Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Truth Will Come Out Sooner Or Later Ii

Chapter 133: Truth Will Come out Sooner or Later (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

I noticed that that woman seemed to be in deep love with you Its just because you spent two days together when you were kids? At that time, she was at most eight or nine years old, wasnt she?

Yes, she was only eight, Shi said.

Longs lips twitched. What kind of girl was that? She was so precocious. Just because she stayed with you for two days as a kid, she fell in love with you and still keeps you in mind by now?

Shi blinked. I dont know.

In fact, Shi hid something from Long.

When the little girls parents went to the mountain to pick her up, the girls mother found that she and Shis mother were like old friends from the start, so they wanted to make an engagement for the two little kids However, Shis father was not present back then and engagement needed the consent of both parents, so they didnt make it. Their parents said that they could get married if destiny brought them together in future.

Shi had long forgotten about this and it just occurred to him when they talked about Wu Xiangyuan. Given Longs reaction to the whole thing, Shi definitely wouldnt tell him this part.

Long got jealous when he learned that Wu and Shi had known each other when they were kids. If he knew that they were almost engaged, wouldnt he be more jealous? No way. He certainly couldnt know this!

Long didnt know that his empress was keeping something from him and he was still thinking about the precocity of ancient women.

Since this problem had been solved, Long was in a much better mood. He held Shis hand and turned around to face the stone table. Then, he made Shi sit on his laps.

Later, Long buried his face in Shis neck.

Qingzhou am I being too jealous? Long asked the question nervously.

In modern times, no one would like such a suspicious and jealous man, right?

Long hadnt planned to tell Shi that. Anyways, he would be totally fine after being sulky for a while.

However, his empress asked him, so he just said it Then, he regretted it. He was afraid that his empress would be angry and would feel that he didnt trust him enough. So he couldnt help but feel a little uneasy.

Knowing that Long was a little nervous, Shi smiled. Oh really? So you also know that…

Long curled his lips. He buried his face deep in Shis neck and sighed.

Shi was very happy to see Long behaving like this, but he still said, You should trust me more.

Mhmm. Long nodded at once.

Shi continued, Besides, dont always get me wronged.

Long felt very sorry. Yes, its all my fault.

The smile on Shis face became bigger, but Long didnt see it.

Alright, Ill forgive you this time, but this cant happen again.

Mhmm. Long nodded.

Shi tried to stop smiling and said seriously, Alright. Are you hungry now?

Long looked at the sky and nodded. Yes.

Well, lets have dinner.

Okay. Long nodded at once.

After dinner, Xu You went to them unsurprisingly.

Elder brother, what did Fang Shuoyang say to you? Xu asked directly.

Long looked at him and said, Come with me.

Long took Xu to the inner hall. Didnt he tell you?

Xu shook his head. No, he didnt. He just said he would go on a long journey after coming back from your place.

Long sighed. Hes going to Eastern Darkness.

What? Why go there? Xu was particularly surprised.

Long looked at Xu and smiled bitterly. You must have guessed it, right?

Xu fell silent.

Long said softly, He is not a fool, so he must have guessed who he really is. Since he proposed to go to Eastern Darkness to find out about it, I cant refuse no matter what, can I?

Xu did not speak.

Whats more, Xu You, I think you can see that its not peaceful here at all. Its not safe for Fang Shuoyang to stay here. On the contrary, he may be safer if hes in Eastern Darkness.

Xus eyes became a little red. Elder brother I know youre under a lot of pressure Ill go with him!

It seemed that Long had already guessed this result. Looking at Xu, he said, Are you sure?

Xu nodded firmly. Of course Im sure. Ill be worried if he goes so far alone. Regardless of life and death, Ill be with him.

Long couldnt help rubbing Xus forehead.

Dont worry. You will not be the only two people who go there. I will send a lot of guards to go with you. Everything will be fine.

Xu blinked. Elder brother Our purpose is not just to find out Fang Shuoyangs true identity, right? What else should we do?

You want to know? Long looked at Xu. Those things can be done by Fang Shuoyang alone. You dont have to know.

No. Xu shook his head. I want to know. Elder brother, I dont like to be kept in the dark. I dont like that feeling.

In that case Okay, Ill tell you everything…

Fang had been waiting for Xu. When Xu came back, Fang hurriedly went to him. Where have you been?

Xu pursed his lips slightly. Ive gone to see my elder brother.

After a pause, Fang said nervously, Why did you go there?

Xu looked at Fang. What do you think?

Fang sighed. Xu You, you…

I know what youre going to do, and I told elder brother that I would go with you. Xu interrupted.

What? Fang was shocked by the words. You told him this?

Xu said, Mhmm. Looking at Fang, Xu said calmly, What? Are you surprised?

Fang put his hands on Xus shoulders. Dont come with me. Isnt it good to stay here? Youll be safe here and Ill come back after I finish my business. I…

Fang Shuoyang! Xu interrupted him loudly. Are you deceiving me or yourself?

Fang was stunned.

Itll be so dangerous. Can you guarantee that you will come back alive? You cant! How can I rest assured and just stay here to wait for you? Are you not afraid that Ill find another partner if you dont come back?

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