Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Fang Shuoyangs True Identity I

Chapter 126: Fang Shuoyangs True Identity (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

The medicine given by the imperial doctors was very effective. After three days, Xu You could walk normally, but still couldnt run or jump.

Fang Shuoyang was also recovering and he could stand up and walk a little bit.

Most of the injuries on the back had been cured and his legs were getting much better. Although he wasnt so agile as before, at least there wouldnt be any sequelae.

Long and Shi didnt tell anyone that the jade pendant belonged to the royal family of Eastern Darkness.

Fang and Xu still didnt know that they had got the information about that jade pendant.

On this day, Long and Shi were dealing with state affairs in Qiankun Palace.

After working for a while, Long said, The time written in that letter is 24 years ago When we got the news that Fang Qiuhua broke his sons legs, we felt it was unbelievable. Even a vicious tiger wont hurt its cubs Now it seems that there must be some secrets about Fang Shuoyangs identity.

Shi kept silent for a moment. Then, he said, But its not possible that Fang Shuoyang is not Fang Qiuhuas son. Zhou Huan must know who her son is, right?

If the baby was swapped at birth, Zhou Huan wouldnt be able to find that.

The people we sent to the Tianyin post to investigate it havent got any news. Zhou Huan is on her way now.

Long pondered. Wed better watch Zhou Huan closely.

Mhmm. Shi nodded. Regardless of Fang Shuoyangs identity, his feelings for Zhou Huan are always real. In addition, Im afraid we can only get the most accurate information about his identity from Zhou Huan. When I was child, I asked my mother if she would mistake others for me. My mother said that all mothers had some special connection with their children. Whats more, if Fang Shuoyang is really not Fang Qiuhuas son, its impossible that Zhou Huan didnt find anything weird in the past two decades, right?

Mhmm. Long said softly, If theres no other way, we can only test their blood.

In ancient times, when two people needed to be tested whether they had blood relation, others would take some blood from the two peoples fingertips respectively. If their blood could be mixed in water, it meant they were related by blood. However, what Long said wasnt like this. It was a secret method.

This secret method was very common in the royal family.

After all, there were too many concubines in the harem. If there was any doubt about the identity of the new-born baby, they would test it with such a method.

After thinking about it, Shi said, Lets do it first.

Long paused for a second, and said, Is it Is it good to do it now?

Shi looked at Long. Your Majesty, are you afraid that Xu You will be hurt?

Long smiled bitterly. We didnt tell Xu You about it I do feel a little sorry for him.

Shi said softly, Xu You cant keep anything to himself. If we tell him, Fang Shuoyang will surely know it. If Fang Shuoyang is not Fang Qiuhuas son, but from the royal family of Eastern Darkness, then his identity We dont know Fang Shuoyang very well, so we must be cautious.

Alas. Long sighed and finally agreed. Well, lets wait until Zhou Huan comes and see if they are really related.

Just as they finished talking, Xu approached.

Xu came in and said directly, Elder brother, lets have dinner together today.

Long smiled and nodded. Okay.

The four people, Long, Shi, Xu and Fang, had dinner together in the courtyard of Qiankun Palace.

Xu wanted to drink liquor, but Fang tried to stop him. Xu insisted and asked Long to drink with him.

At last, Long said, Xu You has recovered. Lets drink a little as a celebration.

Since Long said so, Fang couldnt stop Xu any more. Then all of the four men began to drink liquor.

However, they were all very restrained.

Even Xu, who was the lightest drinker among them, didnt get drunk.

Long drank a little more, but he was just slightly drunk.

Fang drank the least because of his injuries.

Shi drank almost as much as Long, but Shi could hold his liquor, so he was still very sober.

Xu was not drunk, but he was in high spirits. He dragged Long and if he were in modern time, hed even want to go to karaoke.

Fortunately, Long stopped him and didnt allow him to say anything more.

In the end, Fang took Xu away. Although Qiankun Palace was not far away from their palace, Long must be extra cautious during such a special period of time, even in the imperial palace.

Long ordered the Shadow Guardians to escort them back.

Since Long had drunk some liquor, he was a little excited.

Qingzhou… After entering the bedroom, Long kept holding Shis hand.

Hmm? Shi was very calm and sober, but his cheeks turned a little red because of drinking.

Long giggled, and then he held Shis hand and went towards the bathroom with hot spring at the back.

Long and Shi seldom had sex at that place, because Long was afraid that his empress would feel uncomfortable because of the limited postures.

But this evening, Long really wanted to do it there.

When they arrived at the bathroom and Long began to take off Shis clothes, Shi knew what Long wanted to do. He smiled and didnt refuse.

Seeing that Shi had agreed, Long got more excited He took Shis hand and went towards the hot spring

They took off their clothes and walked into the warm water.

Embracing each other, they fully enjoyed the intimate time This night, Long had a wonderful time with his dear empress.

From the bathroom to the bed, they didnt stop until the middle of the night.