Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Im Also Interested In Him Ii

Chapter 167: Im Also Interested in Him (II)

Long could have shouted at Shi, but that would only make things worse, right?

Besides, that was the man he was in deep love with. How could he have the heart to do that?

Long closed his eyes and felt a little tired.

At night, Shi had dinner alone and found it tasteless.

Long didnt go to spend the night in Qiankun Palace.

Shi lay down on the bed and closed his eyes

In the middle of the night, the eccentric Doctor Liu was sleeping. Suddenly, he felt something was wrong and opened his eyes.

When he was about to move, Shis face appeared in front of him.

The room was dark, but for martial artists, darkness was not a big problem.

What surprised Doctor Liu was why Shi came here in the middle of the night!

Your Grace? The doctor said.

Shi looked a little gloomy. I think that Ive been poisoned. I cant control my mind and emotions. I cant stop thinking about the dark side of things. I really cant control myself.

The doctor was stunned.

Come and sit down. Let me feel your pulse.

Dont light the candles. We cant be exposed. Dont let anyone know that Ive been here. Anyone.

Hearing that, the doctor became serious. He nodded and said, Yes, I see.

Shi knew that Doctor Liu was a smart person. Instead of saying more, he turned around and sat down at the table.

The doctor went to Shi and began to feel his pulse.

Half a quarter of an hour later, the doctor let go of Shis wrist.

Theres indeed a poisonous insect in your body. Ive never seen this kind of insect before.

Shi blinked and then pointed to his heart. Its in here, isnt it?

The doctor nodded. Yes.

Shi pursed his lips. From the time I saw Wu Xiangyuan, Ive been very cautious. I didnt have any tea or snacks at her place. I wonder how the insect got into my body.

The doctor said calmly, You didnt have to eat or drink anything. It could get into your body through the things you touched, the chair you sat on, or the air you breathed.

Shis expression changed. When I entered her living room, I did smell a peculiar smell. I also felt strange when I sat on the chair. Although I used internal strength to protect myself in time, it didnt seem to work.

The doctor sighed. This night, he didnt smile as he always did and looked serious.

No one can escape from that. We can only try to deal with it now.

Shi pursed his lips. Has the poison in your body been removed?

Dont worry about me. A little poison wont kill me. I can find what I need and the poison will be removed in seven days. However, the poisonous insect is in a crucial position in your body and Ive never seen this before. Shi Qingzhou, Im not sure.

For the first time, Doctor Liu called Shis name directly instead of Your Grace.

Shi clenched his fists, but soon he got relaxed.

Will the insect affect the people around me?

After a short silence, the doctor said, You just said that you cant stop thinking about the dark side of things and you cant control your emotions, right?

Its hard to control, Shi said.

The doctor thought for a moment and said, Of course it can affect others. If someone makes you angry and you cant control yourself, its likely that youll beat him.

Shi took a deep breath. How can we get rid of this insect?

I said Im not sure, the doctor said.

Shi looked at him calmly. There must be a way to remove it.

After the doctor heard Shis words, that familiar smile appeared on his face again.

What do you want to do?

I can no longer stay here. I need to leave and find the way to remove the poisonous insect…

Hearing that, the doctor shook his head with a smile. No, no, you want more than that. You want to use yourself as a decoy to get close to the enemy, dont you?

Shi appeared to be confused. What?

The doctor said with a smile, Isnt that so? Shi Qingzhou, theres a poisonous insect in your body. If you go out alone, others will control you. After you are completely controlled, you will naturally be taken to their stronghold… You want to try your luck.

After hearing that, Shi said coldly, You think too much.

The doctor shook his head. Even if those people dont take you back to their place out of prudence, you can still attract their attention and most of the killers will go there, too. You wont give those people any chance to hurt the emperor. Am I right?

Shi said more coldly, You think too much.

Alas… The doctor stopped being aggressive and waved. Well, you can say I think too much, but Shi Qingzhou, I have to tell you one thing. In fact, Im also interested in the emperor. If you leave and come back later, maybe there will be no place for you in the imperial palace.

Once Shi heard that, his face darkened. What did you say?

The doctor smiled. You heard me. Actually, Im also interested in him For an eccentric man like me, the emperors character is really attractive.

Shi looked at the doctor coldly. Next moment, he began to attack him.

In the dark, the two of them fought against each other.

Although they were fighting, neither of them made a sound.

Finally, Shi got a chance to fight with the doctor and to see how powerful this eccentric man was.

Once they started fighting, Shi knew that he was no match for this man!

Even so, Shi did not give in. On the contrary, he attacked the doctor fiercely.

The doctor raised his eyebrows. Did I anger you?

The doctors words made Shi angrier. He looked at the doctor coldly and attacked more fiercely

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