Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Almost Became A Vegetable Ii

Chapter 110: Almost Became A Vegetable (II)

Shi didnt think so. He said calmly, With my father there, what trouble can they make? Whats more, the right prime minister is in Quanzhou now. The left prime minister isnt that stupid and he knows its useless to do anything now. Do you think they can defeat Shi family? Its not that I look down on them, but they really dont have the ability!

Looking at the domineering empress of his, if Long could move, he might jump to cheer for him!

Though he couldnt move, Longs eyes brightened.

Shi smiled. So, dont worry about the things in the court.

Long finally felt relieved.

Shi sat on the edge of the bed. Let me give you a massage. The doctor says its good for your recovery.

Long blinked and Shi had begun to massage.

While enjoying Shis service, Long found that that was more than a simple massage!

Because with Shis movements, Long felt warmth was flowing in his body.

Long blinked and looked at Shi in confusion.

Seeing Longs reaction, Long explained, Im using my internal strength.

Long looked at Shi in surprise.

Shi smiled. Its better for your recovery.

Hearing that, Long blinked for several times. Then, he looked at Shi anxiously and his fingers also moved.

Seeing that, Shi had to stop and then he grasped Longs hand.

Long wrote on the palm of Shis hand, Its not good for your body. Dont do this.

Shi curved his lips a little. How can it be? Im just using a little bit of my internal strength.

Long frowned.

Shi bent down and kissed Longs lips.

Long was stunned. Shi seldom did this so actively and he was rarely so gentle.

Shi was really gentle just now! Long was absolutely certain.

Long felt very warm deep inside and fixed his eyes on Shis face.

His empress was still stunningly beautiful.

Shi said softly, Dont worry. Its really okay. Internal strength can be regained through practice. Besides, Im just helping you to recover. It wont cause any damage to me.

Long was still reluctant, so he wrote on the palm of Shis hand, There are Shadow Guardians.

Shi shook his head. Theres no need. I want to do it for you myself.

Long stared at Shi and Shi didnt look away. He also stared at Long.

In the end, it was Long who lost. He wrote on Shis palm. Okay, dont make it hard for yourself.

I know. Shi smiled.

Then, Shi continued to massage Longs body.

This time, Long didnt say anything but enjoy it.

About a quarter of an hour later, when Long felt warm all over his body, Shi finally stopped.

Then, Shi said, Do you feel good?

Long blinked, indicating that he felt good.

Shi pinched the palm of Longs hand. Youre not recovered yet. Take a rest.

Long just woke up and didnt want to sleep at all, so he wrote on the palm of Shis hand. I dont want to sleep.

Seeing that, Shi sat down and held Longs hand. Then lets talk, shall we?

Okay. Long wrote.

Shi smiled and said, Youve been in a coma for ten days. Let me tell you what happened during these days, okay?

Okay. Long wrote.

Then, Shi began to talk about what happened in the past ten days

Since the assassins appeared in the daytime and Long was poisoned by the strange toxin, they began to rush to the imperial palace.

After such a serious accident happened, they didnt have time to care about hiding their whereabouts.

After they arrived at the palace, almost everyone knew that the emperor was assassinated and seriously injured.

Then, all the imperial doctors stayed in Qiankun Palace to treat him day and night. After three days and three nights of treatment, they managed to control the poison in Longs body.

Then, Long fell into a coma.

That was such a good timing. Those ministers in the court naturally would take the opportunity to do something.

In fact, there were reports about the impeachment of Shi family every day, but they were all suppressed.

In addition, Shi Qingshan appeared in public. Over those days, many ministers had known that Shi Qingshan had come back and was helping the emperor deal with court affairs.

Though they knew that in heart, it was a different thing when Shi Qingshan spoke in public.

When Shi Qingshan was in the dark, the ministers could report anything they liked and it didnt matter. They could also play some dirty tricks.

Shi Qingshan couldnt do anything even if he found it, because he was not actually there.

However, things had changed when he appeared in public!

If someone did something inappropriate, he could punish that person in broad daylight!

Shi Qingshan had real power and thousands of soldiers were at his service. Since the emperor wasnt there, how could other people fight against him? If they dared, they would only lose their lives.

So, although those ministers would complain a little every day, they didnt go too far.

The concubines in the harem also went to Qiankun Palace every day, but they were all stopped outside the door. So far no one could enter.

Long listened to Shi with great interest. Although Shi said that very plainly, Long thought it was more interesting than some stories.

Especially when it came to the part that Shi Qingshan easily made those ministers speechless twice, Long felt what a joy that was!

Unfortunately, he didnt witness the exciting scene.

It was really a pity.

Longs eyes lit up. After finishing his words, Shi found that Long seemed to look better. He was a little worried.

You still dont want to rest?

Long wrote on the palm of Shis hand. No.

Shi sighed. All right. But you cant be too tired.

Long blinked, indicating he agreed.

After a while, one Shadow Guardian sent the medicine there. The reason why Shi didnt ask his servant to do it was because he was afraid that some great martial artist might do something to the medicine. If that happened, Shi would deeply regret it. So, the Shadow Guardians were responsible for decocting the medicine to ensure that there was no mistake on the way.

Looking at the black soup, Long suddenly felt pain all over his body.

Shi looked at Long and smiled.

Of course, Long had to drink up the bitter soup.

Luckily, Shi was with him. Shi fed him bit by bit, and Long didnt think it was that terrible.

After finishing a bowl of soup, Long frowned deeply.

Then, Shi threw a piece of candy into Longs mouth. Long blinked, feeling much better.

Shi chuckled. Feel any better?

Long blinked and responded, Mhmm. His voice was so low that it almost couldnt be heard.

Later, Shi curled his lips. Its time for the doctor to come and check on you.

Mhmm… Long still responded like that.

After they chat for a while, Zhang Yuan came.

After some diagnosis, Zhang said, His Majestys body is recovering. We can carry out the next phase of treatment after we get those herbs.

Shi nodded. Some of the herbs are on their way to the palace. They will arrive soon.

Good. Ill give His Majesty acupuncture treatment one more time. Maybe more parts will be able to move later, but I cant guarantee that for the moment.

Shi waved. Just do it.

Zhang began to prepare. Looking at Zhang take out the gold needles, Long felt a little scared.

But when the needles were really pushed into his skin, he didnt feel much pain.

On the contrary, he felt comfortable when the needles hit some acupoints in his body.

When the acupuncture finished, Long was already covered with sweat. So, Shi hurriedly wiped Longs body with a towel.

After Shi finished, it was already dark. Shi ordered others to bring dinner there. Long still had a good appetite and had two bowls of porridge.

He also ate two eggs.

You cant move now. Do you want me to give you a massage so that you can digest well?

Long shook his head.

No? Dont you feel bad? Shi was worried.

Long slowly wrote on Shis palm. No. Please stay with me tonight.

Seeing that, Shi smiled. Okay.

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