Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Motionless Ii

Chapter 146: Motionless (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Shi left with the Shadow Guardians, feeling that what happened in Tianji Sect was quite strange. After going out, he stood still and thought for a while. Then, he rushed to Zhou Huans place.

Zhou had woken up. In the morning, she seemed to be more conscious, but her condition was unstable.

She still couldnt speak, only making sounds as ah, ah. She looked at others anxiously, but no one could understand what she meant.

The imperial doctor Zhang Yuan brought a pen and paper for her to write.

Zhou couldnt move much or grasp the pen, so Zhang asked her to write directly with her finger, but she still failed.

Zhou seemed to be anxious and wanted to say something.

In the morning, Zhang asked the servants to decoct the herbs. After taking the medicine, Zhou began to feel very sleepy. Zhang thought it was strange because there was nothing soporific in the medicine. Why did she become so drowsy after taking that? Zhang doubted whether it had been drugged by others. Fortunately, there was still some medicine left, so he immediately tested it.

But the result was there was nothing wrong with it.

Zhang was very puzzled about that. Zhou kept sleeping in the afternoon and didnt wake up until an hour before Shi went there.

However, Zhou seemed stranger than before. She was very anxious earlier, but at present

It seemed that she was dead. Her eyes were dull. And her face was expressionless.

Zhang and the servants tried to talk to her for several times, but she didnt respond at all.

Zhang felt her pulse, but couldnt find out what was wrong, which made Zhang so anxious that he even almost pulled his hair.

After Shi arrived, Zhang immediately reported the situation there to him, including the blood-sucking demon the previous night.

After hearing that, Shi frowned. Ill go to take a look.

Shi, Zhang and the Shadow Guardians entered Zhous room, but neither the servants went in.

Looking at Zhou who was lying there, Shi frowned again. Any normal person could see that Zhou was not in a good state. Ms. Zhou, do you still know me? Shi asked.

Zhou didnt speak. It seemed that she had seen Shi coming in, but her eyes didnt move at all. There were Shis reflections in her pupils, but she had no reaction.

Shi looked at Zhang. Is there any problem with her pulse?

Apart from the injuries, there is no other problem. Im not good at dealing with brain diseases, so I dont know if its caused by the injury in the back of her head… While saying that, Zhang suddenly thought of a person. I know a person in Quanzhou, who has done a lot of research on strange diseases. Maybe hell know whats wrong with Ms. Zhou.

Oh? Quanzhou? Shi raised his eyebrows. Currently, Quanzhou was in the charge of the right prime minister. Since he arrived there, he had made a great contribution to the development of that place. The right prime ministers method was a little barbaric, but that was indeed a good way to deal with the local people.

At least, those people had stopped gathering a crowd and making disturbances, which could prove that the right prime ministers method did work.

At present, Quanzhou city was developing in a right direction.

Yes, I met him when I went there many years ago. Hes very interested in studying strange diseases and he has been focusing on it all these years. I havent met him for two years. That man is eccentric, but hes passionate about medicine and is quite capable. Although he often uses some strange methods, he has cured a lot of people. Hes also very famous in the local area and is called Miracle Worker.

After Zhang introduced that man in detail, Shi nodded. Doctor Zhang, since you recommend him, I will send for that great doctor. Please go to tell his detailed information to the Shadow Guardians.

Zhang lowered his head and said yes.

After Zhang went out, Shi looked at Zhou and said again, Ms. Zhou, you really dont remember me?

Zhou didnt respond at all.

Shi looked at her and felt the whole thing was so strange.

But he didnt know why things had become like that. He knew nothing about medicine, so he had no idea what to do. Finally, he left the room.

What Shi didnt know was that after he left, Zhous eyes, which were motionless earlier, moved. Although they didnt move much, they indeed moved.

However, Shi and the Shadow Guardians didnt notice that.

Shi went outside and told the maids, who were waiting there, to go in to serve her.

After the maids entered the room, Zhou became motionless again

Zhang Yuan ordered servants to decoct some other herbs, because he planned to try another treatment method this night.

After Shi went out, Zhang immediately said, Its all done.

Shi nodded. Get back to your business.

Zhang left.

Shi wandered around the courtyard, thinking about the blood-sucking demon.

Then, he thought of Tianji Sect. What exactly happened to the two cows there?

Given the murderers ability, why did he hurt two cows? What on earth was going on?

Shi felt that it was so strange.

And Zhou Huan Her illness was also very strange.

The South Mountain… It suddenly came into Shis mind. Shi really wanted to go there to have a look, but obviously, it was not the right time

Shi came out to prevent the demon from killing again. What he should do at this moment was to stay in the imperial city, not go to the South Mountain.

However, Shi had a feeling that there were some secrets hidden in the South Mountain.

Shi would also have some intuitions while he was marching and fighting in battles. Because of those intuitions, he often changed his original plans and the results had proved that his intuitions were right for several times.

After thinking for a while, Shi decided to believe in himself once again.

To the South Mountain, Shi said to the Shadow Guardians.

Shi said that in front of an artificial hill in the mansion. After saying that, he left with more than ten Shadow Guardians.

What Shi was unaware was that just after they left, a cave suddenly appeared under the hill. Then, a person walked out of the cave slowly.

The person raised eyebrows. Go to the South Mountain at night? Shi Qingzhou is really smart.

That person walked slowly towards one of the rooms while a servant came over from the other side.

Miss Zhou, you just ate a little for dinner. Do you need us to prepare some snacks for you in the kitchen?

That person turned around and smiled. No, thank you.

Youre welcome, Miss Zhou. Its dangerous at night, so dont go out. If anything happens, just call us. Were all guarding here in the yard.

Okay, thank you for your concern.

The servant smiled. Its my pleasure, Miss Zhou.

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