Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Do You Think He Really Trusts You?

Chapter 176: Do You Think He Really Trusts You?

Shi didnt expose Zhou Yuer before he left.

Long also didnt do anything to her these days.

The Shadow Guardians were watching her closely.

But she died! How did she die?

With a gloomy face, Long went to the mansion with the Shadow Guardian who told him the news.

Zhou was really dead and she looked rather miserable.

She died in her own room, covered in blood.

The Shadow Guardian who kept watching her in her room was also dead, but people outside didnt hear any sound of fighting.

Zhou was still alive when she had lunch. She asked servants to bring food to her room, but unexpectedly, she and that Shadow Guardian died so soon!

Both of them were killed, which really angered Long!

The Shadow Guardian, who told Long the message, went to the mansion earlier and found Zhou was dead.

Zhou looked terrible, but there was only one wound on that Shadow Guardians neck.

That wound was very small and he didnt bleed much.

It could be seen that the Shadow Guardian was killed by a single blow!

Long looked very bad.

There was also an imperial doctor in the room.

After examining Zhous body carefully, the imperial doctor said, "Your Majesty, there was a poisonous insect in Zhou Yuers body and she was killed by it."

Poisonous insect Long took a look at the corpse indifferently.

Just then, something happened.

A little black insect flew out of Zhous mouth and went straight to Long!

Fortunately, Ying Qiu and Ying Feng could do great martial arts. They followed Long closely just to provide full protection for him!

Ying Qiu and Ying Feng moved at the same time.

The leader and deputy leader of the Shadow Guardians moved very fast in the face of danger.

Even though the black insect came out unexpectedly, it didnt have a chance to get close to Long at all!

Ying Qiu and Ying Feng cooperated very well.

Ying Qiu directly slapped the insect to death and shattered its body with internal strength, while Ying Feng stood in front of Long and took him to the outside.

Ying Feng was worried whether the insect had some special smell that could poison people.

So he took Long out of the room. In this way, he wouldnt need to worry that that insect could hurt Long in some unexpected way.

Long was not frightened by that. He just looked colder.

After getting rid of that insect, Ying Qiu also came out.

Long only said a few words. "Burn Zhou Yuers body. Shadow Guardians Give her a proper burial."

"Yes." Other Shadow Guardians in the courtyard went to do it immediately.

The imperial doctor in the room was overcome by fear.

He knew that if Long was attacked earlier, he wouldnt end up well!

Long didnt stay in the mansion for a long time.

After leaving there, he did not go back to the imperial palace directly, but walked on the street at will.

At this time, a man in blue sitting by the window on the second floor of a tavern attracted Longs attention.

That man was about thirty years old. He was extremely handsome and also looked a little wicked.

When Long was looking around, he happened to see that man and was instinctively attracted by his physical charms.

Long didnt expect that when he was looking at that man, that man opened his mouth and said a name.

"Shi Qingzhou." Yes, it was what that man said!

He didnt make a sound. Only his lips moved.

How could he know Shi? Long fixed his eyes on that man.

Then, that handsome and wicked man leisurely looked away when Long was staring at him seriously.

It seemed that it wasnt he who said Shis name just now.

Long felt confused. Then, he went into the tavern.

Ying Feng and Ying Qiu followed him closely.

When Long reached the second floor, that man was still there. He smiled when he saw Long coming up.

But that smile was a little provocative and ironic, which was hard to understand.

Long didnt know that man. He also asked the Shadow Guardians earlier, but no one knew him, either.

Long came to that mans table.

That man looked over while Long sat down opposite to him.

"Who are you?" Long asked directly.

A faint sneer crossed that mans face. "You dare to come here just with two guards? Youre really not afraid of death."

Long looked serious and said, "That depends on who will die. Im sure Im not the one."

"Oh?" That man looked at Long more sarcastically. "How can you be so confident? Just because of the two of them? They look quite powerful, but let me tell you, if I want to take your life, they wont be able to stop me. Believe it or not."

"If you really want to kill me, you wouldve done it when I was downstairs. You said that youre powerful, but you didnt do that. Now tell me who you are. What do you mean by saying that name?"

Longs voice was cold when he said the last few words.

"You really care about that guy?" The handsome man still asked Long with sarcasm, but there was another layer of meaning.

"Of course I care about him," Long said directly. He was not afraid to admit it.

"Haha." That man laughed contemptuously. "If you really care, how could let him go out with another man?"

"What?" Long raised his eyebrows. "With another man? Who do you mean?"

The handsome man looked indifferent. "What do you think?"

Hearing his words, Long burst into laughter. "You mean Liu Suifeng?"

The handsome man had a cruel and ruthless look on his face when he heard that name.

That mans reaction was obvious, so Long saw it clearly and he felt something was strange.

Long stared at that man and then slowly said, "Do you have a feud with Liu Suifeng?"

"Of course not." The handsome man smiled. "How could I have a feud with him? I like him so much."

"Oh?" Long blinked. It seemed that that mans words surprised him. Although that man said he liked Doctor Liu, Long could see from his eyes that he really wanted to kill that doctor.

Long was really curious about the relationship between this man and Doctor Liu.

Since that man knew Doctor Liu, it was quite normal that he also knew Shi.

However it was a little strange that he looked so cruel when talking about Doctor Liu.

"You just said that if I care about him, I shouldnt let him go out with another man. But do you think something is going on between Liu Suifeng and Shi Qingzhou?"

"Youre so confident that Shi Qingzhou wont have anything to do with Liu Suifeng?" That handsome man sneered. He was about thirty years old, but somehow, his reaction made him still look like a boy.

"Liu Suifeng is dissolute. He loves any man he meets. Shi Qingzhou is also his type. How can you be so sure that they dont have an affair?"

Long became speechless. That man said those words coldly, but Long felt he was being jealous.

"Whats more, although Liu Suifeng likes challenges, he hates troubles. Now he gets involved in the battle of the imperial court and stays with your man every day. Who would believe that theres nothing going on between them?"

Long was sure that that man had gone wild with jealousy

Long narrowed his eyes and smiled. "Who would believe that? Let me tell you, I believe that."

"You…" The handsome man glared at Long.

Long smiled at him. "I trust him, because I love him."

Hearing Longs words, that handsome man looked terrible.

Long didnt care about that mans reaction. He just continued, "Only those who dont have confidence in themselves would doubt the people they love."

The handsome man became angrier, but it didnt last long. Soon, he sneered.

"You trust him? You trust Shi Qingzhou, but he may not trust you. Do you know why he left?"

"What?" Long narrowed his eyes and said calmly, "He went to do business."

"Yes, thats business." That man sneered again. "Hes going to die. Of course he needs to finish his business. He wont be able to do anything after he dies."

Long was stunned. Then, his eyes flashed with anger. "What did you say?"

"Didnt you hear me?" That man laughed. "You really dont know anything. How pathetic! Hes hidden everything from you, but you still said you trust him. Youre a laughing stock!"

Longs face darkened. "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? You dont even know that Shi Qingzhou is being tortured by a poisonous insect and hes going to die in half a month. Yet youre still saying you trust him. Dont you think youre a laughing stock?"

Long was completely shocked. "Poisonous insect Hell die in half a month What do you mean by that? Explain it to me!"

That man scoffed, and then said slowly, "The poisonous insect in his body is the strongest one in the world. It lives on human blood and regards the first person that feeds it as its master. In its masters body, its poisonous, but also precious. It can protect its master from all kinds of poisons and poisonous insects in the world. But once it gets out of its masters body and goes into another persons body, the second person will be unable to control himself. Hell gradually go crazy and kill all the people around him. Hell lose his sanity day by day until the insect kills him in the end."

Long was stiff. He thought of the time when Shi came back, he should be the angry one, but Shi said many hurtful words. That time, he apologized to Shi first and extricated them from the awkward position.

That handsome man looked at Long and continued, "If this poisonous insect is not suppressed by a skilled doctor, the patient will gradually go crazy. Hell be unable to control himself at first and completely lose his mind in the end. It would just take one year. However, if the doctor doesnt know much about that poisonous insect and uses some special means to control it, then the patient will live for one month in good condition. But after that, hell only have half a month to live. He will completely go crazy and be killed by the insect half a month later."

Longs body was very stiff and his fists were clenched.

That handsome man sneered again. "Do you want to know who that poor man is? Haha Thats just your lover. You didnt even know that hes being tortured by that poisonous insect and its beyond remedy. Do you still think he trusts you?"

That handsome man said that with heavy sarcasm, which made Longs heart beat violently.

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