Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Motionless I

Chapter 145: Motionless (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

When Shi came out of the palace, it just got dark.

After thinking about it, Shi didnt go to Zhou Huans place. Instead, he planned to talk with Zou Qingyuan first.

However, when Shi got to Tianji Sect, he found that Zou looked very distressed. Shi was a little surprised. Whats wrong with you, Qingyuan?

Zou smiled bitterly. He looked at Shi and opened his mouth. It seemed that he was thinking about whether to tell Shi or how to tell Shi.

In the end, Zou didnt say anything and let out a long sigh.

Seeing this, Shi couldnt help but raise his eyebrows. Whats the matter?

Zou took a deep breath and looked at Shi as if he had made up his mind. Qingzhou, you mustve heard about the case of the blood-sucking demon in the imperial city, right?

It happened yesterday. Of course I know, Shi said. Then, he looked at Zou with narrowed eyes.

Its not strange that you already know about this case. Im well aware what Tianji Sect is capable of. But Qingyuan, why do you look like this? Is it because you know some inside information about this case?

Shi had a keen mind. When Zou mentioned that case, Shi was sure that Zou must know something.

Hearing those words, Zou smiled bitterly again.

Well… if you think thats some inside information.

Huh? What do you mean? Shi didnt understand him.

When Shi felt confused, Zou stopped smiling and said, Last night, something strange also happened here.

What happened? Shi immediately asked.

Zou looked outside and then perceived the surrounding area with his internal strength. Then, he said slowly, Last night, less than half an hour after that case happened, something also happened at our place.

Whats that? Shi felt that it was unusual and hurriedly asked.

Zou took a deep breath. Two cows in our village were sucked dry.

Shi was stunned. Cows?

Yes, cows. Zou smiled bitterly. Maybe I should feel happy that it happened to cows, not humans. However, those who kill cows without reporting to the government in advance should also bear legal responsibility. You should know that the slaughter of each cow needs to be reported to the government.

After a pause, Shi said, Have you gone to the government?

Zou shook his head. No.

The death of two cows was not a big deal, so Shi didnt take it seriously.

Looking at Zou, Shi said, Qingyuan, the death of cows is no big deal. You wont be punished severely for this. However, given your expression, I wonder if theres something special about the two cows.

Qingzhou, Ill just be honest with you. Last night, the blood of the two cows was sucked. I didnt sleep and happened to stay in the yard at that time. After I heard the sound, I went there and found the cows had been sucked dry. However, I didnt find any suspicious people around. No, the fact is there was no one around at all. And those two cows, after being sucked dry, even stood up and then rushed to me. If it wasnt for my good martial arts, Im afraid Id have been dead already.

Shi was stunned and looked very serious. What? The cows had been sucked dry, but they were not dead?

Yes, not only did they not die, but they suddenly became very powerful and wanted to kill me. Then, I tried my best and killed those two mad cows with my sword.

Shi fell silent.

Zou continued, Not long after I killed the cows, I received the news that the blood-sucking demon killed a man. Somehow, I wanted to see how that man was killed. So I went to the government secretly that night. Before the emperor ordered the Ministry of Punishment to deal with the case and the body was still in the local government, I sneaked into that place and found the situation of that man was just like the two cows!

Shis eyes narrowed.

Zou smiled bitterly. But only half an hour after that demon killed that man, the two cows in my village were sucked dry. How did that man get to my place in such a short time? Even if he can run very fast, even if he can run twice faster than we do, he could just get to my village in half an hour. But he even sucked two cows blood in a special way I think, Qingzhou, its really so strange!

Shi didnt say anything at the moment. He slightly puckered his lips and then said, Where are the bodies of the two cows?

I didnt allow anyone to touch them and theyre still in the backyard. Qingzhou, even if you didnt come here today, Ill go to meet you.

Shi slightly frowned. Why didnt you send someone to tell me this in the daytime?

I was hesitant. Zou confessed with a wry smile. This matter I dont know if it will get Tianji Sect involved or what the murderer really wants to do However, Ive thought it through. Tianji Sect wont take the blame for others. Even if the murderer is targeting Tianji Sect, we wont be afraid of him.

Have you talked with your leader about this? Shi asked.

I asked someone to send a message to him late last night after the incident happened, but hes in the south and it will take two days to receive the message. Miss Wu is here and I already told her.

After a pause, Shi said, How many people here have known about the cows?

Many people know that the cows have died, but they dont know that the cows went mad before that. Some of them know that the cows blood was sucked, but by now, only Miss Wu and I know the cows suffered the same as that night watchman. I also wrote this in the letter to the leader.

Shi didnt say anything about whether he believed Zous words or not. He just asked Zou to lead him to the two cows.

The cows were locked in the shed in the backyard. After taking a look, Shi asked the Shadow Guardians to have a check.

Although the cows had been sucked dry, their bodies were still very big. The only thing that made Shi feel strange was that they should have died after losing all the blood. Why did they suddenly become so powerful and aggressive at that time?

How powerful would they be that Zou was almost killed?

Shi was on a par with Zou in terms of martial arts. Shi thought that if he was put in that situation, he would also be in great danger

Shis purpose there was to ask if Tianji Sect had any information about the blood-sucking demon in the imperial city, but he didnt expect that Tianji Sect itself would encounter such a problem

However, why didnt humans die, but two cows?

Was there any special reason?

Shi frowned, but didnt say anything at last. When Shi was about to leave, he said, Ill ask Hu Qingyuan, the Minister of Punishment, to bring some people here for investigation. Please cooperate with him, but dont let too many people know about this.

Zou nodded. I understand.

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