Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 149

Chapter 149 The Prime Suspect Ii

Chapter 149: The Prime Suspect (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Shis father once wanted to participate in that, but Shi refused. He wanted to do it in person. He wanted to improved himself. Hearing that, Long became very worried.

Shi felt that and smiled.

Dont worry. Im totally fine now, arent I? Listen to me.

Long sighed. Well, go on.

Shi entered the group, and then went into the enemys territory on the night before the decisive battle.

Then, they saw a very strange scene.

There were some people in black cloaks who could make the dead stand up!

Just like the corpse-chasers, they could make the dead stand up. More than that, they could also let the dead attack!

At that time, all the members in Shis group were overcome with fear.

Their group leader was very powerful and courageous. He led the others and killed most of the people in black cloaks. They also planned to capture some of them alive to ask what on earth was going on.

If the people who had been killed could still attack, how would they win the war? Those corpses would continue to attack them!

They realized that this matter must be made clear. Up to then, they had never seen or heard that corpses could attack people in the battlefield. They must make it clear!

However, what they didnt expect was that the men in black cloaks who were captured alive exploded at the same time.

Right! They exploded! As their bodies exploded, all the soldiers who were close to them were killed.

They found that those corpses were very powerful, but they were not agile. So it was not difficult to get rid of them.

They found a kind of herb on those black-cloaked mens bodies.

They took the herb back and burned the corpses.

At last, they won the war and the soldiers who managed to go back reported the whole thing to their superior.

Shi also met his father alone because of this matter.

Later, the herb was tested and said to grow in the shade on the mountains.

Some of their group members were sent to find out the whereabouts of the people in black cloaks, but those mysterious people disappeared completely.

The Northern Barbarians stopped making trouble after losing the war twelve years ago, and began to be active again just in recent years.

After hearing that, Long touched his chin.

Shi added, I found two cows whose blood had been sucked up in Tianji Sect. Zou Qingyuan said that the two cows were sucked dry and looked dead, but they were extremely aggressive. In the end, he stabbed the cows in the head with his sword and killed them. So, I went to the mountain last night.

You found that herb there?

I didnt find the same thing, but I found two kinds of similar herbs. I was not sure. I was afraid that Id alert the enemy. There must be some people watching on the mountain, but even the Shadow Guardians didnt notice them, so they must be very powerful. It also has something to do with the terrain of the mountain. Those people dare not watch closely. I didnt touch the two kinds of herbs I found. But Ill go to have a check again during the day and bring some back for the imperial hospital to test.

No, dont give them to the imperial hospital, Long said at once.

After a pause, Shi nodded. I understand what you mean There are too many people in the imperial hospital. Perhaps some of them are not loyal to us. Although it has been cleansed twice, there must be omissions.

Yes. Long nodded. Thats right, so we can only find a person that we fully trust. Can Zhang Yuan come back?

Yes, after another doctor arrives. Shi told Long about the capable doctor. Then I will send another doctor there. I always feel that somethings not right in that mansion.

What? Long raised his eyebrows. Why do you say that?

The first person killed by the murderer was too close to our mansion. Why did Zhou Yuer and Zhou Huan go to the South Mountain? Zhou Yuer said she just went there for a walk. Who would take a walk there? Whats more, Zhou Huans illness was so weird. There must be something wrong with Zhou Yuer.

Why dont we just arrest her and interrogate her? Long said.

Shi slowly shook his head. Its not appropriate. Even if Zhou Yuer has really done something, she is just a pawn. If we arrested her, it would be difficult for us to find out the person in the dark.

After thinking for a moment, Long said, Did you send someone to keep an eye on Zhou Yuer?

Of course I did. But she was staying in the room when the murder cases happened. She did nothing.

Well… Long frowned. What would that woman do? How are her martial arts?

Just so-so, Shi said.

The murderers martial arts are remarkable But Zhou Yuer took Zhou Huan to the mountain, which is really suspicious. All right, lets put this aside first. Today, we will act according to the plan. You go to the mountain and have a look.

Yes. Shi nodded.

After breakfast, Shi left the palace directly.

Long went to work in his study, but he was not used to working without Shis company.

With a sigh, Long had to continue to work.

But Why do I feel that theyre zombies? Tut, its not the end of the world.

The dead people could attack The dead animals could attack As a modern person, Long naturally thought of zombies, but didnt they just exist in TV programs?

It was a little abnormal.

While Long was thinking about eschatology in the study, Shi had already got out of the palace. Instead of going to the mountain directly, he went to Tianji Sect above board.

After hearing that Shi was coming, Zou Qingyuan went to the door to welcome him.

Shi went in and asked directly, Is there any clue about that dog?

Zou smiled bitterly and shook his head. That dog was just a stray dog. There are many such stray dogs outside. No one knows how that dog appeared in our sect. Its really strange. I asked all the people here, but no one saw how that dog got in.

Hearing that, Shi said calmly, Theres only one possibility. Someone brought it here. That person lives here and is familiar with the environment. He can also do martial arts, so that he avoided everyone.

Zou fell silent and looked a little gloomy.

There was a mole This was the last thing he wanted to face, but for the moment it was highly possible!

Shi didnt care much about how Zou felt.

Qingyuan, its about Tianji Sects safety. I hope you can find out the truth as soon as possible.

I understand. Zou took a deep breath.

Shi was aware that Zou was a responsible person who knew what to do and what not to do. So, he didnt stay longer and left.

Zou clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. Dongzi.

Guardian. A servant came quickly.

Go and ask all the people to gather together!

Yes! Guardian should I call Miss Wu?

Zou thought for a moment. Yes.

Im on it. The servant left

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