Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 100

Chapter 100 The Death Of Fang Qiuhua Ii

Chapter 100: The Death of Fang Qiuhua (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Therefore,Longimmediatelyordered the Shadow Guardianstotake awayFangQiuhua, whohad beenseverelypoisoned.

AfterFangwastaken away,Longfinallyfeltit wasnt a dream.

XuYou didntfeelit wasreal, either. WellFangQiuhuahas been defeated?

Long couldnt help but smile bitterly. Mhmm…Hes been taken away bythe ShadowGuardians.

I didnt expectthat that woman is so capable, Xusaidunbelievably.

Long nodded with great approval. Right. Women can never be looked down upon.

FangQiuhuasecretly trainedso manysoldiersinFenghuang Mountain, but at last, hewas destroyed bya woman.It was reallyunbelievable. When Shi Qingzhou saw the Shadow Guardians take FangQiuhuato his house, he was also stunned.

Hewas stilldiscussingwithLong how toget rid of Fang last night.

But after a nights time,that man had beenbroughtin front ofhim.

Shi felt it was sounrealthat he doubted ifthatmanwasa fake.

Thinking of that, Shi ordered aShadow Guardian to touch FangQiuhuas faceand found that there was no mask. So, that man was real Fang Qiuhua.

TheShadow Guardians also brought theantidotetothe poison over.The poison was not someordinarypoison.

It wasextracted from a kind of strong liquor and couldntmeetblood. Onceit met blood, thetoxin wouldimmediately paralyzethe victimswhole body. No matter howpowerful he was,itwouldntwork.And if he used his power to fight against it, the toxin wouldtravelthroughhiswhole bodyfaster.

However, one of the biggest disadvantages of thispoisonwasthat it couldonly workwhen it metblood. Itwould beuselessif it wasput inthefood.

Itwasnot that easy for agreatmartial artisttobleed.

Most importantly, thispoisonwould be most effective if it had thetemperatureof human body,which meantthatthe user shouldputthe poisonin the palm ofhishandfirst, and then useittotouchhis opponents blood.In this way,his opponentwouldbe poisoned fasterandeven become unconscious immediately.

However,it was difficult even for a great master to make hisopponentbleed only by his hand. After all, the opponent wouldnt bea three-year-old child whocouldnt move andwasatanyonesdisposal.

Therefore, this kind of poisonwasrarely used by people in themartial arts world, because the success ratewas too low.

However, if itwas usedto poison a close friendthen the success ratewould bevery high.

Yet who would use such a poison to hurt his close friend?

In addition, what surprisedShi and the otherswasthatFangQiuhuaactuallytrustedZhouHuan.

It was true thatZhouwas hiswife,but he already had plannedto revoltand even broken his sons legs for that.Wouldhe still need tocare abouthis wife?

Generally speaking,afatherwould care more about hissonthan his wife, right?

It was true in anordinaryfamily. A man could have several wives, but only his eldest son was the most important and had the right to take over his position.

To be honest, althoughLongand Shiplanned to let Zhouhelp them, theyhadntexpectedthatshe would make itso quickly andwithout any trace!

Lookingat Fang with eyesopen wide, Shi felt it wasa little strange.

Maybe becausethings hadgone so smoothly,it was hard for him toacceptit.

However, no matter what, Fangwas alreadyin their hands.That was a fact!

Shiasked the Shadow Guardians tostripFangof hismartial arts, and thenasked them to feed himthe antidote.

Halfan hour later, FangQiuhuawoke up. You are theempress,ShiQingzhou?

Shi slightly raised hiseyebrows. Right.

Fang closed his eyes. Iwasdefeated by you.I accept it.

No,no. Shi shookhis head. FangQiuhua,you were notdefeated by us.We havent done anything yet. Youwere defeated by your wife.

Fangkeptsilentfor a moment,andthensuddenly said, Its okay.Ill take the punishment by myself. The emperorused to be fatuous, but nowhes becoming wiser and kinder.Im relievednow. I believethat you wonthurt my wife and my son.

Shi frowneda little, since hefeltthat Fangsreaction wasa little bitweird.

FangQiuhua, whoincitedyoutorebel?Shiaskeddirectly.

Fang smiledafter hearingthe words. What do you think?My Lady.

Shi didnt like Fang call himlady, but he had to accept it. He puckered his lips andsaid calmly,FangQiuhua, you have no way back now. Just tell me the truth.

Fang shook his head slightly and suddenly said,We just cant work together.My Lady, pleasehelp metell my wifethis. Its not that I dont want to, but thatIjustcantfrom theverybeginning. In this life,Ive done my duty for everyone,except my wife and my son.

Shiinstinctivelyfeltsomethingbadwould happen, but itwasstill late. Fang spitoutsomeblack blood and then fellto the ground with his eyes closed

Shi was shocked. Hadntthe toxinin his body already been detoxified?Why…

The Shadow Guardian immediately went to checkon himandthensaid in astonishment, Your Grace,therespoison in his mouth.

Shiwasa littlestunned.FangQiuhuastill planned to revoltearlier. Thoughhe wouldnt end up well if he failed,it was weird that hed putpoison in his mouthbefore he was found, wasnt it?

Generally speaking, people whowould putpoisonin their mouths in advance were all from death squad,right?

Death squad… Shi narrowed his eyes, as he suddenly thought of Fangs last words.

We just cant work together… Its not that I dont want to, but thatIjustcantfrom theverybeginning

What didFang mean bysaying that?

The Shadow Guardian glanced atFangs body and then said, Your Grace, as forZhou Hengliang…

Shi puckered his lips.Do it, right now.

Yes!The Shadow Guardiantookaction immediately.

Theimperial palace should not besocalmat this time,but somehow, itwas very peaceful.

In recent days, no moreministers went tolook for theemperor, soShi Qingshans daily dutywasto deal with political affairs.

Afterfinishinghandling thisdays affairs, Shi Qingshan called in a Shadow Guardian to inquire abouthowLong Xiaoyuan and ShiQingzhou were doing out there. The Shadow Guardian immediately reported the situation thereto him.

Afterhearing those words, Shi slightly frowned. Since those people already know that the emperor is outside theimperial palace should not be so peacefulI asked you to keep watch onthe movementsof the ministers. Is there anything suspicious?

TheShadowGuardian said in confusion,No.

Hearing this, Shi frownedmore deeply. A moment later, hesaid,Keep a close eye onthem,especiallythe several Wangyehs. Dontmiss anything.

Yes, I understand!

Okay, you can leave. Shi finally waved.

The Shadow Guardianleft.

Then,Shistrokedhis beardand felt that things were a little abnormal.The court… shouldnt have beensopeaceful

At such a time, shouldntthe courtbe the most chaoticplace?

Was it because…those people wantedtoget rid ofthe emperor first?