Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 162

Chapter 162 Trick I

Chapter 162: Trick (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

The next day, when Long woke up, Shi was still sleeping.

Long looked at the person beside him and his eyes were filled with tenderness.

In order not to disturb Shi, Long got up quietly and began to wear clothes when he got to the outer room.

Liu Xiangyang served him. He should have known something, because Long felt that he was more respectful than usual.

It wasnt that Liu was disrespectful before, but In the past, Liu usually served the emperor in a casual manner, but this day, Liu was very careful. It seemed that he was afraid of making mistakes.

Looking at the man beside him, Long said coldly, Zhou Qing is dead.

Lius body trembled, but soon he restrained himself and knelt down. Yes, I know, Your Majesty.

Long said more coldly, Are you afraid?

Liu was stiff and didnt say anything.

Long didnt say anything, either.

After a few seconds, Liu said, Your Majesty, may I ask. what Zhou Qing did? Long said coldly, Hes a traitor.

Liu was stunned, and then immediately kowtowed, Your Majesty, I promise Ill scrupulously abide by my duty and be loyal to you…

Theres nothing to be afraid of. Long interrupted him.

Liu was a smart man, so he understood it immediately.

Since he was loyal and conscientious, there was really nothing to be afraid of.

Liu finally felt relieved.

Long turned around and walked outside. Well, its time for the morning meeting.

Yes, Im coming. Liu sounded more relaxed.

In fact, Liu was promoted by Zhou Qing to general manager of eunuchs, so he was a little upset about Zhous death this morning, because he didnt know why the emperor who always trusted Zhou suddenlyVisit website our Listnovel.com

Hearing the word traitor, Liu understood that Zhou must have done something.

Although he didnt know what Zhou had done in detail, the emperor said that Zhou was a traitor. What a serious crime that was! It was inevitable that he would die.

Seeing that Liu was afraid, the emperor, the noblest man in the nation, even explained it to him.

More than that, the emperor also told Liu implicitly that as long as he didnt do anything he shouldnt do, he didnt need to be afraid!

At this moment, Liu felt that even if he needed to die for the emperor at once, it was worth it. It was the greatest comfort for a servant to follow a right master.

In the past, the emperor was grumpy and fatuous. All the servants needed to serve him with extra care. If they made some mistakes, the emperor would punch them or kick them. A lot of servants even died of that.

As servants, they could do nothing but bear it.

However, the present emperor was wise and kind!

Liu was almost moved to tears. He quickly pulled himself together and followed Longs steps

After the two of them left, Shi opened his eyes.

Thanks to his great internal strength, he heard their conversation outside.

Longs words made his lips curl upwardly.

Liu was just a eunuch. Even if the emperor didnt explain it to him, it was still reasonable.

In that way, others would feel the emperor was unpredictable and wouldnt dare to offend him. However, if the emperor always held himself aloft and didnt even treat his most trusted subordinate sincerely

Even if others would be loyal and respect him on the surface, they wouldnt be completely honest with him.

At present, Liu must have decided to put his heart and soul into serving Long.

In the future, Liu would definitely serve the emperor and handle all kinds of affairs whole-heartedly.

It was simple to win a servants heart, as long as that servant was worth the emperors trust.

Shi smiled. Instead of hurriedly getting up, he closed his eyes again.

He decided to sleep a little longer.

When Long came back from the meeting, he found his empress was still sleeping.

Long slightly raised his eyebrows and went to the bedroom.

Shi was still sleeping. Long walked over and sat down at the edge of the bed.

Shi still didnt wake up. Long thought it was interesting, so he leaned over to kiss Shis lips.

The moment their lips touched, the man in the bed opened his eyes.

Long smiled and deepened the kiss

Uh… Shi blinked. Feeling Longs passion, Shi slowly closed his eyes.

Originally, Long just wanted to kiss his lover, but he hadnt expected that while they were kissing his body seemed to be burning. So, Long went further

When their clothes were removed, Shi raised his head and tried to stop Long. Its time for breakfast.

Longs voice was a little hoarse. Well eat later.

Shi blinked. Seeing that Long was so passionate, Shi didnt refuse.

So, Long embraced and kissed Shi to fully enjoy the beautiful moment with his empress

After a long time, Long carried Shi in his arms. Looking at the sexy man, Long couldnt help but lower his head and kiss Shis forehead. Ill take you to the bathroom.

Mhmm. Shi responded softly, letting Long carry him to the bathroom.

Liu Xiangyang didnt ask servants to bring the breakfast in advance. He was afraid that the food would not taste good when it became cold. Although it could be heated later, it was better for the emperor and empress to eat something fresh.

Seeing that Long and Shi came out, Liu immediately ordered the servants to deliver the breakfast.

Long was satisfied with the behavior of his most trusted servant.

Liu used to be deputy general manager. Now that Zhou was already dead, Liu was officially promoted to general manager.

And Lius trusted subordinate, Xiaoxizi, was promoted to deputy general manager.

Xiaoxizi had been working in the palace for a long time. He entered the palace when he was nine years old and it had been twenty years since then.

Xiaoxizi put the dishes on the table, while Long took Shis hand and sat down.

Shi served Long all this morning and now he was a little hungry.

Long put a lot of food in Shis bowl and Shi ate contentedly.

Soon, Shi finished two bowls of porridge.

Long also ate a lot

Just when they finished breakfast, the eccentric Doctor Liu came.

Long and Shi let him in.

The doctor came in, but he didnt look very good.

It was really strange. Given his great martial arts and internal strength, even if he stayed up all night, he would not look like this!

Therefore, Long and Shi looked at each other and thought that something must have happened.

Long opened his mouth. Doctor Liu, you dont look very well. Didnt you sleep well last night?

Doctor Liu waved. Its not because of that. Im poisoned.

He appeared very relaxed, as if he was talking about whether he had had breakfast or not. Long and Shi were shocked. What did you say?

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