Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 184

Chapter 184 What Did He Do Wrong? I

Chapter 184: What Did He Do Wrong? (I)

A moment later, Liu Suifeng came.

Shi glanced at him. Liu said, "Let me check on him."

Shi didnt refuse. Although he had felt Longs pulse, Lius words would make him rest assured. "Okay."

Shi moved away.

Liu carefully examined Long and then gave a positive answer.

But he exerted himself and almost couldnt stand it. He focused on the examination too much, so he felt exhausted.

Hearing Lius words, Shi finally rested assured.

"Hes fine. Ill go first."

Shi nodded. "Okay. Thank you."

Liu smiled and left.

Long didnt wake up until late afternoon and the sun was almost setting.

Shi didnt disturb Long, though he thought about whether to wake him up to eat something first, otherwise he would feel hungry.

But Shi also thought that Long would feel bad if he was woken up.

In the end, Shi didnt wake up Long.

"Youre awake." Shi knew that as soon as Long woke up because he had been at Longs bedside.

Long blinked. He was a little dazed and his head was aching.

"Hmm? Qingzhou?" Long got up and rubbed his forehead wearily.

"Your head aches?" Shi hurriedly asked and sat down on the edge of the bed. Then, he reached out his hand to rub Longs forehead. Long enjoyed Shis service and felt much better.

After a while, Shi asked, "How are you? Feeling any better?"

Long smiled and nodded. "Of course. Qingzhou, your service is perfect."

Hearing that, Shi also smiled.

Long held Shis hand. "Sorry to worry you this time."

Shi rolled his eyes. "You also know it worries me."

Long smiled bitterly. "But fortunately, its all worth it. Qingzhou, I found the blood that can match Ouyang Chuans. Itll be a win-win situation"

Shis soft heart was touched by Longs words. He knew clearly what Long had done for him.

Seeing that Long was so happy at this moment, Shi felt happy, too but he also felt worried and his heart ached.

In the past, Long often said that his heart would ache when Shi did some dangerous things.

Shi didnt understand him at that time, but now, he thought he knew how Long felt.

The heartache of worrying about someone turned to be like this

Having noticed the changes of Shis expressions, Long hurriedly asked, "Whats the matter?"

Shi slowly shook his head. "Nothing. Im just happy. Are you hungry?"

How could he behave like that if he was really happy? Long raised his eyebrows, but he would not argue with Shi.

Instead, Long nodded. "Yes, Im hungry."

Shi said with a smile, "Lets have dinner early."

"Okay." Long naturally wouldnt refuse.

Two days later, Shi and the others left this place.

The reason why they didnt do exchange transfusion at once was that they still had a little time before Shi lost his mind.

If there were other more secure ways, then they could choose to do that.

If they really didnt have any other choice at that time, Ouyang Chuan would have to be given a blood transfusion.

Liu Suifeng remembered clearly that his master failed in doing that, although Long said he was confident.

No one could predict what would happen in the future.

Liu didnt want to take risks until he had to.

Long knew what Liu was thinking, so he agreed.

They resumed their journey and started the bloody killings again.

Long didnt participate in that, but he knew everything.

This day, Shi didnt go out at night. Long asked, "Wont you go out today?"

Shi shook his head. "No. How are things going in the palace?"

"Nothing happened. Its calm," Long said.

Calm Shi was surprised.

It couldnt be really calm but they had caused such chaos across the nation. Why hadnt those people taken action?

Shi was a little confused.

Looking at Shi who was lost in thought, Long said with a smile, "What are you worried about?"

Shi slowly shook its head. "I feel its a little strange."

Long smiled. "I also think its strange By the way, Ive got some news about Wu Xiangyuan. Are you interested?"

Shi glanced at Long and said coldly, "That woman? She wants to work with us?"

"Yes, she seems to have realized that she did a stupid thing." Long scoffed.

Shi said coldly, "But its too late. That woman went too far. She must die!"

Hearing that, Long laughed. "Dont be so cold-hearted."

"Everyone should pay for what they have done." Shis voice was still cold.

Long fell silent. He thought that although the poisonous insect had been sealed, it still affected Shis character more or less.

Shi wasnt so cold in the past.

That thought flashed through Longs mind. Then, he said with a smile, "Wu Xiangyuan is your childhood sweetheart, isnt she? Qingzhou, do you have the heart to do that?"

Long said that jokingly, but he didnt expect that Shi suddenly looked fierce at the next moment.

"You call that woman my childhood sweetheart? She doesnt deserve it!"

Long opened his mouth in amazement. He was sure that Shis character had been changed.

"Qingzhou…" Long called his name softly.

Shi seemed to have realized he was a little rude and he also noticed his own changes.

Then, Shi pursed his lips.

Long held Shis hand worriedly. "Qingzhou, the poisonous insect has made you lose control? Its still less than a month, isnt it?"

Shi took a deep breath and said softly, "Im sorry."

"You silly." Long smiled. "Its alright."

Shi lowered his head.

Long said gently, "Lets go to find Liu Suifeng."

Without saying yes or no, Shi just followed Long passively.

Long held Shis hand and Shi didnt resist. They just walked like that.

Liu was surprised to see Long and Shi coming together at this hour. "Why did you come together?"

Long didnt hide anything and said directly, "Im afraid that the poisonous insect cant be controlled."

Those words stunned Liu. He immediately said, "Let me have a check."

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