Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Recognized Him At A Glance I

Chapter 158: Recognized Him at a Glance (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Shi went to South Mountain once again and he felt the same as the previous time. There was a gloomy atmosphere in the mountain.

Maybe because it was remote, the wind was piercing up there.

Given the current season, it shouldnt be that cold.

While climbing the mountain, Shi unconsciously thought of Long.

He thought of Longs evaluation and plans to deal with the eccentric Doctor Liu this morning.

Shi wondered if he was being too narrow-minded.

Obviously, Long didnt have any romantic feelings for that doctor, but Shi just didnt like that man.

Perhaps, it was because of his appearance?

That man was so beautiful that it made others unconsciously feel threatened.

Moreover, Shi always had the feeling that that mans strange character really suited Longs taste.

Because of the sense of crisis, Shi was always on the alert.

However, the present Long was a real gentleman. He never thought like that at all!

When Shi thought of that, the corners of his mouth curved up.

When Shi was about to arrive at that hollow, he faintly heard some sounds ahead!

Shi quickened his pace and rushed to the hollow of the mountain.

When he arrived, Shi saw some people were fighting with the Shadow Guardians.

And Doctor Liu was being protected by several Shadow Guardians in the middle.

Shi narrowed his eyes. Then, he gave orders to the Shadow Guardians around him. Go to help them.

The Shadow Guardian beside Shi hurried to that place.

Shi didnt move. He stood on the mountain and looked down at the hollow, just like that day when they found the dead bodies.

In addition to those killers, Shi was most concerned about that eccentric doctor.

Shi felt a little strange that he couldnt even tell whether Doctor Liu could do martial arts or not.

Normally, there were only two possibilities.

Either, Doctor Liu couldnt do martial arts, or, he was an expert, whose martial arts and internal strength were even stronger than Shis!

Shi looked at the doctor and wanted to know which kind of person he was.

Down there in the hollow, a fierce battle was raging. Those killers madly fought against the Shadow Guardians. It seemed that they wanted to kill Doctor Liu, because they were all rushing to him.

Shi had good eyesight. Though those people were fighting fiercely, he saw that Doctor Liu was still as cool as a cucumber among the Shadow Guardians.

Shi narrowed his eyes.

Unexpectedly, something happened.

As two killers cooperated with each other, one of them threatened the Shadow Guardians with killing himself and was trying to approach Doctor Liu.

This tactic really worked.

As the killer pointed the sword at Doctor Lius neck, Shi panicked.

Instinctively, he took two steps forward, and then he stopped.

At the next moment, Shi saw that when the sword was about to pierce Doctor Lius neck, the doctor stretched out his hand and easily held the sword with two fingers just as it was a chopstick.

The killer was stunned. He didnt expect that the man in front of him was so powerful.

A bright smile appeared on Doctor Lius face. Wanna kill me? This is really not a good idea. Normally, those who want to kill me will die first, dont you know?

While saying that, the doctor exerted his strength.

Then, the sword bounced back

The killer immediately went backwards at high speed.

After the killer fell to the ground, a Shadow Guardian stabbed him in the chest with a sword and he died.

The doctor said, Tut. Ive told you. Dont try to kill me.

The Shadow Guardians were also a little shocked.

The killers looked at the doctor as if he was a monster. Maybe, he was really a monster!

If Long saw the doctors martial arts, he might say, Its cool!

Yes, it indeed looked cool.

Shis eyes narrowed even more. He got the answer that the doctor was the second kind of person.

That man could do great martial arts. To be exact, his internal strength was very strong. Otherwise, Shi wouldve seen how powerful he was long ago.

Shi took a deep breath and leapt down to the hollow when almost all the killers were killed.

At the moment when Shi jumped down, Doctor Liu looked in his direction.

Shi also looked at the doctor. From the expression in his eyes, Shi knew that the doctors internal strength was much stronger than he thought!

By the time Shi reached the hollow, the battle had ended.

Only two killers were still alive and they were at their last gasp.

Shi went to one of them and frowned.

Take them away for questioning, Shi commanded.

Yes. The Shadow Guardians took the two killers away.

As for the rest Burn them? Doctor Liu, what do you think? Shi looked at the doctor.

The doctor smiled and nodded. Okay. Weve arrested two men already. The dead are useless now. Its safer to burn them.

Shi nodded and immediately ordered, Burn them!

The bodies of more than a dozen killers were gathered and set on fire.

It took half an hour for the bodies to burn to ashes.

Theres no strange smell, Shi looked at the doctor and said.

Of course. I wouldnt let you burn them if it was dangerous, the doctor said leisurely.

Shi glanced at him and didnt say anything.

The doctor laughed again. I found something interesting here.

When this man said something was interesting, it wouldnt be really interesting! It must be something weird!

So, Shi frowned. What is it?

Its not convenient to see it now. I dont know if it will run away. Ill study it later when I go back.

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