Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Assassination I

Chapter 117: Assassination (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

After testing the food with the special silver needle, Shi felt relieved and began to have dinner with Long.

After finishing the meal, Long rubbed his belly and thought of the worried look on Shis face that he saw before he fell into the coma last night, so he said, Qingzhou, you didnt sleep last night, did you?

Shi blinked and did not speak.

Looking at Shi, Long understood everything. He sighed. Were you dealing with state affairs earlier? Why didnt you go to have a rest?

Shi shook his head. Dont worry. I know how much I can handle. Its okay.

Long didnt agree with him and frowned.

Seeing that Long frowned, Shi hurriedly comforted him, Im really fine.

Dont say that. Long angrily took Shis hand and dragged him over to the bedroom. Knowing what Long wanted to do, Shi blinked.

When Long pulled Shi to the bed, he directly took off Shis clothes.

Shi really wanted to laugh, but he didnt move, allowing Long to take off his clothes.

Then, Long urged Shi to go to bed. Go to sleep! Hurry up!

Shis lips twitched. Long wouldnt care what Shi would say. He just wanted Shi to go to rest soon.

In the end, Shi accepted. Although he looked a little helpless, his eyes were full of tenderness.

Long didnt go to accompany Shi when Shi went to bed. When he was sure that Shi would really sleep, instead of deceiving him, Long went to the outer room.

When he got to the outer room, Long called a Shadow Guardian over and asked about the result of the interrogation of that maid.

The Shadow Guardian told Long that the maid had died and they didnt get any useful information from her.

Long frowned slightly. The maid died so unexpectedly. Long thought that the Shadow Guardians had the ability to get some information from her.

Besides, judging from her impulsive behavior earlier, Long thought that maid wasnt well trained. Otherwise, how could she try to hit others in front of Shi?

However, the maid had died after all.

Long didnt stuck on that problem for a long time. Since she had died, then just let her go.

Long waved the Shadow Guardian away and then called the imperial doctor Zhang Yuan over.

After asking about what happened last night in detail, Long asked about his physical condition. Knowing that he was totally fine, Long felt relieved.

Zhang gave a sachet to Long, saying that it was filled with special anti-poison powder and other types of medicine and that Long could take it with him. Long took it over.

After Zhang left, Long began to read the reports of the past few days since he was in a good state.

Hmm? Looking at the report about Shen Rou, Long frowned slightly.

It was a serious crime that an imperial concubine colluded with other people to try to murder the emperor. Currently, Lady Rou and all the members in Shen family had been put into prison. The report Long was reading exposed the collusion between Shen family and foreign enemies. That was treason and all their clan could be executed!

However, the report was presented by a third-ranking minister from the Ministry of Rites.

If Long remembered correctly, that minister was on very good terms with Minister Shen before. They were so close that they could even share the same pants!

But at present, this minister suddenly turned hostile to his old friend. Tsk

Did he do this just to protect himself?

Did he think that he could get away from this by doing so?

Tsk… Long read the report again from the beginning to the end.

Then, Long put the report away.

Long looked outside and found it was almost evening. Long couldnt believe that he had been staying there for almost half a day.

Long was a little surprised.

Thinking that it was already that late, Long felt a little hungry.

Then, Long got out of the study and went to the bedroom. Seeing that Shi was still sleeping, Longs lips slightly curled upwardly and he also felt sorry for Shi.

Long thought that his dear Qingzhou must have been exhausted. Otherwise, Shi wouldnt be still sleeping. However, Long didnt know whether he should wake Shi up at this moment.

After thinking about it, Long decided not to wake Shi up.

After another hour, Shi woke up and it was already dark outside.

Shi felt refreshed after sleeping for such a long time. Seeing no one in the bedroom, Shi went out.

When he came outside, Shi immediately saw Long, who was sitting at the window.

Then, Long turned around and saw Shi, too.

Qingzhou, youre awake? Long smiled and hurriedly walked to Shi.

Shi nodded. Yes. Its already night.

Yes, I was waiting for you to have dinner with me after you woke up, Long said with a smile.

Shi also smiled. Your Majesty, are you hungry? Then lets have dinner.

Long ordered the servants to bring the food, and soon, dinner was sent there. In fact, Shi was not very hungry, but he was very happy to see that Long had a good appetite.

After they finished dinner happily, Long said, Qingzhou, I read some reports earlier. Now all the Shen family members have been put in prison?

Yes. Shi nodded. Theyre all in jail.

Long sighed, How do you plan to deal with it, Qingzhou?

Hearing this, Shi turned his eyes to Long. Your Majesty, whats your opinion about this?

We know from Shen Rou that there must be something going on in Shen family. However, its hard to find the people behind the scenes from her family. Those people are very cautious.

Shi agreed with that. Then, he suddenly said, Its time to close the case about the First Wangyeh.

Hmm? Long raised his eyebrows slightly. What do you mean, Qingzhou?

If we cant find out anything, then we should just close the case, Shi said.

After thinking about it, Long said, Qingzhou, you want them torelax their vigilance, right?

Shi said calmly, You can say so, but most importantly, we cant find them now and theyre hiding so well. We even dont know how many forces are working against us. So, lets just give up on the surface. In this way, those people may think we are incompetent and make further moves.

Long didnt say anything. After a long time, he nodded. Its not a bad idea. Lets do it.

Shi smiled. Your Majesty, dont worry too much. But those people are very cunning. We should be more careful in the future.

Long sighed. Thats right. Now that the poison in my body has been removed, I also realized that we should be more careful later.

That was totally right. If Shi hadnt found it out in time, it was possible that Long would be in great danger at the moment!

Tsk. Thinking that, Long couldnt help but smile.

After dinner, the two of them began to stroll around the courtyard of Qiankun Palace hand in hand. They didnt go to other places to avoid getting into trouble.

Long said softly, Qingzhou, it seems that I havent seen you practicing swords for a long time…

Your Majesty, you want to see me practicing sword? Shi turned his head.

Long smiled, Yes, I havent seen that for a long time.

Shi smiled. Its simple. If you want to see it, Ill practice sword for you right now, okay?

When Long heard the words, happiness filled his eyes. Good.