Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Truth Will Come Out Sooner Or Later Iii

Chapter 134: Truth Will Come out Sooner or Later (III)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Xu roared angrily, and then he slapped Fang hard.

Fang took a step backward.

Xu stared at Fang angrily. You choose. I go with you or you go there alone. If you want to go there alone, Ill ask someone else to come with me!

You… Fang was shivering with anger.

Xu didnt seem to be joking at all.

He looked at Fang very seriously.

Finally, Fang sighed helplessly. Alright, you win. Lets go together.

Xu blinked. Are you willing?

Fang sighed. What else could he do?

Fang said, Sure, Im always willing to be with you.

Humph. Xu snorted and looked a little happier.

Later, Fang took Xus hand with a wry smile. You can come with me, but you cant run around or act randomly, understand?

Do you think Im a weak woman with no strength at all? Xu rolled his eyes. Im good at martial arts, okay? And you also know I can run very fast. So I can easily escape when Im in danger. Dont you think so?

Fangs lips twitched. Im just afraid that youre over-confident.

You… Xu got angry and stared at Fang.

Fang immediately said, Okay, okay, Ill stop, but you must promise me that you wont act without permission.

Enough, my elder brother has already told me. You are such a nag. I am not a child anymore!

Fang could only smile bitterly in his heart. Yes, you are no longer a child, but I need to worry more just because you are not a child. If only you were a child!

However, Fang did not dare to say this out loud. If he did, Xu definitely wouldnt spare him!

Therefore, Fang said nothing and led Xu into the palace.

At night, Long and Shi were lying on the bed, talking about Fang and Xu.

Then, they gradually began to talk about the case of the Liu family and Long suddenly came up with an idea, that was

Qingzhou, I thought of something.

Whats that? Shi was confused.

Long sat up from the bed quickly. Hint from the master of the Liu family.

Hmm? Whats the hint? Shi immediately asked.

I want to go to the secret room where they found the sulfur powder, Long said.

After thinking for a second, Shi also sat up. We need to make some preparation.

Long nodded. Mhmm.

After Shi put on his clothes, he asked the Shadow Guardians to go to arrange something first. About a quarter of an hour later, Long and Shi left Qiankun Palace.

It was a little cold at night, but Long didnt feel cold at all. Since they were a little anxious, the two of them rushed to Liu familys mansion.

However… before they entered the mansion, a fire had started there.

Damn it. Long was shocked.

Shi was also surprised to see it on fire. The fire is not big. Ill go in and have a check.

No way! Long grabbed him at once. Lets go!

There was sulfur powder It might explode!

There was definitely much more sulfur powder in the mansion!

Long didnt have time to explain so much to Shi. He only shouted, Everyone out!

Then he began to run.

Shi also seemed to have understood something.

So, he also ran with Long quickly.

When they were about 200 meters away from the mansion Boom! It exploded.

Since Shi was protecting Long and they ran away a little further at the last moment, the explosion did not hurt them at all.

Long looked at the burning mansion and even his heart began to tremble.

So it is true It is true… Long murmured.

Shi looked at Long. Your Majesty, youve guessed that there was a lot of sulfur buried under their mansion, right?

Long smiled bitterly. Its not hard to guess, is it? Only a little sulfur power was found at a very secret place earlier. If there was just so little sulfur in this mansion, it wouldnt be taken seriously by the master of the Liu family. The only possibility is that there is a lot of sulfur here. However, the guards have searched the whole place and still didnt find any more. Therefore, the only answer is that its kept underground. Since Liu familys mansion here, its impossible to turn it upside down. Someone must be watching us in the dark. He is very smart and he knew that we came out of the palace and went straight to the Liu family. Why did we go to the Liu family? He knew the reason was that we mustve thought of the secret about the sulfur powder. He knew that apart from the sulfur power, we still suspected that there were other secrets in the rooms of this mansion, but we hadnt found them. That person was afraid that we might find out those secrets, so he burned the sulfur and set the place on fire. Therefore, the fire started just when we were about to enter the mansion…

Shi listened to Longs speculation carefully. After a long time, he breathed out a long breath.

If thats the case there must be someone watching us in the dark.

Long nodded and didnt look very good. Shi looked at him and said softly, What do you think are the secrets in the rooms there?

I have no idea. Im afraid we can only go in and have a check when the fire is out.

Shi fell silent.

Long didnt stay where he was. Officers and soldiers will be here soon. Lets not stay here to cause more trouble. As for the secret rooms in this mansion since someone arrived ahead of us, we have no idea if the secrets are still there…

Shi nodded. Lets go back now. Ill send someone to tell Hu Qingyuan to pay more attention to those rooms, no matter whether the secrets have been taken away or not.

I trust Hu Qingyuan. He has been staying there to deal with the homicide case, but he still didnt find anything else Qingzhou, forget it. I doubt we can find anything even without this fire and explosion tonight.

Dont be discouraged. Since those people want to use Liu family for some purpose, truth will come out sooner or later, Shi said firmly.

Long finally nodded. Mhmm…

Then, Shi held Longs hand. Lets go.

Long took a deep breath. Looking at the place where the fire was burning, he nodded. Okay, lets go…

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