Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 185

Chapter 185 What Did He Do Wrong? Ii

Chapter 185: What Did He Do Wrong? (II)

Long pressed Shis shoulder to let him sit down on the chair. Liu asked Shi to reach out his hand, but Shi just looked at him fiercely.

Liu was stunned. "Whats the matter?"

Shi said coldly, "You are not qualified to touch me."

Both Long and Liu were slightly shocked.

Long quickly realized the problem. He lowered his voice and said softly, "Qingzhou, its just an ordinary palpation. If you dont like him, we can try a different way, okay?"

Without speaking anything, Shi didnt mean to compromise.

Long whispered in Shis ear, "Qingzhou, lets ask him to feel your pulse with gold thread, shall we?"

After keeping silent for a long time, Shi finally responded coldly, "Mhmm."

Long and Liu looked at each other. Liu clearly saw great worry in Longs eyes.

Liu slightly shook his head, telling Long not to worry. They would act according to circumstances.

Shi refused to let Liu feel his pulse by hand. At last, Liu had to do it with a gold thread.

Fortunately, Liu was highly skilled. Even if he couldnt feel Shis pulse with his hand, he could still figure out what the problem was. A moment later, Liu ended the diagnosis.

"How is he?" Long hurriedly asked.

Liu said seriously, "The poisonous insect cant be controlled. We need to get rid of it as soon as possible."

Long took a deep breath. "Tomorrow then."

After a pause, Liu said slowly, "Okay. I have collected all the herbs. Lets do it tomorrow night."

Long agreed. Then, he held Shis hand and left.

The next day would be a very important day for them.

Looking at the receding figures of Long and Shi, Liu felt uneasy. The person who died after the blood transfusion seemed to be standing just in front of him, but tomorrow, they would have to try it again.

He compared the blood of that criminal with that of Ouyang Chuan, but he did not find anything special.

Would they really make it the next day?

Liu was a little afraid.

Just then, Ouyangs cold voice was heard. "Why did they come?"

Liu immediately turned to look at Ouyang.

Lius despairing look surprised him. "Whats the matter?"

A forced smile appeared on Lius face. "Well do it tomorrow."

Ouyang was stunned. Then, he raised his eyebrows and said, "The poisonous insect cant be controlled?"

"Yes, its very active recently. The longer we delay, the more dangerous it will be."

After a short silence, Ouyang suddenly said, "Have you ever thought of killing me?"

Liu didnt expect Ouyang to ask that, so he instinctively said, "How can you think so?"

Ouyang sneered. "Whats wrong with that? If I dont want to do it, will you kill me?"

Liu shook his head firmly. "Believe it or not, I wont kill you and I never thought of killing you. Brother Ouyang, although theres some misunderstanding between us, we studied from the same master after all. How can I kill you? I will never kill you for anybody."

"Oh?" Ouyang scoffed. "Really? But your aunt was killed by me. She was your only relative."

Hearing those words, Liu felt a little suffocated. Yes, in addition to what happened to their master, there was also another problem between them.

Lius aunt was indeed killed by Ouyang.

After their master died, Ouyang was devastated and almost couldnt control himself. Lius aunt ran into bandits when she went up the mountain and asked Ouyang for help.

At that time, Ouyang recognized that was Lius aunt, but he ignored the threat of the bandits.

At last, he killed the bandits. Lius aunt was also killed by him by accident

"I killed your only relative. Dont you want to get revenge?" Ouyang scoffed.

Liu gently pursed his lips and said slowly, "Brother Ouyang, thats all in the past Please stop it."

"Oh? Thats all in the past? Youre really broad-minded," Ouyang said sarcastically.

Liu took a deep breath and clenched his fists.

"Brother Ouyang, let bygones be bygones In any case, we studied together for so many years. Back when master didnt have time to teach me, the person who taught me was you. Youve been always with me. Brother Ouyang, I know that nothing can change this. Whats more

Brother Ouyang, you almost slept with me."

When speaking the last few words, Liu obviously lowered his voice.

Ouyang was stunned. Then, his face reddened all over. He remembered that when their master was still alive, he almost slept with Liu

Thinking of that, Ouyang felt both angry and shy.

Liu looked more beautiful than most women, but he was very aggressive and domineering!

That time, he took the initiative and Ouyang almost gave in.

"You…" Ouyang wanted to swear at him, but Liu suddenly got closer.

They got so close that Ouyang was shocked and he instinctively stepped back.

But as he walked backwards, Liu followed him closely.

In the end, Ouyang was even forced to the corner and he leaned against the wall.

Lius breath was very oppressive. Other people wouldnt imagine that such a good-looking man would behave like this.

"What are you doing?" Ouyang shouted. He looked tough, but he didnt have the ability to change anything.

Liu smiled. He waved his hand and the door was closed by the wind.

Ouyang was more surprised. "You What are you doing?"

Liu smiled. "What do you think? Brother Ouyang, of course Im doing what we didnt do before…"

Ouyang gasped. "I dare you!"

"Brother Ouyang." Lius voice was very soft. "Of course I dare. And dont you want it? No one can predict what will happen tomorrow If you will die, you should enjoy life today, shouldnt you?"

"You…" Hearing those words, Ouyang didnt know whether he should feel happy or angry.

At this time, Liu had already begun to kiss him

Ouyang really couldnt refuse that passionate kiss and his body could not help shaking.

Liu was so fierce that and Ouyang gave in unconsciously

At last, Ouyang only whispered. "If you want me to be happy, let me be on the top!"

Liu smirked and directly hit Ouyangs acupoint to make him feel numb.

"Ah…" Ouyang didnt expect that and his whole body went limp.

Liu directly carried him in his arms and then went to the big bed

Ouyang struggled with shame and anger when his clothes were taken off. However, all his resistance was in vain.

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