Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 20

Chapter 20 How Great His Empress Was

Chapter 20: How Great His Empress Was!

Translator: -Peggyan

Having finished the delayed breakfast, Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou handled the memorials to the throne in the study.

Long Xiaoyuan handled a few of them, leaving most of them to Shi Qingzhou.

Minister Zhong and Minister Zhou came to the Qiankun Palace before evening.

Long Xiaoyuan met them with a teacup in his hand in the front hall and listened to their report.

Pa! The teacup was hit on the ground, making the two immediately kneel on the ground.

Your Majesty, please punish us. We deserve death!

You two indeed deserve death! said Long Xiaoyuan. Having investigated it so long, you tell me that a palace maid and a eunuch conspired to poison Lady Shan…I want to know why. Did Lady Shan kill her father or grab his wife? How dare they poison Lady Shan!

The faces of Zhong Ming and Zhou Xianwen turn very pale. Your Majesty… said they with a shiver.

Do you think its the result? Have you really investigated it to the bottom? Long Xiaoyuans voice turned more indifferent.

Your Majesty, please forgive us who didnt do it carefully. Well spare no effort to investigate it, said they in unison. Now, they were deeply afraid of being punished by His Majesty.

Long Xiaoyuan said coldly, Excuse yourselves fast.

Yes! Yes! Were off to go!

Long Xiaoyuan clenched his fists with his lips pursed and walked inside after they left trembling.

Although he had anticipated that the two wouldnt do their best, and he also wanted to utilize this chance to purge some disloyal ministers, it never occurred to him that they tried to fool him with a eunuch and a palace maid. Did they really consider him a moron?

When he walked inside in fury, Shi Qingzhou approached him and said, Your Majesty, you dont need to be mad. Itll be bad if youre unhealthy.

Long Xiaoyuan took a deep breath. Qingzhou, Im disappointed.

Shi Qingzhou slowly lowered his eyelids after a pause. Your Majesty, the purge cant be fulfilled in one or two days. Take your time and youll make it.

Long Xiaoyuan fixed his eyes on Shi Qingzhou and held the latter into his arms before asking gently, Then, Qingzhou, can you help with it?

Shi Qingzhou firmly looked back at him and said more gently, Your Majesty, how do you want me to help you?

Be my valuable assistant, my virtuous empress, and the second General Wenyuan, uttered Long Xiaoyuan word by word with his profound eyes looking into Shis.

Shi Qingzhou almost held his breath. For an instant, they did nothing but look at each other like time was frozen at the moment.

As time was gone, Long Xiaoyuan still stubbornly stared at Shi Qingzhou who then finally said a word lightly.

Okay… Long Xiaoyuan felt relaxed with relief and kissed Shi Qingzhou after abruptly pulling Shi into his arms.

Hum… Shi Qingzhou slightly murmured, which enable Long Xiaoyuans tongue to enter into his mouth.

After a long time, Shi Qingzhou got his cheeks dyed red.

Long Xiaoyuan was attracted to him and said in a muffled voice, Qingzhou, dont call me Your Majesty when were alone. Call me yuan, can you?

Shi Qingzhou paused for a while and lowered his eyelids, red-eared.

Long Xiaoyuan smiled and flirted with his empress by kissing his empress ears. Qingzhou, call me.

Shi Qingzhou didnt do that, so Long Xiaoyuan patiently waited for him. Qingzhou…

After a long time, Shi Qingzhou eventually said, Yuan…

What he said made Long Xiaoyuans heart tremble. Long Xiaoyuan couldnt help pulling his empress and violently kissed his empress again…

Yes, his empress tasted great!