Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Why Did You Come Here? I

Chapter 130: Why Did You Come Here? (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Long and Shi arrived at the branch of Tianji Sect.

The man who opened the door was still the servant last time. When he saw it was Long and Shi, he directly led them in and said, Distinguished guests, the guardian has been waiting for you for a long time.

Long and Shi followed him into the building.

However, before they got to Zou Qingyuans room a woman appeared.

Seeing that the woman was approaching, Long frowned.

Mistress. The servant greeted Wu Xiangyuan.

Wu nodded and her eyes were fixed on Shi.

Longs face darkened. Then, he simpered and stood in front of Wu. Miss, whats the matter?

The servant also found that Wu Xiangyuan was a little strange, so he looked at her with doubt.

Wu smiled. Let me take you to the guardian.

Dont bother, miss, Long immediately refused, This young man can lead us there.

Wu looked at Shi and gently bit her lower lip. Then, she suddenly said, Brother Shi, dont you remember me?

Long knitted his brows.

Shi was slightly stunned. Brother Shi? This appellation reminded him of something

Long also looked at Shi.

Shi said calmly, Miss, you must be mistaken.

Hearing Shis words, Wu paled.

That servant opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but then, he closed it again.

Long took Shis hand and said to the servant, Lets go.

The servant looked at Wu, but Wu didnt say anything. So, he said with a smile, Please come with me.

Long and Shi followed the young man to Zou Qingyuans place.

This time, Wu did not follow them.

Long looked at Shi and found that Shi was very calm. Longs eyes narrowed.

However, it was not an appropriate place for them to talk, so Long did not ask anything.

Shi and Long went to the wing room where they went last time and Zou had been waiting there.

Long and Shi walked into the room together.

Zou didnt know what happened just now and greeted Shi smilingly.

Compared with the last time, Shi did not look so happy. It seemed that he was in a bad mood.

After Zou asked about it, Shi sighed.

Qingyuan, do you know Liu family?

Zou immediately understood what Shi was talking about.

Qingzhou, you already know what happened to them?

Shi nodded, I didnt know it earlier. After I came out, I found things were strange on the street, so I asked someone to check it. Then, I knew what happened Liu family has always had a good reputation in the imperial city. Why did such a thing happen to them?

After thinking for a moment, Zou said, Qingzhou, since you asked, Ill tell you something suspicious.

Oh? Shi immediately said, Qingyuan, please tell me.

Some mysterious people often went to Liu familys mansion late at night over the past few days. Its possible that Liu family knew that earlier and those men may be just their business partners. But why did someone suddenly kill all the members in their family? It is still unknown.

Business partners? Shi looked a little cold.

Zou said, Who would that be if they werent their business partners?

Shi did not say anything.

Long sighed. Qingyuan, do you know anything else?

Zou shook his head. Tianji Sect doesnt pay much attention to Liu family. I know some people entered Liu familys mansion in the middle of the night just because they were all great martial artists.

Great martial artists… Shi slowly looked down. Every person in Liu family was killed at one stroke and the blade was right there in their chest. The position was the same.

Yes, to be honest, I went there after that happened and saw the wounds on those bodies. The murderer is very skillful. He must be a first-class swordsman, Zou said.

Long and Shi looked at each other.

Shi said, That must be a first-class swordsman. Although most of the people in Liu family were not good at martial arts, if the killer didnt excel in swordplay or his sword was not sharp enough, there wouldnt be such wounds. As for who can make such wounds I think Tianji Sect have a list of those people, right?

After a pause, Zou nodded. Yes.

Shi smiled. Since you have, can you give me that list now?

Hearing the words, Zou smiled bitterly. Qingzhou, it doesnt conform to the rules of Tianji Sect.

Rules are fixed, but we can deal with things flexibly, Long said calmly.

Zou got a little nervous. Okay, please wait a moment. Ill go to get it.

After Zou left, Long asked, Do you think there will be some problem about the list?

As long as he is willing to give it to us, there will be no problem, Shi said firmly.

Long nodded. Thatll be good.

Shi nodded and said softly, Since youve ordered it, he dared not to refuse.

Long said, A wise man should not refuse. Were in the imperial city after all.

Shi nodded in agreement.

Moreover, since Long and Shi went there and Tianji Sect had accepted their entrustment, the two parties had been connected to each other to some extent.

Most importantly, it was the emperor who was ruling the whole land. No matter what the emperors request was, Tianji Sect should not reject.

Zou didnt leave for a long time. He came back about a quarter of an hour later with a list in his hand.

Shi did not open it immediately. Instead, he took the list and told Zou their purpose of this trip.

Youve got some more information about Eastern Darkness, havent you?

Zou nodded. Yes, Qingzhou, look at this.

Zou took out a bamboo slip. Shi took it over and frowned after reading it.

After a while, Shi handed the bamboo slip to Long.

After Long read it, he handed it back to Shi.

We know part of the information, Long said.

Zou did not speak, but turned to look at Shi.

Shi smiled and said, He means that we can get the superficial information by ourselves, and what we really need is something deep.

Zou smiled bitterly. I know what you mean, but Qingzhou, you know that Tianji Sect doesnt have much connection with Eastern Darkness.

Shi slowly shook his head and smiled. Qingyuan, youre being too modest.

Long also said, Qingzhou is right. Youre being too modest.