Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Baby

Chapter 135: Baby

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

That night, Long and Shi went back to the palace. They lay on the soft bed, but neither of them fell asleep.

In fact, Long got out of bed and left the palace in the middle of the night because he also thought of something else apart from the secrets hidden in those rooms, for example, the function of sulfur powder.

If Liu family were forced to cooperate with others, then their master would definitely leave something in the secret room.

He would use that thing to hint at the identity of those people, or the function of sulfur powder, or what they wanted him to do!

In a word, Liu family would definitely leave some clues!

One thought led to another, then Long thought of some other functions of sulfur and explosives.

For example, if several places in the imperial city exploded at the same time when the troops of Eastern Darkness besieged the city

Long was wondering whether the sulfur powder would be used in that way.

If that was the case, did Liu family already know what those people wanted to do and if other places also had sulfur underground?

If many places in the imperial city had been infiltrated

Then, Liu familys mansion wouldnt be the only place that kept sulfur!

This was what Long was thinking about

If some evil people had put something under the mansions of the officials in the imperial court, the officials must have consented to it and decided to collude with them.

What about others? Some ordinary people wouldnt care so much about it.

They would agree immediately if they were paid. The evil people could buy a lot of houses in the imperial city

Anyway, it seemed to be a rather simple thing to bury explosives under the ground!

Thinking of that made Longs hair stand on end. So, he couldnt fall asleep and stayed up all night.

However, in order not to affect Shi, he still pretended to be asleep. At least, his eyes were closed all the time, but what he didnt know was that Shi did not sleep, either.

Long didnt sleep at night, so he wasnt energetic in the morning the next day. For fear of disturbing Shi, Long got up in a careful manner.

Then, he went directly to the outer hall and called over two Shadow Guardians.

Go check the empty houses and the houses that have been sold or bought in the imperial city in detail. See if there is sulfur powder under those houses besides the Lius.

The Shadow Guardians left with the task. Long knew that the workload was heavy and it was not easy to find out what was buried underground

However, he had to give that order.

After the Shadow Guardians left, Long began to think about other ways to speed up the investigation.

With this question in his head, Long left for the morning meeting.

After Long left, Shi got up quickly.

Shi washed up and then sent for some men who were working for him in the dark. After giving some instructions, he looked at the time and found that the morning meeting would be finished soon. So, Shi came out of the secret room under his bedroom

Just when Shi got to the outer hall, Long came back.

Youre back. Shi went to greet him. Though Shi also stayed up all night, he didnt look sleepy or tired at all.

Mhmm. Long went over. He was a little tired and yawned.

Shi didnt know that Long didnt sleep all night, so he asked, Whats the matter? You didnt sleep well?

Mhmm. Long responded sleepily. I didnt sleep well…

Shi frowned slightly. Why? What was bothering you?

Long sighed. Nothing else. Its just about those things.

Shi frowned. What did you figure out?

No, Im waiting for you to enlighten me, Long said with a smile.

Shi rolled his eyes and then held Longs arm. Okay, lets come inside first.

Shi pulled Long inside. When they sat at the table and were about to talk, Xu You and Fang Shuoyang came together.

They went there to say goodbye.

Long and Shi stood up. Xu came to Long and grinned at Shi, saying, Elder Brother Shi, Im leaving, so I want to hug my elder brother. Dont be jealous.

Before Shi responded, Xu had held Long in his arms.

Long was also a little sad, so he wrapped his arms around Xu.

Elder brother, Xu said sulkily, In fact, sometimes I really want to go back But think about it. Life here also seems to be good. Elder brother, what do you think?

Long knew where Xu wanted to go back.

Not Tianyin post, but the modern times.

If someone told him that he could go back at the very beginning, Long definitely would be very happy.

However, currently, just as Xu said

It seemed that the life here wasnt that bad.

Most importantly, his beloved person was here. How would he have the heart to go back?

At present, even if someone asked him to go back, he would be reluctant to leave

Mhmm. So do I, Long finally said.

Hearing the words, Xu laughed happily.

Longs slips curled upwardly. Be careful on the way. Well be waiting for you to come back.

Fang Shuoyang took a deep breath. Thank you, Your Majesty.

Long waved. You are welcome. Xu You is like my younger brother, so are you.

Fang smiled and said nothing more.

Elder Brother Shi. Xu held Shis sleeves.

Hmm? Shi responded and looked at him.

Elder Brother Shi, you and my elder brother must be safe. You must take good care of yourselves.

Shi raised his eyebrows and felt a little touched. So, he nodded. Yes, well be fine. Take good care of yourself, too.

Yes, dont worry, Elder Brother Shi, well take extra care!

Thinking the dangerous situation Xu and Fang might be in, Long felt a little sad.

Shi said, Now that youre leaving, Ill prepare some more things for you and sent more guards to go with you.

Okay. Xu nodded. Thank you, Elder Brother Shi.

Shi shook his head, telling him not to mention it.

Long did not go to arrange the guards.

Since Shi was dealing with that, Long could use the time to do something else

Some memorials had been sent there. At ordinary times, Long would read them after breakfast, but he wanted to eat with Shi and he was not hungry at the moment, so he thought he would just wait a little while.

So, Long went to deal with the memorials first.

Shi came back about two hours later. Seeing that Shi looked a little tired, Long hurried to meet him. Its done?

Shi nodded. Yes, its done.

Long nodded. Are you hungry? Ill ask them to bring the food.

Okay. Shi sat down to have a rest.

The breakfast was delivered soon and Long and Shi were both hungry. Although they ate slowly, they did eat a lot.

At last, both of them felt they were stuffed. Looking at each other, they laughed at the same time.

Though Long stayed up all night and was a little tired, he was not very sleepy, so after breakfast, he went to the study to deal with the memorials as usual.

Shi naturally went there with Long.

They spent a whole morning in the study and Long almost passed out at last.

So Shi went to massage Longs shoulders.

While enjoying the service, Long was also worried that Shi might be too tired. He couldnt help saying, Alright. Im not tired now. You can have a rest.

Shi smiled. Are you really not tired? Take a nap in the afternoon.

Okay, but you have to be with me.

Okay. Shi agreed gently.

After lunch, the two of them took a walk in the courtyard of Qiankun Palace before going to rest.

In the afternoon, both Long and Shi slept well.

It was almost evening when they woke up.

As soon as they woke up, they heard the baby calling dada.

The one-year-old kid still couldnt speak any difficult words. He was babbling there and just learned to say dada. The ancient people didnt know what that meant, but Long knew that!

Hearing that, Long burst into joy.

However, Shi didnt really understand what that meant and why Long was so excited.

Long laughed as soon as he heard the boys voice.

Shi also laughed.

They put on their coats and then went out. The kid was very happy to see Long and Shi, so he stretched out his hands in their direction.

Long went over and held the kid in his arms. Baby, did you miss daddy?

Guess what the little guys response was? He gave Long a big kiss on the cheek!

Long grinned from ear to ear. Such a good boy.

Shi couldnt help smiling.

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