Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Mixed Feelings

Chapter 191: Mixed Feelings

"Yes, I got up." Long didnt know what happened last night. He also didnt know that Ouyang and Liu were afraid, so he naturally went to Shi.

"When did you get up? I dont even know."

Shi looked at Long and smiled. "A moment earlier. Whats the matter?"

"Nothing. You werent here, so I was a little worried."

Shi smiled. "Theres nothing to worry about. But look at you. You must be exhausted yesterday. Can we go on?"

"Dont worry about me." Long waved. "Besides, well arrive in the city soon. Lets rest there."

"Okay." Shi nodded. "The Shadow Guardians have found a house for us. Well go there directly. Then you can have a rest."

"Okay. You must be with me," Long said.

"Of course." Shi smiled. He wouldnt say no.

Seeing that Shi didnt refuse, Long felt very happy. "When will we leave?"

"No hurry. Have breakfast first," Shi said.

"Okay." Long nodded. "I bet you havent eaten, either."

"No, I havent," Shi said with a smile, "Lets go and clean ourselves up first."

"Okay…" Long followed Shi to the tent.

Seeing that Long and Shi were talking and laughing, Ouyang and Liu looked at each other. Then, Ouyang said slowly, "Shi Qingzhou behaves normally only when hes in front of Long Xiaoyuan."

After a short silence, Liu said, "Right. Shi Qingzhou is going crazy If there is anyone in the world that can control him, that man must be Long Xiaoyuan."

The two of them looked at each other again. Then, Liu said, "Anyway, we can only reply on Long Xiaoyuan now. Otherwise no one can stop Shi Qingzhou from killing."

In the tent, Long and Shi washed their faces together. Then, they had the breakfast sent by the Shadow Guardians.

It was not long after they finished eating that the team set out again. Long and Shi were still riding together. Maybe because Long had ridden for a whole day yesterday, he seemed to have adapted to it, although he still felt a little uncomfortable.

They arrived in the city soon. Then, Shi took Long directly to house that the Shadow Guardians found for them.

"Have you heard that the Wang family was all killed yesterday?"

"Yes. What a cruel murderer! He killed all the Wangs."

"All of the thirty people were killed."

"Who did this? The murderer is ruthless."

The discussions outside of the carriage shocked Long. "All the family was killed? Qingzhou, theres a murder case here."

Shi said calmly, "Yes. Ill ask someone about it later."

"Yes, we have to ask." Long frowned. "Such things have happened so many times. Do the murderers think that the imperial court is nothing at all?"

After a pause, Shi said, "Its alright. Dont be angry."

Long sighed. "Yes, I know."

Shis eyes became a little red and he slowly looked down.

After arriving at the house, Long got off the horse.

"What a nice place. Its near the mountain and the river."

Although it was in the city, there was a small river on the right front of the house. The mountain could be seen at the back of the house

There were willow trees in front of the door. Once they dismounted, they were greeted by beautiful scenery and fresh air. It was really a good place.

The air quality in ancient times was much better than that in modern times.

So, the environment was not bad anywhere.

Long and Shi went inside.

"Choose a room," Shi said.

"Any room is fine." Long wasnt picky about that.

Hearing that, Shi took him to the middle of the courtyard.

Although the house belonged to an ordinary man, it covered a large area of land.

After entering the house, Long and Shi went directly into a room in the middle.

They sat down in the room and Shi asked the Shadow Guardians to bring some water.

Hot water and teapot were soon delivered. Shi poured water for Long.

Long took the cup and sipped. "Qingzhou, how long will we stay here?"

"Two or three days," Shi said, "Whats the matter?"

"Nothing. Im just curious," Long said.

Shi nodded and the two of them chatted casually. Suddenly, Long thought of Doctor Liu, so he said, "By the way, Liu Suifeng hasnt come here today. He needs to feel your pulse. I wonder if his pills are ready."

After a short silence, Shi said calmly, "Hell give the pills to me when theyre ready."

"Youre right, but Im still worried." Long stood up. "Qingzhou, well go to find him."

Shi slightly raised his eyebrows. "Is it necessary?"

"Anyway, we have nothing to do now." Long grinned.

Shi nodded indifferently. "Lets go to meet them."

Later, Long and Shi went out together.

Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan also had chosen their own rooms. They wouldnt share a room. Although they stopped fighting because of Shi, they werent so close that they would sleep together.

There was still something on Ouyangs mind and Liu also couldnt let it go.

When Long and Shi went there, the two of them were staying together to discuss Shis problem.

"Youve chosen your own room?" Long went in with a smile.

Both Ouyang and Lius eyes were fixed on Shi for a moment. Then, they turned their eyes to Long. Long was not careful about details, so he didnt notice that at all.

He took Shis hand and sat on the chair, saying, "Liu Suifeng, I came to ask you whether youve finished making your pills."

"Not that fast. Theyll be ready tomorrow."

"Oh, theyll be ready tomorrow. Thats good." Long breathed a sigh of relief.

Shi kept silent.

Long said to Liu, "Liu Suifent, feel Qingzhous pulse to see if hes alright."

Liu nodded. "Okay."

Long looked at Shi. "Qingzhou…"

"Mhmm." Shi responded indifferently.

Liu used a gold thread to feel Shis pulse. After a while, Liu said, "There is no problem for the moment. The pills will be ready tomorrow."

"Okay…" Long nodded. "Thank you in advance Well, I dont think you look very well. Is it because of the long journey?"

Longs words surprised both Ouyang and Liu.

Long looked at the two of them with doubt. "Whats wrong?"

Liu smiled. "Nothing."

After a glance at Liu and Ouyang, Long was sure that there was something wrong with them.

"If theres any problem, you can just tell me. I can help you solve it."

Long said that sincerely as if he had taken them as his real friends. Ouyang and Liu looked at each other, and then Liu smiled.

"Were fine. What do you want us to say?"

"Oh? Are you telling the truth?" Looking at Liu and Ouyang, Long shrugged. "Alright, Ill just trust you."

Liu smiled. "Mhmm."

Long held Shis hand and went outside. "Were leaving. If you have any problem, you can tell me at any time." After saying that, Long directly led Shi out.

Liu and Ouyang pursed their lips at the same time. Looking at their receding figures, the two of them had mixed feelings.

A moment later, Liu said softly, "Long Xiaoyuan is a good man."

Without saying anything, Ouyang stood up.

Liu held his arm when Ouyang was about to leave. "Where are you going?"

Ouyang frowned. "To my room."

After a pause, Liu said softly, "Dont go back today, okay?"

Ouyang was stunned. Inexpressible loneliness showed on Lius face. "Stay with me, will you?"

In Ouyangs eyes, Liu wasnt such a fragile person, so Ouyang was not used to it.

At this time, Liu stood up and hugged Ouyang from behind.

"Brother Ouyang, dont go."

Ouyangs fists tightly clenched.

Liu put his chin on Ouyangs shoulders. Then, he leaned over and kissed Ouyangs neck.

"Brother Ouyang"

Liu gently called Ouyangs name. Meanwhile, he took Ouyangs hands in his.

At last, Ouyang slowly closed his eyes and did not refuse Lius love.

The next moment, Liu carried Ouyang in his arms and strode to the big bed

Although there was still some misunderstanding between them and they couldnt let it go, it wouldnt stop them forever.

Both of them had a soft spot for each other With deep love, they were both willing to make compromises

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