Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Almost Became A Vegetable I

Chapter 109: Almost Became A Vegetable (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Thesecondday, the third dayandthe fourth daypassed as if they werethe first day.

Assassins went to try their luck every night.

However, Longstilldidnt know anythingabout that.

Shiwas aware of that,so he hadnt been sleeping wellin the evening.

Luckily, they had nothing else to doin the carriage in the daytime,so Shi could get more sleep at that time.

In addition,Long cared for him a lotin the daytimeand Shi could really have a good rest then.

So, in recent days, Shi and Longhad gotused to sleepingin the daytime, although Longactuallysleptprettywell at night.

Inthe blinkof an eye, it was alreadythe fifth day. Because theydidnthurry on withtheirjourney,they were one day late than thescheduledtime.

Thatwasto say,they wereexpected to arrive at the imperial cityon this day, but now,it would still take them one more day!

After lunch,Long and Shididnthurry to start marching forward.

On the contrary,seeingthegoodsceneryalong the way,Longsuggested going for a walk.

Shi did not object. So,Long took Shis handand went to stroll around.

They walked along the beautiful lakeand thensat besidearock.

The Shadow Guardians hunteda deerand Longbarbecued by the lake.

Shi didnt do anything, just watching Long do it.

The ShadowGuardians wouldnt be there to disturb them andtheordinary soldierswerealsofar awayfrom them.

Long putsomeseasoning on the roast deer. Soon, thearoma spread all over the place.

Long deeply sniffed theroast meat,andthen turned to Shi with a smile. Does it smell good?

Shi nodded. Mhmm. I can tell from the smell that it must be delicious.

While laughing,Longtoredown thedeers leg and handed it to Shi. Try it.

Shitook itover with a smile.When he was just about to take a bite,something happened.

Theywere stayingby the lake,buta dozenassassins suddenly appearedfromthe calm surfaceof thelake!

The sharp blades of those killers allpointedto Long!

AlthoughShi was a greatmartial artist,he still panickedbecause he was unprepared atall.

Therefore, at the most dangerous moment, Shicouldonlyhold Longs hand andjump back.

Butit was still too late.

When those assassinscameout of the lake, theythrew out a lot ofhiddenweaponsimmediately.

Even though Shi pulled Long back quicklyandblockedsome oftheweaponswith the soft sword which was put by his waist earlier,twodartsstill shot Long in the arm.

Ouch. Long immediatelygroaned.

Shiwasshocked.Your Majesty!

Longs body was freezing soon.He felt that the arm that was shot was very painful. Besides, healso felt extremely cold.

Withthe chillrunningin his body, Longfelthehad becomeaman made of ice!

Theassassinswho rushed out of the lake failed to cause anotherroundof damage to Long.

TheShadow Guardians arrived first,followed by thetwo thousand soldiers.

Shididntcare about what would happen to those assassins at all, because he also felt freezing cold now.

Long looked very pale at the moment.

The miserable state of LongcausedShia great deal of heartache.

Your Majesty!Shicalled in a low voice.

Hearing Shis voice, Long wanted to saysomethingto make Shi not so worry.

However,he didnt have the strength to do it at all.

In the end, Long failed to do anything and lost consciousness.

When Longregainedconsciousness,he found that hewas already lying in the bedchamber of Qiankun Palace.Longwanted to turnsideways, but foundhe couldnt move at all!

Long was shocked. He tried to move his arm again.But,it seemed thattons ofironwason his armand he could not moveit, either!

Finally, Longtried to movehis mouth and wanted to speak, but hestill failed!

He couldnt evenopenhismouth! Didit mean that he hadbecome a vegetable?

Oh, no, vegetableswouldnt be able tothink!

Long wondered what was the matter with him.

When Long was worried a lot,he heard the footstepsoutside. Someone was coming!

Long wantedto turn his head to look, but only his eyes couldmove. Fortunately, hemanaged to see who was coming.

Then, Long saw the person he wanted to see most! ShiQingzhou!

Qingzhou!Longtried and finallycalledShis name.

However, theword wasntarticulateand Long even didnt know whether he was heard.

Shiapproached.When seeing Long open his eyes,Shi smiled insurprise.

Your Majesty! Youre awake!

Shiquickly ran to the bed.

Your Majesty, youre awake… Shis voicewas a littletrembling.

Long tried hardto look atShiand wantedto speak, but itseemed thathe really couldnt speak.

Long was a littleanxious, but he could only makesome hoarse soundlike ah, ah.

Seeing this, Shi hurriedly said,Dont worry,Your Majesty. Youwerepoisoned by a rare toxin andyour whole bodycant movenow. Itsbeenten days since thekillerstried toassassinateyouthat day.Luckily, you have woken up now.Dontbe so anxious.Doctor Zhang has figured out how to detoxify it,but some herbs are hard to find, even in the palace.Ive sent some peopletosearchfor theherbs. Some of them are on their way back andthe herbswill be sent to the palace in a few days. Dont worry.

Hearing Shisexplanation,Longfinally understood his current situation.

So, it could be seen from his eyes that he felt a little relieved.

Shi reachedout his handtotouch Longs eye. Hewas so careful that everyone saw that would be touched.

Long opened his mouth.Thought hestill couldnt speak, he wasnotasanxious as he was earlier.

Shi said softly, Your Majesty, youvewoken up. How about I get some porridgefor you?

Long blinked,meaning heapproved.

After a while, porridgewasdelivered thereand Shi carefully fed Long.

SinceLong couldnt move, healsodidntfeel much pain. So,he had a goodappetite.

Longhada bowl and a half of porridge before he stopped.

Afterhaving theporridge, Long found that his fingerscouldmove.

Long raised his fingersand Shi immediately grabbedthem.

What doyouwant to say, Your Majesty?Shi askedat once.

While asking,Shihad grasped Longs hand.SinceLong couldntspeak and hisfingers could move,hebegan to write on the palm of Shis handslowly.

Shi focusedonthat.

Long slowly wroteonhis palm.How are you?

At this moment, Shi felt thattearsgathered in his eyesand he almost choked with sobs.

He didnt expect that the firstthingLongasked after hewoke upwas about him.

This bigfool. Long was theinjuredone! Yet he was still caring about Shi!

What do youthink? Look at me.Do you think Im not alright?

Shistaredat Longwhile speaking and that stare was full of tenderness.

Longtried hard to curl his lips.

Shi said softly,Im fine, and dont worry about things in the court.

Hearing this, Long wrote on Shis palm.WhenIwasin a coma, the ministers must have caused a lot of trouble, right?