Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 174

Chapter 174 I Cant Let You Die With Me

Chapter 174: I Cant Let You Die With Me

Thinking of that, Shi had mixed feelings.

It was the last night

Even though Shi had made up his mind, he still felt upset when he was having dinner with his beloved man.

However, Shi could only restrain his sadness.

Long kept putting food in Shis bowl. After the sweet lovers finished their dinner, Shi said, "Lets go for a walk in the yard."

Long did not refuse.

After walking for a while, Shi drew a soft sword from his waist. "Ill practice sword for you. You like watching me practice sword, dont you?"

Long noticed that Shi was a little strange. "Qingzhou?"

Shi smiled. "Just watch."

Shi began to practice sword in the yard. He was so elegant and his robe was flying in the air. The whole scene was dreamlike.

Shi was so beautiful that he didnt look like a man from this ordinary world.

Long was captivated by his empress.

As he withdrew the sword, Shi smiled at Long.

With that big smile on his face and tenderness in his eyes, Shi was charming enough to cause the fall of the whole nation.

Long had been completely obsessed with his empress. At this moment, he felt that he was in paradise.

"Qingzhou…" Long called Shis name softly.

Shi slowly went toward Long.

Long immediately held Shi in his arms and kissed him passionately

Shi did not refuse. He also kissed Long with great passion as if that was their last kiss.

Under the banyan tree, the two handsome men were kissing each other. It should be a sweet moment that made others feel jealous.

Somehow, it was a rather distressing scene.

Outsiders didnt have the heart to see the couple like this.

Looking at the two men kissing under the banyan tree, Liu Suifeng let out a sigh outside Qiankun Palace.

"Why is it the most toxic insect" Sadness showed in Doctor Lius eyes.

He regarded Shi and Long as his friends.

If it were some other kind of poisonous insect, he would try his best to get rid of it.

However, there was a kind of poisonous insect in this world, which could only be removed with another persons blood, all the blood in his body.Read more chapters at Listnovel.com

If the insect in Shis body was removed, that person would die.

Doctor Liu still didnt know where that person was.

He also didnt know exactly why that insect got into Shis body.

However even if he had found that person and that person was just standing in front of him

Would Doctor Liu kill him? Would he? Could he?

Doctor Liu gently closed his eyes and hid the sadness in his eyes.

Maybe there was another way.

He didnt believe that persons blood was the only antidote.

What he didnt understand was why that poisonous insect got into Shis body from that persons body.

This insect was beneficial to that persons body, but it would become the deadliest poison when it went into another persons body!

At the beginning, he didnt even find out it was this kind of poisonous insect.

Until that night in the pool, he saw some traces on Shis back.

However, it was already so late

He had already started to seal the insect. If he stopped, Shi would be seriously injured or even died.

So Doctor Liu could only move forward.

He felt guilty about Shi, so he would do as Shi asked to repay him.

Before Shi died, he would accompany Shi and help him to do everything he wanted. He would do his best to study the insect, hoping that there were other ways to remove it.

Liu Suifeng went back to Yushang Palace. Before long, Zhang Yuan went to meet him.

"Doctor Zhang, Im leaving soon. Ill leave Zhou Huan to you. Theres something you need to remember…"

Doctor Zhang listened carefully for fear of missing anything.

After telling him everything, Doctor Liu said with a smile, "Doctor Zhang, youve made a lot of research on poisonous insects these days. I believe you can take good care of Zhou Huan. Dont worry too much."

"Thank you for your instruction, Doctor Liu."

Doctor Liu waved his hand. "Destiny brought us together. Im glad I can teach you something."

After a short conversation, Doctor Zhang left.

Doctor Liu went to Zhou Huans room. "Zhou Huan, the poisonous insect in your body will die in about two months. Although its not a short time, it is the only way that will not hurt your body."

Zhous eyes were filled with gratitude.

Doctor Liu smiled. "But remember this. You must be careful not to be poisoned by others again. Otherwise, you will die."

Zhou nodded.

Doctor Liu continued, "I will give you something special. Take it with you, and ordinary insects will not get close to you."

Gratitude showed on Zhous face as Doctor Liu took out a piece of jade pendant with fragrance from his pocket.

Doctor Liu went over. He tied the jade pendant with red string and put it around Zhous neck.

"Wear it all the time. Dont take it off at any time. The red string is not so strong. You can use something firm to tie it later, such as silk."

Zhou nodded.

After finishing his words, Doctor Liu didnt stay. He turned and left

At night, Long and Shi were lying on the bed.

Long hugged Shi tightly.

Shi slightly lowered his head. "Ill leave early tomorrow morning."

Long took a deep breath. "Qingzhou…"

Shi looked up and smiled. "What do you want to say?"

Long sighed. "Can you not leave?"

"It would be more dangerous for you to stay here," Shi gently said.

Long said, "It doesnt matter. The Shadow Guardians will protect me."

Shi slowly shook his head. "You must be careful. Both Ying Qiu and Ying Feng will be here. I have ordered them to protect you in turn 24 hours a day."

"When will you be back?" Asked Long.

Shi smiled. "In twenty days at most."

"You promise? If youre late, Ill punish you."

Shi smiled. "Okay."

Long pinched Shis nose. "Lets sleep."


After thinking it over, Shi decided not to kill those moles in the imperial palace.

He knew his action would definitely drive those people crazy.

It was easy to deal with the people he was familiar with.

However, if there were still some moles that he didnt know, it would be impossible to defend effectively.

So, he wouldnt do anything in the palace.

Anyway, all the moles in the palace would be killed in the end.

If Shi didnt have time, he would ask Doctor Liu to do it!

Long and Shi embraced each other. After Long fell asleep, Shi opened his eyes.

He didnt do anything, just looking at the man beside him.

Darkness was not a problem for Shi.

He could see Longs handsome profile clearly.

Shi hoped he could look at his lovers face for a lifetime, but a lifetime was too long. He didnt know whether he could go through this difficult time.

So before he left, he wanted to look at Longs face as much as possible.

He wanted to engrave his lovers face on his mind. He hoped that even when he was dying, he could still remember this person who had been imprinted on his heart.

Then, no matter what happened to him in the future, he would always remember this man

Even when he couldnt control himself, he could still know that this man was his lover.

"Long Xiaoyuan… Long Xiaoyuan I admit that Ive completely fallen in love with you.

So, you have to promise me to live a good life Even if you forget me, you must live happily."

When the cock crowed at dawn, Shi finally closed his eyes.

A few seconds later, Shi opened his eyes again. He hit Longs acupoints to make him sleep soundly. Then, he got up.

After getting dressed, Shi leaned over and kissed Longs lips.

"If Im fine, Ill come back. But if I cant control myself, I wont come back and let you see me like that. You must live happily. You are a good emperor. Only when you are here, can the people have a good life. My father will live well and my family will survive. Please forgive me for being selfish. I can die, but you cant. Shi family cant perish because of my death. Only when you are the emperor, can Shi family exist for a long time. If you are not the emperor, Shi family will be destroyed sooner or later. Since ancient times, emperors have been unpredictable. My father always serves his master with blind loyalty. So, you must live. Then, my father and my family can survive.

Otherwise, the next emperor will probably send Shi family to hell I know that I am selfish, but I am not only your lover. Im also Shi Qingshans son. How can I let my father, my beloved mother and my family be destroyed!

Long Xiaoyuan, Im sorry. I cant let you die with me."

Shi kissed Longs lips again and stood up. Then, he turned and left with determination

It seemed that Long had felt something in the dream and a tear came out of the corner of his eye It dropped on the pillow and soon disappeared

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