Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Free Of Charge Ii

Chapter 122: Free of Charge (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Hearing the words, Longs lips twitched.

Of course, Long knew what Tianji Sect was doing and just because of that, he felt very awkward!

Tianji Sect was indeed an organization that sold intelligence, but he heard that people there were also very good at fortunetelling… Long did not believe in superstition, but in that novel, it was written that they excelled in fortune telling.

Because of that, coupled with the beauty of Wu Xiangyuan, the daughter of Tianji Sects leader, she and Shi finally ended up being together.

Wu Xiangyuan of Tianji Sect… In that novel, Shi liked her very much!

No! No! His dear empress mustnt meet that woman!

Thinking that he was about to face a powerful enemy, Longs whole body became tense, but Shi didnt notice that.

Shi just stepped forward and knocked on the door. Soon, a servant came to open the door.

Shi smiled at the servant. Clear water flows across the plain.

The servant was stunned. Then, he bent down respectfully. Please come inside, gentlemen.

Long was also stunned, because he didnt understand what Shi just said meant.

Two Shadow Guardians appeared in broad daylight and they just looked like Shis personal guards.

The four of them followed the servant and walked into the farm. Long finally knew why Shi said that all the people in the farm were ordinary farmers.

There was something special about this place. Long saw that there was a road to the west of the farm and there was a lot of farmland at the end of that road.

A lot of farmers were working there at present.

However, there was also another road on the east side. They were actually walking on this road and people here were all like Shi and Long.

Even though they were in ordinary peoples clothes, they didnt look like ordinary people at all.

Long didnt know much about the martial arts world, but he still found that some of those people were actually warriors.

So, Long gently pulled Shis clothes.

Qingzhou, these people…

Theyre here to buy intelligence, Shi said softly.

Long was surprised. There are so many people.

Shi nodded. Yes, Tianji Sect sells all kinds of information. Of course many people would come.

The imperial court is unaware of this? Long was very surprised.

Shi smiled. They dont sell information that is bad for the emperor. They are not stupid after all. No matter how strong they are, they will not be stronger than the emperors army.

Oh Long nodded. No wonder… Well, what you said just now was a secret password?

You can say so. Im here to find someone, and by those words, I just told the servant who Im looking for. Now hes taking us to meet that person.

Who are you looking for here? Long asked again.

Shi said softly, Zou Qingyuan, the guardian here.

The guardian… Long muttered. Zou Qingyuan But it seemed that there wasnt this name in that novel.

Long thought about it and found it was also reasonable, since the plots had almost been completely changed and it was no big deal if there wasnt a man called Zou Qingyuan in that novel.

There werent many words about Eastern Darkness or Northern Barbarians in that novel, either. Although they might have been mentioned once or twice, there wasnt much description about them. In that novel, the leading role was Shi and all the other people were insignificant. All his concubines in the harem just existed as some empty titles.

And even no specific figures were given to some of those titles.

It was not like now… Everything was so specific and real.

In addition, the people from the death squad were so powerful. Long still didnt know who the mastermind was in the dark and a lot of people were suspicious. What an emperor he was… If it werent for Shi and his father, it was highly possible that Long had already been overthrown a long time ago!

While Long was letting his mind wander, they had been led to a room by the servant.

Gentlemen, please wait here for a while. Ill go to invite the guardian.

Shi nodded very politely. Thank you.

After the servant left, Long couldnt help but said, Arent you being too polite to that servant?

Shi smiled. Even an ordinary servant in Tianji Sect is an expert in getting information. You think hes just a lowly servant now, but when he goes out to investigate for information, hell look totally different. There are no idlers in Tianji Sect. So, those servants may look very ordinary, but theyre actually very capable. Since we are here to get some information, we naturally need to be more careful, so as not to inadvertently offend anyone. Its alright if someone attack us openly, but if some people play dirty tricks in the dark, it would be impossible for us to defend effectively and it would also be annoying. Dont you think so?

Shis words did make sense. Long agreed with him and really admired Shi a lot.

The people in Tianji Sect were so powerful. Tsk. Tianji Sect was only mentioned briefly in that novel, but they were actually that powerful.

Long felt it was unbelievable and… the sense of crisis grew in his mind.

Even an ordinary servant in Tianji Sect was highly respected by Shi. Damn it! If Shi met Wu Xiangyuan later, wouldnt he…

No! Long decided that he would keep an eye on Shi all the time and not a single mistake would be allowed!

Thinking about this, Long began to watch Shi more closely.

Shi was aware that the man beside him seemed a little strange. When Shi was about to say something, a hearty laugh came from outside the door.

Then, a handsome young man came in with a smile.

That young man was about the same age as Shi and Long, but he looked very sophisticated and straightforward.

That young man was Zou Qingyuan.

When Shi saw Zou coming in, he stopped thinking about Long and went to greet Zou with a smile.

Qingyuan, long time no see. How have you been?

Zou laughed loudly. Its you, Qingzhou. I was wondering who was here. It turns out to be you. This is really a surprise to me.