Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Regardless Of Life And Death I

Chapter 171: Regardless of Life and Death (I)

Long didnt attend the meeting this morning, because he went to teach Liu Suifeng a lesson.

When he returned to Qiankun Palace, Shi was already waiting for him at the table.

Long was elated. When he came in, he laughed happily.

Looking at Longs expression, Shi knew that hed successfully taken revenge.

Sure enough. Long laughed and said, Qingzhou, you dont know how interesting that mans reaction was. Haha, I asked fifty Shadow Guardians to beat him. Haha, you know what? His face has become swollen at last. The Shadow Guardians are cool. They didnt let me down!

Longs words made the corners of Shis mouth turn upward. Shi asked softly, Oh really?

Yeah, Qingzhou, you dont know…

Long told Shi what happened this morning in delight.

While talking about that, Long beamed with joy.

Hearing that Doctor Liu ended up so miserable, Shi also laughed.

Liu Suifeng must look very bad, Shi said while laughing

Yes. Qingzhou, it really gladdened my heart! He deserves this! Humph!

Shi chuckled. Its a pity I wasnt there.

Shi didnt feel a little bit sorry for Doctor Liu.

Yes, its a pity, but it doesnt matter. If he hurts you in the future, Ill beat him again!

Shi smiled. Will you really do that? Arent you afraid that hell be angry and leave?

Well. Long touched his chin. I havent thought about that. He shouldnt be so timid, should he?

Shi smiled. Thats right.

All right, lets not talk about him. Qingzhou, are you hungry?

Shi nodded. Yes.

Long held Shis hand. Why didnt you ask them to deliver the breakfast?

I was just about to do it. Shi smiled.

Oh no! Long clapped his hands. I forgot to ask him for the antidote.

Shi smiled and said, Doctor Liu wont go too far. Since he said not to take antidote in a month, its better to wait for a month.

Well… Long looked at Shi unhappily.

Shi smiled. If you really want it, Ill go to ask him.

No need. Long sighed. Your body matters.

Shi raised his eyebrows. Really? I dont think youre happy.

I am happy, Long immediately said, Of course, its your body that matters. Why would I not be happy? Im just angry that Liu Suifeng hurt you.

Shi smiled. Youve taught him a lesson, havent you?

Moreover, Doctor Liu actually didnt do anything wrong at all!

Well All right. Long shrugged. Weve already beaten him Just let him go.

After breakfast was delivered, Long and Shi began to eat.

Although Long didnt attend the morning meeting, he still needed to deal with the memorials.

After Long went to work, Shi went to Liu Suifengs place.

Doctor Lius face had been covered with ointment. Once he saw Shi, he began to attack him with a sword.

Shi dodged and began to fight with him.

Half a quarter of an hour later, both Doctor Liu and Shi stopped.

Shi Qingzhou, shame on you. You cant tell him your secret, so you framed me?

Shi smiled. You are not completely innocent. I suffered partly because of you.

You… Doctor Liu glared at Shi.

You know the reason, dont you?

The reason is not important. It is the result that matters now.

Shi Qingzhou. Doctor Liu stopped being angry and even wanted to laugh. Dont you think youre shameless?

Shi shrugged. When a mans life is threatened, he wont have the sense of shame.

Then why did you come here? Doctor Liu couldnt help asking.

Shi said calmly, I want you to do something with me.

Oh? What do you want me to do? Doctor Liu was a little confused.

Shi said, To kill.

Doctor Liu raised his eyebrows. What do you mean? I dont understand.

Shi said with a smile, To kill those who should be killed.

Doctor Liu looked at Shi and said, Killing can also affect your emotions. If you insist on it, the poisonous insect in your body wont be sealed for a month.

Shi said calmly, I just stand by and you guard there. If there are great martial artists, you fight them. As for the others, the Shadow Guardians will deal with them.

After a short silence, Doctor Liu said, Give me one good reason.

Shi smiled and said, Because you think life is so boring. Ill make your life more interesting. Isnt that okay?

Doctor Liu found it unbelievable and his eyes widened.

Shi Qingzhou, you…

Dont say that Im shameless, Shi interrupted him, Those who think life is boring have different eyes. I understand, because I was also one of them.

Doctor Liu was really surprised.

Shi said calmly, Isnt that right?

Doctor Liu kept silent for a long time. Then, he sighed. Well, you have convinced me.

Shi smiled. It seemed that he didnt feel surprised at all.

Doctor Liu said, When will we take action? People of Eastern Darkness and Northern Barbarians are not only hiding in the imperial city, right?

Yes, but we can deal with those who are in the imperial city first. Shis voice was full of coldness.

Doctor Liu nodded. Kill people in the daytime Arent you afraid that it will cause chaos in the city?

They should be killed, Shi said coldly.

Does Long Xiaoyuan know? Doctor Liu asked.

No. Shi responded indifferently. Before Doctor Liu said anything more, Shi had turned around and walked out.

Doctor Lius lips twitched. He thought that this man was not polite at all.

But was his life boring?

Yes. Doctor Liu really felt that life was boring

In this case, he would just play with Shi.

It seemed more interesting than doing research

Both the emperor and empress were really interesting. Doctor Liu thought that this trip was worth it

Thinking about that, Doctor Liu leisurely followed Shi.

Long was dealing with state affairs in the imperial study. This time, Shi told him before going out.

Oh? Youre going out again? For what? Long asked.

Shi said, To do something.

Longs lips twitched. What is it?

Instead of telling him the truth, Shi just said, Youll know by the afternoon.

What? What did that mean? Long found that he didnt really know his empress.

Shi smiled. Wait for me. Ill come back before dinner.

Seeing that Shi was so serious, Long stopped saying anything more.

All right, Ill wait for you to have dinner with me.

After Shi left, Long felt a little uneasy. He thought something would happen.

He didnt think that his empress would have an accident, but it may have something to do with him!

In the afternoon, several ministers begged for an audience and Long finally realized why Shi told him those words earlier

He was told that a lot of people were dead in the imperial city.

And all those people were killed by others!

Several masked men with great martial arts rushed into their houses and killed them in broad daylight!

Long gasped in astonishment. Instinctively, he felt that this matter must have something to do with his empress!

With their influence, they had found some moles in the imperial city.

However, they were still not sure whether some of them were working for Eastern Darkness.

Moreover, none of them seemed to be influential.

So, they had decided to wait for a period of time.

Why did Shi suddenly kill those moles?

In addition, Shi didnt tell Long that he would do that!

Long didnt know what Shi was going to do.

Some ministers went to meet the emperor because assassins went to their houses and some of them went there after they heard the news.

Although Long didnt know what Shi was doing, he wouldnt be a drag on Shi.

So, Long went to meet those ministers and planned not to let them go until Shi came back.

This is the last place today, Shi said in front of a red mansion.

Doctor Liu nodded indifferently. Theyre just a bunch of useless idiots.

Shi smiled. Tomorrow, we will know if there are some great martial artists hiding in the city.

But, youre not going to deal with Tianji Sect? Isnt it the mistress there who poisoned you?

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