Ps I'm Not Over You Chapter 182

It was an hour later when he and Sara arrived at their destination. Rion leaned over and took a deep breath. He couldn't believe he just let her drive his car. When Sara turned on the engine and pressed on the pedal earlier, the car shot forward surprising both of them. Rion felt like his heart jumped in his throat and thought he was dying from a heart attack. Fortunately, Sara was able to hit the brakes before they crash on the nearest post. As Rion sat on the passenger seat, his hands grip the handle on the door and his seat just in case, Sara does something reckless again. Oh dear lord, he really loves this woman but he swore at that moment never to allow her to touch his car. He should haven't agreed to let her drive. Once she finally parked his car, Rion relaxed and released a deep breath he was holding throughout the drive. This was enough to give a hard lesson never to let his future wife have his keys even if his life is on the line. "We're here. Here are your keys." Sara turned to him and handed his keys back. Rion fought the urge not to get mad at her. How could he even get angry when she was smiling at him like that? He sighed as he ran a hand down his face.---Rion drove silently while Sara on his passenger seat, hummed a tune to herself while adjusting her makeup. She patted the puff of her compact powder on her cheeks while making sure she'd concealed the hickey Rion left on her left shoulder. They were on their way to Skyler's Halloween themed birthday party. "Ahh, this is the first time I will be attending a birthday party since forever," Sara commented while continuing doing her face. "Hmm? You haven't seen one before?" Rion asked as he made a turn. "Of course I did. It's just I've never been in a kid's party before. I'm excited to see everyone in costume." Rion eyed his fiance. Sometimes his woman was a little too interested in some details. "I don't know but Sky did mention he wanted to be a prince for today." Sara gasped. "I can't wait to see him then." The car turned into a neighborhood. Rion was still in his thoughts when he started to notice the houses along the way. They were too big and there were large spaces in between. Moonlight Hill surely put the other exclusive villages in shame. Sara let out a low whistle when she saw the actual house of the Song family. It has a long driveway and the house itself was painted with white and deep blue color. There were some vines covering the walls and the fence and the front door was decorated with fake skeletons and cobwebs. "We're here," Rion said. He parked his car in the spacious parking lot. Sara looked at the decoration and was amazed by the intricate and detailed designs of it. "This is nice." she held up a huge black spider to show it to her man. "Put it back," Rion replied, lead her to the pathway and rang the doorbell. Sara continued to look around like a hyper kid that was brought by her parents to her favorite place. She really liked how the place was set up and she couldn't wait to ask Ririna later. The door opened. "Hey there, mister. You two are late. We've already started." Ririna leaned in the doorframe and grinned at the couple. Rion stared up to Ririna's form and wondered if she was still the same indecisive woman he met years ago. He never thought Ririna was able to dress something like that. Did Eli even approve what she was wearing tonight? "Oh my gosh! You look so pretty!" Sara exclaimed beside him. "Women' Rion shook his head. He will never understand them. Ririna was wearing a black satin dress with laces that can leave some indecent thoughts to other men. It was quite revealing and it was hard to tell if you can still call it a dress. Her shapely legs were covered with black stockings and there was a witch hat with a wide brim. Her corset pushed her chest up making it hard for anyone to ignore it. "Sara." Ririna hugged her and nodded to Rion. "Rion. You two look great. So I see you both decided to come as pirates. I'm surprised you aren't in your wizard robe. Where's your peg leg anyway? " Ririna teased her friend which Rion returned with a glare. "Skyler will surely love your costumes," she added with a grin. "You're a seductive witch." Sara laughed. "So did you manage to coax your husband to wear a costume?" Ririna shook her head."Nah, you know him. When he said he doesn't like it, he wouldn't do it. So I ended up playing with makeup with his handsome face instead." she said as she lead the couples inside the house. "You're evil," Rion commented."Of course, someone has to deal with the devil, eh?"---Rion looked over the guess dressed up in different costumes. He was sure that it will be along night even though the party had already started before he and Sara arrived. Everyone seemed to have their attention to the life-size maze that was set up on the backyard of the house. They could hear some kids screaming though Rion wondered if it was because they were scared or just having fun. Following Ririna, he saw her lead them to the bar where Eli was sipping his whiskey and talking to his younger brother Evan. Just like what Ririna said earlier Eli didn't dressed up like them and stick to his usual dark business suit but his face was ghostly pale with the use of makeup. There was even a reddish eye makeup around his eyes making him look like an executive in hell. Ririna whispered something to her husband and Eli nodded in response before acknowledging Rion and Sara's presence. "Uncle Rion!" Skyler's voice caught his attention and saw the little guy running towards him wearing his prince costume. It suited well on his cute and adorable face that made Sara fought the urge to pinch his chubby cheeks. "Join our game, please?" Skyler pulled his godfather away from their group. He gave a meaningful look to Sara to tell her to behave while he's gone. "Hey, what's up with a unicorn costume?" Sara asked Evan when Rion left with the birthday boy. Evan flushed in embarrassment from Sara's question. Really, she wasn't the first one who asked the same question that night but he couldn't find within himself, to tell the truth about it. As if sensing his despair, Ginny arrived with drinks. "Dear, you should know when to stop whenever your favorite nephew wants to make a bet with you," Ginny told her husband who was mumbling to himself. "Being beaten by a child on a bet? Truly pathetic." Eli pointed out as he coiled an arm around his wife's petite waist to pull her closer. Ririna let him do what he wants and leaned on his larger frame and place a hand on his shoulder. The appearance they made looked like a witch seducing her familiar demon at her will. "Oi. I only let him win because I don't want to see him cry." Evan defended himself. "Reasons. Reasons. My dear little brother." Ririna laughed. In reality, Evan was older than her but because she married his older brother, Evan was skeptical to acknowledge her with superiority. In a few more years, Eli will replace their father as the head of the Park family. Eli turned his attention back to his wife. "Still busy?" "Nope," she replied. "You have other plans?" Eli nodded and stood up from his seat, taking her hand with his as he leads him out the room. With Skyler staying and playing with Rion, he didn't have to worry from other distractions. This was the night he promised, he would let her meet someone. To be honest, he wasn't sure what Ririna's reaction would be. Will she blame him for taking so long to let her know the truth about her mother? Ririna followed her husband without a doubt. She knew that there was something on his mind and he was checking his watch every time he thinks she wasn't paying attention. She followed his light steps on the darkened hall that leads to the elevator. He punched the button for the b3 level and held her hand tighter. Something about the expression in his face made Ririna nervous and she didn't like it. She could feel that whatever that was waiting for her down there would drastically change her life. Her heartbeat sped up. She could practically hear it on the deafening silence around them. She will know the answers that were bugging her for years and she couldn't wait to know the truth. With their second child on its way, Ririna knew that she and Eli have to eliminate the dangers and beat their enemies before their new baby arrives.
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