spine. A moment with her was worth a thousand treasures that the world could offer to him.They broke apart and Rion freed her from his grasp to made her sit at one of the chairs on the dining table. He then moved behind her and started drying her hair. "Aren't you going to eat?" Sara asked. She took some scrambled eggs on her plate and a few fruit slices from a bowl. "Let me help you dry your hair first," Rion said simply and let her eat her breakfast as he silently works on her long hair. He joined her later and saw her set the food in front of him with a grin. They both ate in silence but nevertheless a comfortable one. They didn't need many words to know that they enjoy their company. Rion was the first one to finish and simply watch his girlfriend eat. Once Sara was finished, she looked up unto him and stared back. She will never understand why Rion likes to watch her silently. After a moment, she broke the silence and cup her chin with her hand. "We still haven't got a costume for Skyler's birthday party." she reminded him. Rion grunted and took a moment to think what she had said. Indeed, today was Skyler's birthday and because the little boy's birthday was near with the Halloween, the kid and her parents decided to throw a Halloween themed birthday party. "Didn't you say you will find a way to deal with it?" he asked. "Yeah, I know where we could find our costumes so take a shower now and we'll go there today." Rion slightly squinted his eyes to the woman across him. He had an idea where she was taking him but for once he will let her took the reign on this one. The party will be tonight and they still got enough time to pick up their costumes. He dearly wished that Sara wouldn't pick something degrading or daring. And no, he refused to attend the party as a disgusting zombie or a sparkling vampire. Nope, just nope. Sara smiled as he shook his head and sighed. She knew then that she won that round. Rion got up and went back to his room to take clothes and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. While he was busy, Sara stacked their used plates and washed it on the sink. She then gave the dining table and the kitchen a quick clean before proceeding to check Rion's bedroom. While waiting, she took her shoes and put them on. Then she took the dirty clothes Rion left on the end of his bed and put it on the hamper for laundry. She quickly fixed the bed and stack her clothes on one side of the closet Rion gave up for her. Rion does have a lot of clothes but the closet was big enough to keep both of his and her in a good way. Sara closed the closet and turned around only to see Rion showed up on the room with a towel on his head. He walked into the room and noticed that it was tidied up and her suitcases and bags have gone on his living room. He went to the bed and sat down to put his socks and shoes on, aware that his woman patiently waiting for him. "Ready to go?" she asked. He simply nodded and stood up, walking towards her. Sara handed him his coat and he promptly put it on. He saw a contented smile on her lips. She turned around to head towards the door but Rion caught her hand surprising her. "Rion?" She paused and waited for him to speak up. "Thank you.""Thank you for what?" Sara took a step towards him, closing the gap between them. She was confused on what he meant because she couldn't think of anything she had done for him these past days aside from constantly complaining about their wedding preparations. Rion didn't answer and only stared back on her eyes. He didn't have to tell her because it was clear that she knew all along. Sara blinked before realizing what Rion meant as he gave her hand a light squeeze. She smiled in understanding and pulled his hand in hers to lead him out of his own house. She took a moment to gather her jacket and her purse on the couch before they left. Sara turned to Rion to ask for his key for his car. "Your key please?" It was then that Rion realized something. He didn't know that much about her. Sure, he knew Sara loves her BL and her doujin books and her preference for sweets and pastries but aside from those things, he knew nothing about her. Did she even know how to drive? Rion prayed to all the deities that Sara wasn't one of those reckless drivers or else he would never let her touch or drive his car again.
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